Silk press season is finally here! When the weather gets cold and the humidity levels lower, you are probably ready to visit and book a silk press with your favorite stylist.

To keep your silk press sleek, you wrap your hair every night and avoid moisture that may lead to frizz. But have you ever wanted your results to last much longer? Meet the Texture Release. This treatment is growing in popularity with our StyleSeat community, so we had to get the scoop from one of our talented StyleSeat Pros. Eboni Preston is a cosmetologist located in West Park, FL, with over 20 years of experience.

Check out some commonly asked questions about the Texture Release treatment and feel confident to book this service with a StyleSeat Pro near you.

What is the Avlon Texture Release system?

avlon texture release products
Avlon Texture Release System

Avlon’s Texture Release System is a “heat-activated Smoothing System that features Amino Acids and Conditioning Agents that crosslink deep into the hair fibers to enable styling versatility.” The system includes a Scalp Rejuvenating Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Scalp Rejuvenating & Moisturizing Conditioner, Thermal Protector, Releasing Lotion, Hair Dilator, and Curl Shape & Shine Cream.

What is the difference between a texturizer, keratin treatment, and Texture Release?

Many services like a texturizer and keratin treatment will assist in managing your hair texture. In addition, results may lead to loosening of hair texture with continued use. That’s why we had to ask Preston what the difference is between these three services. “A Texture Release is pretty much based out of oils and butters in organic fruits and vegetables. Instead of formaldehyde and keratin, they use amino acids. Acids are better for the hair than keratin and formaldehyde and all those other things that they put in texturizers,” Preston explains. Amino acids are commonly used in hair care products because they help with moisture retention, reducing breakage, and keeping strands silky.

What are the benefits of a Texture Release?

There are multiple benefits of the Texture Release system, one of the prominent ones being that this is not a permanent solution. “Pretty much if you don’t like it and you’re like, ‘Hey, you know what, I don’t want to have a Texture Release done anymore,’ you can actually relax their hair within like three to four days after the service,” says Preston. Why is that? Preston explains that it relates to the type of ingredients in the product and how there are no other chemicals involved that will affect the process of a relaxer.

Have natural hair with no plans to return to relaxed hair? “It washes out, depending on the texture of the hair,” says Preston. “Depending on how often you wash your hair, because the more you wash it, the faster the product comes off the hair.” Preston further explains that this can range between four to eight weeks.

But wait, there’s more. Our StyleSeat Pro noticed how this product had helped her clients with scalp issues, including psoriasis and dandruff. In addition, Preston recommends this service for her clients that prefer to wear hair extensions and have leave-out because you can straighten your hair without using excessive heat. “Once you lock it in with the flat iron, the product keeps the hair straight.” 

silk press texture release
Styled by Eboni Preston

How often should you come back for service?

Our StyleSeat Pro shares that this varies on curl pattern, hairstyle, and overall preference. “For this service, I have some people that have really coarse, textured hair, [and] we do it four times a year. I have some people that only have to get it twice a year. It depends on the actual curl texture. So, for instance, if they have naturally curly hair, they would only need to get this system twice a year,” says Preston.

Does the Pro need to attend a training session to become certified to offer this service?

For a Pro to offer this service, they must be certified by Avlon by completing a certification class. The instructor will educate the stylists about the product and how to apply it during the course. If the professional is not certified by Avlon to provide this service, it will be best not to book with them so you can feel confident about your service and results.

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Do you need a particular hair texture to use the Texture Release system?

You won’t need a particular hair texture for your professional to use the Texture Release kit. The system assists with the manageability of your hair care. Also, if you are looking for a way to decrease your shrinkage with your natural hair, this system can help. “Any texture, it’ll elongate the curl, and it will give them more manageable textured hair [that is] easier to comb out, easier to style,” shares Preston.

Are there specific products/treatments clients should avoid before or after getting a Texture Release?

Preston explains that Avlon recommends that any semi-permanent and permanent coloring services wait until after the Texture Release service. The cosmetologist personally recommends performing those services two weeks after the Texture Release service. In addition, she recommends avoiding styling products such as spritz and gel right after the service to avoid any scalp irritation. 

silk press texture release
Styled by Eboni Preston

How can you style and wear your hair with this service?

You can wear your hair however you want! If you love rocking a silk press, this service will help it last longer and work as a smoothing treatment. Prefer to wear your natural textures and rock styles like a wash-and-go or twist-out/braid-out? The system includes a Curl Shape & Shine Cream for your professional to use when styling your hair. 

Can children receive a Texture Release? What ages do you recommend?

Before scheduling an appointment for your child to receive a Texture Release, please consult with a physician or dermatologist.

How do you book this service?

When booking this service on StyleSeat, use search keywords such as “Texture Release” or “Avlon Texture Release.” It’s important to use those keywords when searching to avoid confusion from booking a texturizer, a chemical treatment that will permanently alter your hair texture. Not too sure if you’re booking the correct service? Use the “Message” feature on the StyleSeat Pro’s profile or call directly for a consultation to ask any additional questions.

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