We’re here to turn your #hairgoals into reality. Finding the perfect natural hairstyle at your current hair length can be tough, especially if you’re wearing your hair in your usual styles or wishing for longer hair. Look no further, we have some trendy natural hairstyles for every length for you to try now. Plus, the holidays are here and who doesn’t want to have a stylin’ season?

1. Golden Wrapped Locs

natural hairstyle locs with golden wraps

We can’t get enough of this twisted loc style, and we know you feel the same. So adorn your beautiful locs with gold hair wraps to add a special touch.

Sista Nae | Richmond, CA | Book Appointment

2. Bold Bantus and Braids

These Bantu knots are a show stopper and will make every head turn. Try these Bantu knots along with face-framing braids to highlight your favorite features.

Jazitup | Mableton, GA | Book Appointment

3. Half & Half

You get the best of both worlds with a half-up, half-down natural hairstyle. Style half of your locs in a high bun. It’s perfect for every occasion.

Paul Styles | Baltimore, MD | Book Appointment

4. Striking Mini Twists

Mini twists are the perfect go-to hairstyle for the natural hair crew. Switch up your parts and even try flat twists with your next mini twist hairstyle.

D’Nisha | Hampton, VA | Book Appointment

5. Edgy Braided Mohawk

Now, this is a mohawk with a twist! Adding braids and flat twists at the sides can give you a trendy new look without the commitment of cutting your hair.

D’Nisha | Hampton, VA | Book Appointment

6. Braided Updo

We love braids at StyleSeat! This braided hairstyle catches your eye in all directions, so have fun and experiment with creative designs.

Raki Loves Hair | Chicago, IL | Book Appointment

7. Curly Cut and Go

Curly cuts are a classic in the natural hair community. By having your curls cut individually, you will have the shape of your dreams for your wash-and-go.

Tishuanda Cunningham | New York, NY | Book Appointment

8. Glam Curls

Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go with this look. Pick out your Afro and embellish it with a dazzling hair accessory.

Rimmy Sparkles | Philadelphia, PA | Book Appointment

9. Criss-Cross and Twists

Danyella Lewis | Goldsboro, NC | Book Appointment

This style keeps crossing our minds, and you can see why! You can obtain this look with your natural hair or try it out in a protective style.

10. Braided Crown

Darlynda George | Bowie, MD | Book Appointment

Who needs to buy a crown when your natural hair is already one? A crown braid is a way to go, especially when it’s dressed with accessories.

11. Curls with Design

Kiara Bond | Chicago, IL | Book Appointment

Capture everyone’s attention with a bold color, curls, and trendy design. Not only is adding an undercut perfect for any length, switching your design is a fashion statement itself.

12. Short Cut with Loc

Janae Miller | Katy, TX | Book Appointment

Adding a loc to your hairstyle is so simple but can quickly elevate your look! Experiment with a length that you love and the color of your dreams.

13. Side-Swept Bangs with Sisterlocks

Janae Miller | Katy, TX | Book Appointment

Need some inspiration for your Sisterlocks? We have you covered with this cool-toned color and side-swept faux bangs to add a little mystery. This look is well worth the initial cost of Sisterlocks.

14. Corkscrew Curls

Evette Phelps | Lithia Springs, GA | Book Appointment

Ooh, la la! These luscious corkscrew curls have us sprung. Flexi rods are a fun way to switch up your look and transition to natural hair.

15. Floral Loc Mohawk

Level up your look with this floral beauty. Style your locs in a mohawk by adding mini buns along the middle of your hair. Don’t forget to fluff for fullness!

Jolanda Jackson | Deham Springs, LA | Book Appointment

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