There’s nothing like a fresh blowout. It’s an instant mood (and confidence) boost that leaves you ready to take on anything. Learn how to recreate that fresh-from-the-salon feeling (without the salon blowout cost) with this at-home blowout.

Gently Pre-Dry

After you’ve washed your locks, the first step is to gently dry your hair to ensure it’s not dripping wet when you grab your hot tools. Avoid frizzing by lightly wringing your hair out, then dabbing it with a soft towel. The idea is to gently remove most of the water before you reach for your blowdryer.

Treat Yourself

To get your hair ready for the main event, massage a product of choice from the root to tip. You can use a heat protectant, hair serum, anti-frizz gel, curl cream, and/or volumizer. Combing your hair after application can help spread all that good stuff around. 

Section and Brush

Pin your hair into four sections to avoid drying a big chunk at once. Go over each section with a paddle or detangling brush to work out any knots. 

Get Drying

For this step you’ll need a round brush and (of course) your blowdryer. Drape a section of hair over the round brush. Position the dryer so the nozzle is pointing towards the top of your hair section. Turn the dryer on and gently rotate the round brush along the section starting from root to tip. It’s good to do each section a few times in a downward motion. Don’t forget to repeat these motions on both sides of the section for an even dry. 

Flick and Swish

Once you’re done drying, you can add volume with your round brush. Make a flicking gesture to tease up the hair around your part and face. You can also add a volumizing cream at this stage to give your blow-dry some body. 

Finish Up

A spritz of sea salt or holding spray will give your hair a little more polish and staying power. Since you’ve been using so much heat, a tiny dab of moisturizing oil on your ends will help thirsty hair feel replenished rather than damaged. 

Still not sure how to handle your hair? Book a step-by-step video blowout tutorial with a professional on StyleSeat.

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