Wouldn’t it be great to get paid up-front for future work? On StyleSeat, there are thousands of clients looking to perfect their look, secure future appointments, and pay ahead of time through Service Packages. Explore how to add Service Packages to your StyleSeat profile below.

Add a new “Package Services” category to the Service Menu

  • Go to your “Profile” and click on “MANAGE SERVICE MENU”.
  • Click on “Add” in Service Menu.
  • Click on “New Category” and add a new “Package Services” category.


Add services for “Package” category

  • Click on “Add” and click on “New Service” or “New Combined Service”, depending on what you want to add package services for.
  • Choose and add services. [They can be the same services as what are already in the services menu].
  • In the below example, the Pro added the same services again.
  • To change it to a package service, click on the service and it will open the “Edit Service” form.
  • Click on the “Service Name” and edit the title to add “5 Half Arm Wax: 20% off” 
  • Edit the price, duration, and turn on “AND UP” [All optional] to reflect your package service price and duration.
  • Click on the Category and Choose “Package Services“.
  • Click “Save”.
  • Edit and add more services under the “Package Services” category.


Check the Package Services on your profile

  • All package services will be now listed under the Package Services category

Reach out to clients to book these Package Services

  • Clients can book these services for current or any available future date which can be checked out immediately as soon as they are booked.
    • Future dated Appointments can be moved to the current date and checked out
    • Click on “Request Payment” in appointment details for future dated appointments and clients will get a SMS to pay for the appointment.
  • We recommend that you send a note to your clients notifying them of their ability to do this.
  • We have found that many clients are supportive in this time and will purchase services ahead of time or packages to be used at a later time.

Managing the Package Services

  • Notes can be added to appointments or clients for future references.

Adding Appointment Notes

  • Open the appointment and click on the “Add Notes”.
  • Add a necessary note related to that appointment if needed and save it.

Adding Client Notes

  • A client’s profile can be visited under “Clients”.
  • Click on the client’s profile.
  • Click on Add Note.
  • Add a note about what package services are due for a client and save it.

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