Melody McCloskey is the founder and OG client of StyleSeat, the premier platform for booking beauty and wellness appointments. Not only is she a powerhouse entrepreneur, but she’s also a mother, wife, and an investor at Cleo Capital. 

Summer is here, my fabulous friends! It’s time for unforgettable vacations, poolside cocktails (or mocktails), and leisurely trips to the farmers market. As we swap our wardrobes for breezy dresses and flip flops, let’s not forget to adjust our beauty regimen for the season. Get ready, because I’m about to reveal my favorite summer services that will keep you glowing and looking fabulous all summer long. Don’t forget, you’re able to book appointments with a StyleSeat beauty professional all season. Let’s make this summer your most glamorous yet!

Luscious Lashes

Prepare to unleash your inner summer goddess with my ultimate beauty secret: LoveSeen lashes! Whether it’s a sizzling pool party, a sandy beach day, or a hot summer night out, these lashes will keep me covered all season long. With their easy application and incredible longevity, they’re built to withstand the scorching summer heat, keeping my eyes captivating from dawn till dusk. Personally, I can’t get enough of the Quinn lash, with its irresistible cat-eye shape that adds a touch of fierce elegance to my look.

Mesmerizing Manicure

I never skip a beat with my incredible nail artist, Tiffany, by my side. Brace yourself for a summer full of nail-tastic adventures as I dive into a whirlwind of mesmerizing trends. Get ready for iridescent-chrome nails that shine like stardust, bold and vibrant neon nails that demand attention, and the irresistible glazed donut effect that’s begging to be explored. You better believe we’re about to unleash some serious mani-flix magic, so hit the follow button on my Instagram

close up photo of melody mccloskey nails

Sun-Kissed Spray Tan

Get ready to glow like a sun goddess this summer with my ultimate beauty secret: a natural-looking spray tan! Who needs the scorching sun when I can achieve that perfect, sun-kissed radiance without any harmful rays? My go-to spot is FiDi Studio, where my favorite esthetician works her magic. She knows exactly how I like it – a flawless, streak-free tan that’s so natural, people won’t believe it’s not from a tropical beach getaway. 

Dreamy Beach Waves

Beach waves? Oh, they’re my absolute summer obsession! Whether I’m hitting up a sizzling summer soirée or just relaxing on the beach, these waves give me that “I woke up like this” vibe with a touch of beachy perfection. Seriously, people think I’ve spent ages in the salon chair when all I did was whip up those dreamy waves at home. Grab some sea salt spray and a trusty curling wand, and get ready to rock those envy-inducing waves in no time!

Lavish Pedicure

As I strut in sandals and stylish heels this summer, my pedicure appointments are the ultimate self-care and take a proud spot on my calendar. With many vibrant nail colors and mind-blowing nail art options, my talented nail artist never fails to capture my unique style. Not only do I walk away with beautifully polished nails, but my skin is also luxuriously moisturized, ready to make a statement wherever I go. 

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