There are plenty of classy long hairstyles for men to try out. Ponytails and top knots are a couple of popular styles, but there are lots of looks you can rock that don’t require a hair tie. Undercuts, bobs, and tousled waves are other hairstyles that look great with the right cut.

Long hair is great for experimenting with different looks and keeping things fresh. You can try out long and flowy like Jason Momoa or you can keep it layered and tousled like Tom Cruise (when he chooses a longer look!). Learn how to style long hair for men with some of the examples below.

1. Tousled and long

man with long and tousled hair

The simplest way to style your hair is to let it hang down. Since long hair is prone to tangling, you’ll need to take some extra steps to detangle it. For example, you should comb your hair before taking a shower to avoid difficult detangling afterward. Healthy and untangled hair is the key to wearing it down without extra fuss. 

2. Long and straight

man with long and straight hair

Not a fan of a tousled look? You can opt for a straight look that emphasizes your length. If your hair is naturally straight, blow dry it to give your hair more volume. You can also use a blow-dryer to straighten your hair or give it some shape.

3. Ear tuck cut

man with ear tuck cut

The ear tuck cut is exactly what it sounds like: a popular long hairstyle for men that keeps hair on the sides long enough to tuck behind your ear. The beauty of this style is its versatility. You can combine an ear tuck cut with styles like a comb over or a blown-out quiff.

4. Long layers

man with long layers

Long layers are a must for those with thick hair. Layers give your hair shape and dimension, and let you keep your length without the extra weight. Pairing long, voluminous layers with a center part is great for drawing attention to the center of your face. Depending on the shape of your face, it can help it look more symmetrical.

5. Long micro dreads

man with long micro dreads

Micro dreads use the same technique as traditional dreads. The main difference is the smaller size. Micro dreads are a great choice if you want to style your locs and have some versatility with your look.

6. Side-swept curls

man with side swept curls

Give your curls effortless volume by parting your hair on the side. It also gives your curls room to sweep down the side of your head for a side-swept look. Curl cream is your best friend when it comes to minimizing frizz and keeping your curls defined.

7. Long top with undercut

man with long top and undercut

Length doesn’t always mean long, sweeping locks past your shoulders. Get your sides cut short while keeping your hair on top long enough to slick back. Use some pomade for a fresh and sleek finish.

8. Textured waves

man with textured waves

Wavy hair is the perfect candidate for relaxed texture. You can use sea salt spray if you already have natural texture and layers. After washing your hair, towel dry it, spritz the sea salt spray into your hair, and work it through with your fingers. Use pomade if you want more defined waves. For a relaxed look, push your hair back with your hands. 

9. Loose curls

man with loose curls

Moisturizing is the key to healthy, long curly hair. If you don’t already use some sort of moisturizer or deep conditioning product in your hair care routine, now is the time to start. Healthy hair is also important for keeping your curls looking their best.

10. Long two-strand twists

man with long two strand twists

Twists are a great protective style for men with long natural hair. Small twists last longer and are more versatile than thicker twists. Pair your twists with a high fade for a clean look on the sides. You can let your twists hang down or tie them together in bigger braids or buns.

11. Hard part haircut

man with hard part haircut

Hard parts are perfect for adding a level of sophistication to any style. Comb overs and pompadours are classic styles that look great with longer hair and a hard part. To create a hard part, your barber will use a razor to draw a straight part on one side of your head.

12. Loose waves

man with loose waves

You’re in luck if you have wavy hair. This hair texture naturally has body and volume, especially if you get a haircut that complements your natural hair. Use a blow-dryer with a diffuser to give your hair a little more volume in the morning. If you prefer to avoid heat, you can use your hands or a wide-tooth comb to lift and fluff up your roots.

13. Long shag

man with long shag

A layered, shaggy cut is the best way to give any man with long hair some shape and dimension. Shaggy doesn’t always require a rebellious or tousled look. You can create a classy style by combing your hair and adding hairspray or mousse to hold it in place.

14. Wings haircut

man with wings haircut

Variations of the wings haircut have popped up over the past few decades. Celebs ranging from Paul McCartney to Justin Bieber have rocked their own versions of this look. It’s mainly characterized by the hair flipping up a tad around the ears. Others have called this look a mop haircut, flow, or skater hair. 

15. Top knot

man with top knot

The easiest way to get your hair out of your face is by tying it up in a top knot. You can just tie it up and go to keep it simple. If you want a more defined look, you can ask your barber for a taper or fade to shorten your sides. You can also slick your hair back with pomade.

16. Long hair with highlights

man with long hair and highlights

Highlights add dimension to your hair and frame your face. A balayage is a great option if you want subtle color that complements your natural hair color. Bold all-over colors like red or purple are also popular choices. Whether you want natural or bold color, we recommend seeing a hair colorist to avoid any box dye disasters.

17. Curtain haircut

man with curtains haircut

The curtain haircut features a long fringe with a middle or side part along with short sides. It’s a great casual look that’s fit for most men with long hair. Get your sides tapered or opt for an undercut to show off your length on top.

18. Long locs

man with long locs

It takes a long time for hair to loc. Keep your locs long to show off your length and how far you’ve come on your locs journey. You can tie your locs up in the back or throw them up into a messy bun to keep them off of your face. To get started, you can try locs yourself or go to the salon. Loc appointments can cost between $50 and $150

19. Man bun

man with man bun

Compared to top knots, you normally form “man buns” at the back of your head or lower. Buns look classy when you slick back the rest of your hair. If you’re pulling up your hair to run errands, for example, use a headband to keep your hair back. 

20. Long and loose ringlets

man with long and loose ringlets

As your hair gets longer, your curls can change thanks to the added weight. They may appear a little looser than usual. It’s no reason to panic! You can use curl cream to define your curls. Other practices like brushing and shampooing less often are additional ways to maintain your curls.

21. Bob

man with bob

A bob is a simple cut to request from your stylist. A traditional bob comes down to your ears and has no layers. Nowadays, you can get a longer bob (called a “lob”), layers, texture, or color to shake up the regular bob. Before you book a haircut, look at a few photos of bobs to see what you’d like to request from your stylist.

22. Curly shag

man with curly shag

A shag is another great cut that works for a night out or another day at the office. Ask your stylist for a fringe to have your curls frame your face. To keep a light hold on your curls, use mousse. Hair putty is a great alternative if you want a stronger hold that lasts throughout the day.

23. Long quiff

man with long quiff

A quiff has short sides and a long, voluminous top. With a long quiff, you can keep it sleek by slicking all of your hair back with pomade or wax. If you want a more laid-back look, you can use your fingers to work in a low-hold styling product like mousse. 

24. Surfer hair

man with surfer hair

When we hear “surfer hair,” we typically think of long, sun-kissed hair. If you don’t live near the beach, the next best way to get surfer hair is to spray your strands with sea salt spray. You can make your own sea salt spray with some water, salt, and oils. Spray it on and scrunch your hair for a just-came-from-the-beach look.

25. Afro

man with afro

Although it sounds counterintuitive, you may need to cut your hair to get a well-rounded Afro. Your hair needs to be the same length all around for an Afro. After that cut, focus on keeping your hair healthy so it can grow quickly. Pick out a few natural ways to encourage hair growth that you can incorporate into your routine, like wearing more protective styles.

26. Ponytail

man with ponytail

A relative of the man bun and top knot, the ponytail is another simple way for men to style long hair. With a ponytail, you don’t need to spend the extra time needed to tie it up into a bun. You can also braid down parts of your hair on the side instead of simply slicking it back.

27. Round layers

man with long layers

Ask your stylist for round layers for a soft look and a round overall shape. You’ll have natural volume with this cut, especially if you have wavy or curly hair. These layers also look great on men with fine hair.

28. Half-up, half-down

man with half up half down hair

Go with a half-up, half-down look if you just need to get your hair out of your face without hiding your length. It’s an easy no-fuss style if buns or top knots take a while to do. 

Long hair opens up many styling options, but it also requires some upkeep and regular haircuts to keep your mane healthy. If you don’t have one already, you should find a barber or hairstylist who can make your hair look great and help you maintain your length. Take a look at our community of hairstylists to find someone who can guide you on your long hair journey.

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