They say when a woman changes her hair, she’s ready to change her life. Although we don’t think you always have to go for a drastic haircut, it’s certainly fun to experiment. Whether you’re looking to transition from long hair to short hair, or vice versa with some hair extensions, this is the perfect time for a new look!
We rounded up some looks of all lengths and cuts to help you find a gorgeous new style. Find inspiration for your new look and share it with your stylist during your next appointment.

1. Copper graduated layered cut

person looking down showing off copper-colored hair with layers

This graduated cut will take your look to the next level. And how can you not love this copper hair color? Ask your stylist for color maintenance tips before leaving the chair.

Jael Pettigrew | Brookhaven, GA | Book Appointment

2. Easy waves

back of person's head showing long brunette hair

Oh, the wavy hair — casual yet timelessly trendy at the same time. Although this effortless and carefree style can be achieved with a little bit of styling effort, the true beauty rests in a good cut. Your stylist will start with perpendicular layer cuts, and the magic unfolds from there.

3. Red Layers

close up on person with read hair with long shoulder-length layers

We love the luscious layers with this ‘do. Not only are you able to change your look, but you can also grow out this popular layered cut. 

Jael Pettigrew | Brookhaven, GA | Book Appointment

4. The shag

person with blonde shag cut wearing pink lipstick and a black top

The shag haircut is one of those popular haircuts for women that will always be timeless and cool. The shag cut often features tons of texture and layers around the crown of the head. 
For the shag cut, ask your stylist for either a short or long layered haircut, with plenty of movement. Bring a photo for length and always take into consideration your own hair texture and the shape of your face.

5. Wavy, textured bob

profile of person with wavy, textured brunette bob

Wavy hair is not just for the beach. You can look like you’re on vacation all year round with this textured bob — effortlessly chic!
Susan Williams | Camano Island, WA | Book Appointment

6 . Chandelier layers

person wearing blue top with long black hair with chandelier layers

Chandelier layers are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a cut for long-to-medium-length hair. With long layers that don’t weigh you down, they add volume and definition while still maintaining the length of the cut. These layers leave you with plenty of movement, texture, and volume.

7. Angled, wispy bob

profile of person with brunette hair with an angled wispy bob

If you want a bob haircut but want to add volume, the angled bob is the way to go. Style your hair straight for a sleek look or curly for more texture in your hair.

Susan Williams | Camano Island, WA | Book Appointment

8. Long and sleek

person wearing all white looking down with long and sleek brunette and blonde hair

Long and sleek hair creates a smooth and stylish look. To prevent frizz and get that beautiful shine, this look typically calls for deep conditioning and regular trims. This hairstyle is pretty straightforward to ask for, but remember to also ask for product recommendations so you can maintain your silky strands. 

9. Mohawk layered cut

back view of person with red hair and layered mohawk, person has ear piercing in one ear

A mohawk cut is a popular haircut for the trendsetting woman. However, adding layers and a bold red color will make this cut a true showstopper. 

Hstylze | Philadelphia, PA | Book Appointment

19. Tight crop

person with ear piercing looking straight ahead with tightly cropped black hair

The tight crop embraces natural hair in all its curls, texture, and glory. It’s an easy style to maintain when you’re on the move and want something effortless yet stylish. To get the cut you envision, make sure to bring reference photos from different angles. A short hairstyle can look very different depending on your head and face structure!

11. Blunt bob

person with hoop earrings, sparkly shirt straps, and a blunt bob with black hair

A blunt cut is a classic style of bob. Straight hair will be long-lasting with the proper heat tools and regimen. Consider getting a silk press to get effortless, silky straight hair.

Hstylze | Philadelphia, PA | Book Appointment

12. Invisible layers

back view of person with strawberry blond hair with invisible layers, wearing a white sweater

Invisible layers are ideal for both fine hair and thick hair. This style creates volume and definition while highlighting your cheekbones. The layers are blended so that they work flawlessly — and invisibly — with the cut.

13. Comb-over cut

person looking down with brunette hair, comb over cut and wearing a grey shirt

We can’t take our eyes off this comb-over cut. Look stylish while you’re on the go and enjoy the simple upkeep of low sides and a voluminous crown.

Amanda Brown | Cypress, CA | Book Appointment

14. Buzzed side

person wearing a black tank top looking down, with black hair buzzed on the side

A peek-a-boo buzzed side is perfect for any length of hair. This low-maintenance and popular women’s haircut won’t require frequent trips to the salon.

Amanda Brown | Cypress, CA | Book Appointment

15. Tapered cut

person wearing light blue top, looking to the side, with short black tapered hair

A tapered haircut refers to a cut where the length of the hair gradually changes from one point to the next. Oftentimes, the tapered cut is longer at the top, then shorter as you move down the head.

To get a tapered haircut, ask your stylist to taper the sides and back of your hair. Make sure to also tell them how gradual you want the taper to be.

16. Blonde pixie cut

person wearing green tank top looking to the side with eyes closed, hair is blonde with a pixie cut

You will radiate with this blushing blonde pixie cut. This short haircut and soft styling is sure to show off your facial features.
Emmalie Saljoughi | Austin, TX | Book Appointment

17. Blunt bang and bob

person wearing black tank top, lots of necklaces, with purple hair cut in a blunt bob

You get the best of both worlds with this blunt bang bob. This edgy look is for those who don’t mind extra trips to the salon to keep it sharp.

Mary Tran | Santa Monica, CA | Book Appointment

18. Long, textured layers

person wearing black top looking down, with long wavy black hair with brown highlights

Want to spice up your long hair but not ready for a drastic change? Ask your stylist to add long layers to help you achieve an easy look for your long hair.

Mary Tran | Santa Monica, CA | Book Appointment

19. Short undercut with design

close up on person with short undercut with design on the nape of the neck

Undercuts are a stylish way to express yourself. Add your favorite design to this popular women’s haircut and flaunt your new ‘do with confidence.

Leah Lang | New York, NY | Book Appointment

20. Silver finger waves

close up on top of person's head with silver finger waves

Soft finger waves are elegant and will never go out of style. You’ll leave your stylist’s chair feeling like a star. If you’re feeling bold, you can dye your hair silver or any other fantasy color to add some edge to this look.

Candayce Odom | Houston, TX | Book Appointment

21. Undercut/side design

person wearing striped smock with an undercut side design and blonde braids tied up in a bun

Want to make a striking statement? Go for an undercut on both sides of your hair, allowing a bigger canvas for self-expression. You won’t be disappointed with this popular women’s haircut.

Candayce Odom | Houston, TX | Book Appointment

22. Long shag

person with long copper hair wearing smock

You don’t need to have short hair to rock choppy layers. This long shag will give you volume and texture, and is sure to dazzle no matter how you style it. If you have short hair and want this look, you can ask your stylist for tips for hiding extensions in short hair.

Kristina Fielder | Palmetto Bay, FL | Book Appointment

23. Sleek short cut

back of person's head showing off black hair with sleek, short cut and round cheetah print earring

A sleek short cut is glamorous for all occasions. With the perfect combination of finishing products, you’ll be impressed with your long-lasting results.

Eboni Preston | West Park, FL | Book Appointment

24. Inverted shaped curls

back of person's head showing black hair with blonde highlights

Shaping your curls allows for the best wash-and-go, twist-out, and braid-out styles! Experiment with bobs, inverted cuts, or layers during your next appointment.

Kayla B. | Silver Spring, MD | Book Appointment

25. Trendsetter wolf cut

profile of person with black hair, one turquoise highlight, with wolf cut

Stand out from the crowd with a wolf cut. This women’s haircut is a unique combination of a shag and mullet, giving you an effortless yet fierce look.

Carley Smith | San Diego, CA | Book Appointment

26. Face-framing curls

person wearing yellow striped shirt, denim overalls, plaid mask, and shoulder length black curly hair

Curly cuts are one of the most personalized hair services because they’re tailored for your hair and curl strands. In any case, add some face-framing curls to make your cheekbones stand out.

Connie Lira | Glendale, CA | Book Appointment

27. Fringe bangs with long layers

person wearing grey t-shirt with shoulder-length black hair and a fringe with long layers

Who doesn’t love fringe bangs? If you’re looking for a shorter version of curtain bangs, this would be an excellent option.

Tracey Ramirez | Carrollton, TX | Book Appointment

Now that we’ve covered a variety of popular types of haircuts for women, we hope you feel empowered to make your haircut decision. When you’re ready to commit to your new hairdo, reach out to one of our stylists at StyleSeat. From baby bangs to tapered cuts, they’ll get you looking and feeling great with a trendy yet timeless haircut. 

Ready to book one of these trendy women’s haircuts? Start your journey with a top StyleSeat Pro near you!

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