We have been there before and heard of a beauty service trending all over social media, but unsure what it actually is. Or you want to learn more about a beauty service before booking an appointment with a professional. Look no further. StyleSeat’s Beauty Bible is your go-to beauty dictionary that tells you exactly what a beauty service is and what to expect. Find your beauty service now to learn more, and book a StyleSeat professional near you to achieve your dream look.

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Barber:  A licensed professional who cuts and grooms hair and facial hair. Services can also include hair and beard styling, straight razor shaves, eyebrow grooming, chemical hair treatments, and skin treatments such as facials.

Barber shop(s): Businesses that offer the services of licensed barber professionals. These services include hair and beard styling, straight razor shaves, eyebrow grooming, chemical hair treatments, and skin treatments such as facials.

Balayage: A technique for highlighting or dying hair by hand-painting the color onto the hair. This can create subtle and blended color transitions and may not require as much maintenance as other hair coloring methods.

Blowout: A method of styling and smoothing one’s hair using a blowdryer, round hair brushes, and various styling products.

Box Braids: A style of braids named after the “box-like” (square) shape of the sections of hair separated at the scalp in order to start the braids. Box braids sometimes include the addition of extensions and are available in a variety of colors, widths, and lengths.

Braids: An all-encompassing term for simply weaving strands of hair together. Braids can be made from existing hair only or can include extensions and accessories.  Braids can be created in a variety of lengths, colors, styles, and levels of intricacy. Cornrows, ornate braided updos, feed-in braids, and half-braided hairstyles are just some of the options when choosing braids.

Brazilian Blowout: A hair treatment using liquid keratin and heat styling tools like a straightening iron and hair dryer to create the appearance of ultra-smooth, shiny hair. The treatments typically last three to four months.

Comb Twist: A hair styling technique using a comb and hair sculpting product to create dozens of small spirals or “twists” of hair across one’s head. A sculpting product is applied to maintain the hair’s shape, and then a comb is used to separate small sections of hair and twist them into spirals.

Cornrows: A style of multiple braids made close to the scalp and formed in rows of various widths. The defining underhand technique creates raised braids that also expose sections of the scalp.

Crochet Braids: A hairstyle in which a base of cornrow braids is created at the scalp, and hair extensions are installed using a crochet sewing hook. This affordable style is versatile and reduces styling time as the extensions can be purchased pre-styled. Some popular styles of crochet braids include Faux Locs, Crochet Box Braids, and Crochet Havana Twists.

Curly Goddess Braids: A style of box braids and knotless box braids that includes curly strands coming out of the braids. Curls can be from a client’s natural hair and simply separated from the braid, or curly hair extensions can be added with a crochet hook.

Dreadlocks: A hairstyle made up of sections of braided, twisted, or rolled strands of hair. Also referred to as “locs”.

Feed-In Braids: Cornrows created with the gradual addition of extensions. The extensions are “fed in” to the braids to add thickness and length to create a variety of different looks.

Ghana Braids: A style of straight-back cornrows. If extensions are being fed-in with this style, they are typically added to the top, further down the braid from the base of the head. This style typically lasts about two weeks.

Goddess Braids: A style of cornrows that are generally higher and thicker.

Hair Color: A product used to alter the color of one’s hair. These can be made from natural ingredients or stronger synthetic chemicals. The amount of time the color will last in one’s hair depends on whether the product is categorized as temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, or permanent.

Haircut: The act of cutting one’s hair or a reference to the style in which one’s hair has been cut.

Hair Extensions: Additional portions of hair that are attached in various ways to create length and volume. Hair extensions are available in different colors, textures, and lengths and can be made from natural human hair or synthetic fiber. Clip-in hair extensions are easier to install by clipping to a person’s natural hair and can be done at home. Tape-in hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions (or “weaves”), and fusion hair extensions typically require a professional hairstylist for installation.

Hair salon(s): Specializing in hair-related services, hair salons employ a team of hair stylists. Services typically include haircutting, coloring, and styling. Some hair salons also offer chemical straightening and curling techniques, blowouts, silk presses, braids, and hair and scalp treatments.

Individual Braids: A blanket term for the numerous hairstyles which are made from multiple braids covering a person’s head. This can include cornrows, box braids, feed-in braids, goddess braids, tree braids – just to name a few.

Keratin Treatment: Also called a “Brazillian blowout”, this chemical procedure involves having a keratin mixture applied to one’s hair and then set with a flat iron. The result is hair that is intensely glossy, smooth, and straight. This treatment can last up to six months.

Kids Braids: Braided hairstyles for kids.

Kinky Twist: A mid-length to short hairstyle created by twisting two strands of hair together, leaving loose curls at the ends. The end result is dozens of small twists across one’s head.

Lace Closure Sew-In: A method for installing hair extensions where the client’s own  hair is cornrowed into several small, flat braids at the base and then covered with a breathable weaving hairnet. The hairnet is sewn into the braids all around the edge of the person’s hairline and extensions are sewn in, typically following a part created by the sectioning of the braids at the base. This style lasts four to six weeks.

Lemonade Braids: A technique for creating long, side swept cornrows. The name is derived from the hairstyle worn by Beyoncé in her album-length music video “Lemonade.”

Locs: A hairstyle made up of sections of braided, twisted, or rolled strands of hair. Also referred to as “dreadlocks”.

Microlinks Extensions: A technique for installing hair extensions at the scalp using a row of small copper or aluminum beads or tubes. This style is known for creating a natural, seamless look. Installation can take up to eight hours, with touch-ups recommended every four to six weeks. Cost is typically on the higher end for hair extensions.

Natural Hair: A broad term for hair that has not been chemically straightened or texturized. 

Senegalese Twist: A protective hairstyle created by twisting two sections of hair together across one’s head. This style often incorporates extensions to add fullness and length.

Silk Press: A temporary hairstyle that uses tools and techniques such as a flat iron and deep conditioning to straighten natural hair and create a silky, soft, and bouncy appearance.

Sisterlocks: A miniature version of classic locs or braids. The technique generally yields several hundred braids and can take dozens of hours to fully install. It is recommended that Sisterlocks, a trademarked style, be initially installed and maintained by a trained consultant. However, classes are available through the Sisterlocks company to learn retightening techniques.

​​Tree Braids: A style of incorporating extensions into one’s hair. Often less time-consuming to install than other braid styles, tree braids start at the scalp and leave most of the extension unbraided. Braids are held in place by a knot close to the scalp.

Ombre: A method of hair coloring in which hair is divided into two sections, top and bottom, and gradually blended from one color to the other. Ombre hairstyles typically go from dark at the roots to mid-length and light towards the middle to the tips. There is also the “Reverse Ombre” style which goes from light to dark.

Perm: A chemical hair treatment used to create long lasting- or “permanent” (perm) styling effects in one’s hair. Perms are often thought of as creating a curly hair style. However, there are also chemical treatments that are used to straighten one’s hair, such as keratin treatments, Japanese thermal straightening, Brazilian blowouts, and hair rebonding. These treatments can last up to six months.

Versatile Sew-In: A method for installing hair extensions that allows for more versatility than a traditional sew-in. The client’s own hair is braided into a circular beehive braid, with some hair left out around the middle and sides. A hairnet is placed on top and the  extensions are sewn into the spiral braid. Once the extensions are sewn in, they are trimmed and styled and the left out hair – or, “leave out” is also blended into the style, creating a seamless, natural look.

Quick Weave: Essentially a custom wig, this hairstyle is created by gluing hair extensions to a wig cap and bonding to one’s head. This style typically lasts about four weeks and can be done at home. Removal by a licensed professional is recommended to avoid damaging one’s natural hair.

Weave: A hair extension woven or sewn into a person’s hair. Hair extensions can be made from synthetic materials or natural human hair and come in various colors, lengths, and textures like Brazilian, Eurasian, and Indian.

Wig: A head covering made from human hair or synthetic hair. There are almost endless options for wig styles, colors, lengths, and textures. “Cap construction” refers to the way the hair strands attach to the wigs and how the entire accessory fits onto a person’s head. Different cap constructions wigs include front-lace, full-lace, and hand-tied wigs, all of which affect the way the wig looks on the wearer.

Wig Install: A method of attaching a wig to the head starting with a base of the actual hair in cornrows. Adhesive is applied around the hairline, and the wig is placed on the head and secured.

Women’s Haircut: The act of cutting and styling a woman’s hair using a variety of haircutting tools. Professional women’s haircuts usually start with a consultation with a hairstylist and a shampoo and conditioning treatment. After the hair is cut the beauty professional will typically style the hair using various sculpting products and/or blow the hair dry.


Acrylic Nails: A style of artificial nails applied over natural nails as a damp mixture of powder and liquid. The mixture is then shaped onto the nails with a brush and air-dried. Acrylic nails can be used to create additional length or different shapes of nails. Some of the more popular shapes of acrylic nails or “acrylics” are round, square, oval, “squoval,” almond, stiletto, and coffin.

Acrylic Overlay: A technique using a combination of acrylic powder and liquid to create an artificial layer over one’s natural nails. Unlike acrylic nail extensions, an overlay is applied with the same length as the natural nail and is used to create a strong base layer for different kinds of polish or nail art.

Manicure: A treatment for the hands and fingernails used to improve texture and appearance. Manicures generally include a hand massage and application of lotions and oils, as well as cuticle and nail trims. The fingernails can be buffed, shaped, and painted. Various nail enhancements such as acrylic or gel extensions or nail art are also often applied.

Nail salon(s): Establishments employing nail technicians specializing primarily in nail care services. Services include manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements such as acrylics and gels, and nail art. Some nail salons also offer eyelash, eyebrow, waxing, and hair services.

Pedicure: A foot beauty treatment used to improve appearance and texture. Pedicures typically involve a foot soak, massage, scrub, grooming, and often painting of the toenails.


Bikini Wax: A style of wax hair removal which removes the hair on the inner thigh and pubic region that could be seen while wearing a bathing suit.

Brazilian Wax: A method for removing some or all hair from the pubic area and/or buttocks area using hard or soft wax. Different options include the “French wax” (partial hair removal) and the “Hollywood wax” (complete hair removal).

Deep Tissue Massage: A massage technique that uses consistent pressure and slow, deep strokes to reach inner layers of muscle and connective tissue. Benefits are said to include reduced tension, healing old injuries, improved circulation, and better range of motion.

Dermaplaning: A technique for exfoliation and fine hair removal using a scalpel scraped gently across one’s face. The procedure typically takes 15-30 minutes and is recommended to be performed by a beauty professional.

Eyebrows: A broad term for the many options for eyebrow grooming, shaping, and enhancing. Methods like waxing and threading are used to remove hair and shape the eyebrows. Microblading, tinting, and lamination are different procedures for enhancing and styling the eyebrows.

Eyebrow Tattooing: A permanent style of eyebrow shaping and coloring where ink is applied to the eyebrow area using a machine. This style is longer lasting than other ink and needle eyebrow techniques because the device puts the ink under several layers of skin, rather than shallow surface layers.

Eyebrow Threading: A method of eyebrow grooming and shaping which uses a twisted thread to remove eyebrow hairs at the root.

Eyebrow Tinting: A method of enhancing one’s eyebrows by applying semi-permanent dye. An eyebrow tint typically lasts three to five weeks.

Eyebrow Wax: A method of removing unwanted hair and shaping one’s eyebrows using warm wax. The wax is applied to the unwanted hair, a cloth strip is placed on top and then pulled in the opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling out the hairs.

Eyelash Extensions: Semi-permanent fibers applied to strands of one’s natural lashes using non-toxic glue. Fibers can be made from silk or synthetic materials and typically last about six weeks.

False Lashes: A broad term for the variety of artificial eyelashes that can be applied using lash adhesive or micromagnets. Some types of false lashes are strips, clusters, individual, extensions, and magnetic.

Individual Lashes: Said to be the most versatile of false eyelashes, these small groups of false eyelashes can be applied to specific areas to create a customizable look.

Makeup Artist: A professional trained in applying makeup and often in styling hair.

Massage: A method of using hands to rub or knead a person’s whole body or a particular body part. Massage is used therapeutically for various muscular and circulatory issues as well as to reduce tension and stress. Different types of massage include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point massage, lymphatic massage, and prenatal massage.

Men’s Brazilian Wax: A procedure for removing some or all hair from the scrotum and/or buttocks area using hard or soft wax.

Microblading: A semi-permanent method of applying pigment to the superficial layers of skin beneath the eyebrows using a blade-shaped tool. A row of tiny needles on the microblade tool produces soft, hair-like strokes that can create the appearance of fuller eyebrows.

Microshading: A technique for creating the appearance of fuller, more defined eyebrows using dots of ink tattooed into the eyebrow area with a fine-tipped needle. This style can last up to two years.

Powder Ombre: A semi-permanent method of eyebrow enhancement using a machine to tattoo color into the eyebrow area. A lighter color is used on the part of the brow closest to the nose and then gets gradually darker toward the ends. This style is described as “natural and fluffy”.

Vajacial: A treatment that focuses on removing ingrown hairs and blemishes from the vulva and pubic mound, as well as exfoliating and moisturizing the skin in these areas.

Womens Cut
Womens Cut