Everyone can rock a short cut! The key to getting a flattering short haircut is to understand your face shape. For example, round faces tend to have soft jawline, symmetrical features, and cheekbones that fall on the widest parts of the face.

If you have a round face, you should avoid hairstyles that emphasize the width of your face. Instead, look for a style that elongates your jaw line, brings the eyes up towards the hair, or brings the eye down to your chin or past your shoulders.

If you don’t know what style could fit that criteria, we’ve got you covered. We put together this list of short hairstyles for round faces so you can see what styles you can try out.

1. Bob with Middle Part

woman with bob and middle part

Photo source: Tasha Mack, a makeup Pro in Atlanta, GA

A classic bob looks fierce on a round face. Part it in the middle to complement the symmetry of your face. This sleek combo also elongates your face. 

2. Brushed-Back Bob

woman with brushed back bob

Brushing back your hair to keep it out of your face creates a stylish look. Doing this also adds volume to the crown of your head. More height at the top of your head is another trick for lengthening the look of your face. 

3. Mid-Length Waves

woman with mid length waves

Short cuts look especially great on curly and wavy hair. Shedding extra length and weight help your hair look much more voluminous. This body is emphasized even more with wavy and curly hair. Cuts that fall just below your chin are the sweet spot for elongating your face.

4. Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs

woman with pixie and side swept bangs

Side-swept bangs are a great look for round faces. They take the emphasis off a round forehead thanks to the strong angle of this cut. These bangs subtly draw attention to your eyes, so it’s a great look if you love trying out new eye makeup looks.

5. Wet Look

woman with wet look hair

The wet look has made a comeback in recent years thanks to the trendy influence of various celebrities. Depending on your hair’s texture, you can work in gel, cream, or a deep conditioner to give your hair this glam look. This style looks great when completely slicked back or with a side part.

6. Pixie with Natural Curls

woman with pixie and natural curls

Photo source: Tiffany Carelock, a hair styling Pro in Charlotte, NC

Naturally curly hair creates a stunning look for pixie cuts. Going short allows your hair to start fresh and enhances your natural curl pattern. Plus, this style offers a great excuse to show off your favorite pair of hoops.

7. Short Bob with Undercut

woman with short bob and undercut

Photo source: Muffen Moses, a natural hair Pro from Los Angeles, CA

Undercuts are another technique for taking emphasis off the width of your face. They cut down the length on parts of your head while leaving other parts with longer hair. Thanks to this technique, you can also embrace longer lengths without the extra weight. The undercut with this style emphasizes the volume of this short, side-swept bob.

8. Tapered Cut

woman with tapered cut

Photo source: China, a natural hair Pro from Catasauqua, PA

Tapers and fades are very similar but are two different styles. A tapered cut is when your hair gradually gets shorter around your neck and sideburns. Like a fade, a taper is a great short haircut for round faces since the changes in hair length elongates the face. 

9. Asymmetrical Bob

woman with asymmetrical bob

Photo source: Loreal Simmons, a weaves Pro from Marietta, GA

Going for a mysterious look? A dramatic asymmetrical bob could be your answer. It’s the perfect alternative to a classic bob since the uneven length draws the eye down, emphasizing length rather than width. Subtle highlights add even more depth to your hair and enhance your skin tone.

10. Stacked Bob

woman with stacked bob

Photo source: Michelle Erickson, a women’s haircut Pro from Los Alamitos, CA

A stacked bob is a haircut that’s longer in the front and both short and rounded in the back. This is achieved with gradual layers that pump up your hair’s volume. There are lots of ways to cut and style this look. You can go with different lengths, play around with bangs, or add some color.

11. Long and Wavy Bob

woman with long and wavy bob

Photo source: shana stewart, a hair color Pro from Houston, TX

Thick and luscious waves really shine with short cuts. You’ll start to see more natural body in your hair when you shorten your length. You can play with your part or ask for some bangs for a new look. Curtain and side-swept bangs look especially great on round faces.

12. Choppy Bob

woman with choppy bob

Layers are great for giving your hair more movement and volume. For round faces, textured ends are especially flattering since it draws the eye down to your jawline. Texturizing spray is the key to emphasizing your hair’s naturally tousled look, so be sure to include that in your styling routine.

13. Bob with Deep Side Part

woman with bob and deep side part

If you aren’t into center parts, opt for a deep side part. This option easily adds more volume to the top of your head. It also puts more emphasis on the center of your face and your features. 

14. Pixie with Tight Curls

woman with pixie cut and tight curls

Coily hair looks gorgeous in a pixie cut. You can work with a stylist to try out a variety of looks. For example, you can get some of your hair tapered or you can color your ends to level up your look. For extra-defined curls, twist out your hair or use flexi rods

15. Braided Faux Hawk

woman with braided faux hawk

A faux hawk is a popular short hairstyle for round faces since it adds height and lengthens your face. Try out a braided faux hawk if you want something outside of the typical spiky or side-swept look. You can even use hair extensions for a bigger braid. 

16. Curled Under Long Bob 

woman with curled under long bob

Choppy and angled bobs are great, but sometimes a simple look works the best! This chic style has gone through iterations over the years — sometimes paired with straight bangs or loose waves. A simple bob with a center or a side part is the bare minimum you need for this look. Depending on your hair type, your stylist may be able to cut your hair in a way to more easily curl under. 

17. Balayage

woman with balayage

Photo source: Carol Christine, a hair color Pro from San Dimas, CA

Balayage is a coloring technique that blends naturally with your hair. When deciding between a balayage and an ombré, consider how dramatic you want your color to look. Ombrés are similar but they look bolder than balayages. If you want color that complements your face shape, ask your stylist about hair contouring. This is a technique that strategically places color on your hair in a way that goes with your face shape.  

18. Finger Waves 

woman with colorful finger waves

Photo source: Tracie Chanel (Blondbrowngyrl), a hair styling Pro from Chicago, IL

Step back in time for this classic look from the 1920s and ‘30s. Finger waves are an elegant style to try when you want to do something different with your pixie. Unique colors also shine well thanks to the S-shaped waves that define this look.

19. Low Messy Bun

woman with low messy bun

Buns aren’t easy to pull off with short hair. However, they’re doable with a little length, a ponytail holder, and some bobby pins. For a messy look, tease your hair before wrapping it in a bun. You can also pull on your bun and strands to get a naturally tousled look.

20. Razored Cut

woman with razored cut

Photo source: Jordan Peters, a hair styling Pro from Fort Worth, TX

Razor cuts take off weight from your hair without completely reducing length. You’ll end up with feathery strands with effortless volume. Top off this look with some textured bangs. These types of bangs can frame round faces without accentuating the width of your face. 

21. Buzz Cut

woman with buzz cut

Photo source: Nina Simone, a woman’s haircut Pro from Culver City, CA

Buzz cuts are one of the best styles to accentuate your features. You can ask your barber to cut out some designs to add personality. Adding color to a buzz cut looks great, but requires regular maintenance. You’ll need to get your roots touched up every few weeks since they’re easily seen with this cut. 

22. Brushed Out Afro

woman with brushed out afro

Photo source: Veronica Valdivia, a  woman’s haircut Pro from Culver City, CA

Brushing out your natural hair creates lots of volume while also detangling your curls. Use a mix of hair oil and leave-in conditioner to prep your hair for detangling. You can take this look one step further by gathering your hair into an Afro puff or by braiding parts of your hair.

23. Spiked Pixie

person with spiked pixie faux hawk

Photo source: Maurice Benjamin, a natural hair Pro from Suitland, MD

Depending on how it’s cut, pixies can effortlessly add some body to the top of your hair. This spiked pixie is shorter on the sides and taller on top. At this length, you can smooth down or pin back your hair for a completely new look.

24. Bob with Box Braids

woman with a bob and box braids

Box braids are an awesome protective style because of their versatility. Lots of people like to have long box braids, but this style also looks great in a bob. You can create a deep side part to vary your length on both sides. An asymmetrical look makes a round face look slimmer.

25. Top Knot with Bangs

woman with top knot and bangs

Top knots are some of the best buns for round faces. As we know by now, top volume is a great way to elongate your face. Wispy bangs like these can complement round faces, especially if you have some longer pieces on the side. 

26. Curly Pineapple

woman with curly pineapple

The curly pineapple is as cute as it is functional. It keeps your hair up and out of the way while showing off your curls. Use bobby pins or clips to get a shape that you like. Your round face will definitely benefit from a curly pineapple’s height. It’s also one of the easiest looks to create for curly hair.

27. Three-Strand Twists

woman with three strand twists

Three-strand twists can work for any length of hair. These twists are tighter than two-strand twists and create more defined curls. Smaller twists are best if you want this style to last a long time.

28. Locs

woman with locs

Locs are a style that takes lots of dedication and time, but it’s worth it to achieve a beautiful look. You can start locs with two strand twists, braids, or a handful of other methods. You can attempt to start locs at home, but we recommend going to a Pro who can advise you on every step of the journey and on different types of locs. For example, Sisterlocks can cost a lot up front, but they’re worth it if you want locs you can wear in many different styles. You can even try soft or faux locs for less commitment.

29. Space Buns

woman with space buns

Space buns are a trendy look that’s easy to throw up, even if you have short hair. You can add your own style with this by braiding parts of your hair or adding accessories to your bun. You can keep them sleek or tease your hair buns for more volume.

30. Tight Ballet Bun

woman with tight ballet bun

A sleek bun is a chic way to top off a classy outfit. It also gives way for your earrings and makeup to stand out. If you aren’t satisfied with the size of your bun with your short hair, you can grab some bun hair extensions for extra volume. 

31. Headscarf

woman with headscarf

Tie your hair up in a headscarf if you’re looking for a quick look that’s still stylish. You can keep this look fresh if you switch up your scarf and the way you wrap it. Another way to vary this hairstyle is by changing how much hair you leave out.

Paying attention to your face shape helps you narrow down a good hairstyle to match. These are just a few examples of great short hairstyles for round faces. However, it’s helpful to get a second opinion from an expert who can advise you on what also works best with your style and hair type. You can find a Pro in your area to get their opinion on the hairstyles that work best for you.

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