Men are getting more beauty treatments now than ever before. If you aren’t marketing your services to them, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential money.

In a study by Daily Mail, a third of men admitted they considered themselves vain. Men now get beauty services before important meetings and 14% say they get beauty services before job interviews. If you’re worried men won’t go for a service like highlights or brow shaping, consider this:

  • One in three men says they indulge in a beauty treatment at least once a month to maintain their looks, compared to just one in four women!
  • One in ten men says they have their underarms waxed and 12% of men say they wax their back.
  • 15% of men have booked a sunbed tanning session before, 16% have booked a facial and 13% have booked a manicure.

These are the top 3 services you should be marketing to men.

Change your service names to appeal to men, they are new to the beauty world and it might take some clever marketing to help them feel comfortable.


Men tend to embrace their silver hair and it’s unlikely they’ll come in for a regular root touch up. But, “grey blending” is an alternative way to get a more polished sophisticated look without covering up the greys.

  • Leave out photo examples in your salon of what amazing grey blending looks like on a man.
  • Add “grey blending” to your male service menu.
  • Run a promotion to entice men to book the service for the first time – “Half off grey blending when you book a men’s haircut.”
  • Here’s some silver styling inspiration.


Some men have been getting manicures for years, but it can be hard to attract new male clients who have never tried it before. Sometimes, all it takes is a little rebranding. This men’s salon in Portland calls their men’s manicures, “hand detailing” which includes trimming, filing, and buffing.


Makeup for grooms has become a growing part of the wedding industry. Your wedding day is usually the most documented day of your life why wouldn’t you want to look as flawless as your partner?

  • Here’s how makeup artist Liz Washer describes it, “Makeup is merely a feature-enhancing, flaw-minimizing, photo-readying thing! I cannot tell you how many wedding photos I see where the bride looks immaculate, but her new husband looks like he’s still detoxing from the bachelor party. Red, blotchy skin and shine know no sex, no age, no sexual orientation, and no gender expression – looking disheveled is 100% equal opportunity. (Kind of heartwarming, isn’t it?)”
  • According to the New York Post, the most common services men are interested in are, concealer touch-ups, HD translucent oil-free powder application, facials, lip treatments, and brow grooming.
  • If you already have brides-to-be on your client list, start upselling them. Let them know you are offering a discount on male makeup services so they can tell their grooms — “Groom Your Groom Special”

Once you decide what new services you want to offer men, run a promotion and send out an email marketing campaign so men know to book you!

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