If you’ve got thin hair, you may feel like your styling options are limited. And if you feel like all the best cuts are meant for men with more voluminous hair, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some of the top hairstyles for men with thin hair.

Thinning hair can be the result of diet, stress, products, or ongoing hair loss and is totally normal for many men and women as they age. However, it can also refer to hair that’s always been thin all over, even with no significant loss over time.

Whether your hair is naturally a little on the thin side or it’s become a bit more sparse in recent years, you can check out some of our top picks for your hair type below. When you’re ready, bring it to your local hair Pro for a style that works with your locks.

1. Comb over with fade

man with comb over and fade

What is the best hairstyle for men with thin hair? A comb over may not sound like a stylish option, but the concept is perfect for those experiencing hair loss. Try combing your hair over from the edge of your hairline and adding a fade to create a modern, chic look.

2. Side-swept hair with taper

man with side swept hair with a taper

This option is similar to a comb over, but uses more length. By sweeping your hair to the side, you can increase overall coverage, which adds perceived volume. Add a tasteful taper to round out this look.

3. Ivy League with taper

man with ivy league hair cut and taper

A staple haircut inspired by the classic Ivy League college student look, this cut features a deep side part and tapered sides. Keep the hair on top pushed back with a product like mousse or pomade, or leave it natural if it stays in place on its own.

4. Spiky hair with highlights

man with spiky hair and highlights

A spiky look is a great solution for thin hair because its vertical nature lends the appearance of volume and covers up visible scalp. Apply a strong pomade or wax, and consider adding highlights to make this look your own. The cost of getting highlights is worth it if it flatters your features and helps you feel more confident with your look.

5. Undercut faux hawk

man with undercut faux hawk

If an undercut is a barber term you’re not familiar with, it’s basically a contrast in textures between close-cropped sides and a long top. Usually the longer hair is slicked back, but this style can also be combined with a faux hawk to add volume.

6. Combed-back hair

man with combed back hair

When it comes to haircuts for thin hair, men can get the most out of their locks by applying intentional shaping. Combing your hair back with a product like a wax makes it appear more voluminous. This is great if you’re a man with medium-length hair who wants to make their hair a little less flat.

7. Temple fade with curly top

man with temple fade and curly top

This throwback fade works with your natural hairline to create a distinctive look that accentuates your overall style. Those with curly hair can pair this with short to medium curls on top — and don’t forget to maintain that fade between appointments.

8. Deep side part with fade

man with deep side part and fade

Here’s a pro tip for working with thinning hair: Get creative with your part. Since hair loss may not be uniform across your scalp, try pairing a fade with a deep side part. This will allow you to sweep longer hair over, concealing thin patches. 

9. High fade with spiky top

man with high fade and a spiky top

When going for a lifted style like a spiky top, try combining it with a high fade. This will help create a more complete, continuous look that thickens and appears to rise as it moves from your neck up to the top of your head.

10. Tapered French crop

man with tapered french crop

When looking specifically for hairstyles for thin hair, men should consider options that are multidimensional. The taper adds a clean, controlled look while the cropped, tousled top adds an element of depth with solid coverage.

11. Slicked back with mid fade

man with slicked back hair and mid fade

Another great way to style a slicked back look is to complement it with a mid fade. Starting around halfway between the ear and hairline, a mid fade is a subtle way to add a dynamic element to any cut.

12. High and tight curls

man with high and tight curls

For men with curly hair, this look combines a classic undercut with the natural shape of your hair. By wearing your locks high and tight, you can enhance the perceived thickness of your hair. Try shaving the sides for a distinctive style.

13. Crew cut

man with crew cut

This classic short hairstyle can be a great option for men with thinning hair. The signature element of this staple cut is that it’s longer in the front and gets progressively shorter as it moves back toward the crown. This varying texture could help conceal thinning patches.

14. Wavy quiff

man with wavy quiff

The iconic quiff is usually shown with straight hair, but men with wavy hair can absolutely pull it off as well. Instead of trying to force your hair to stay straight, work with your natural texture for a look that’s truly your own.

15. Thin pompadour with taper

man with a thin pompadour and taper

For men with thin hair, haircuts like the timeless pompadour can be a fantastic option. This bold style beckons to the early days of rock ‘n’ roll and can be styled to amp up the volume of your locks. Complete the look with a taper.

16. Short ponytail

man with short ponytail

Another great way to get the most out of your hair is to tie it back into a short ponytail. This is a stylish way to help you conceal thinner areas with a look that’s always trendy. Just don’t tie it too tight, as this could damage your hair over time or even lead to more hair loss.

17. Slicked back wet look

man with slicked back wet look

If you like slicked back looks, consider applying a product to give it a wet look that lasts all day. Apply a product designed to maintain shape, like hair gel, mousse, or wax. This look is a great way to encourage thinner hair to stay in place.

18. Brushed back with mid fade

man with brushed back hair and mid fade

Looking for a style that’s equal parts classic and modern? Grow the top out until it’s long enough to brush back, and then keep it in place with a pomade or wax. Pair this with a mid fade to create a look that works well with thinning hair.

19. Tapered hair with wavy top

man with tapered hair and wavy top

One of the keys to getting a great look with thin hair is to maintain length and texture while adding volume. Wavy hair does all this naturally when it’s grown out. If you have wavy hair, keep it longer on top while adding a tasteful taper to make a polished look.

20. Undercut with slicked back top

man with undercut and slicked back top

If you want to maintain length but want a more dynamic styling option, consider an undercut. The cropped sides accentuate the longer top, which can be slicked back with a modest amount of pomade, wax, or other product.

21. Butch cut

man with butch cut

This straightforward cut leaves all your hair the same length. While this may expose some scalp if you have thin hair, ironically, it can help make hair loss less noticeable. Consider rounding out a butch cut with a taper or fade.

22. Spiky textured hair

man with spicy textured hair

When you’ve got thinning hair, height and texture may be your best friends. Apply a small amount of product into your hair, like a mousse or spray, to give a slightly spiky look. Aim for something with moderate holding power and a low shine.

23. Comb over with beard

man with comb over and beard

Why not use the hair on your face to complement the hair on your head? While not all men can grow beards due to various genetic factors, beards are generally not affected by thinning head hair. Try growing a thick beard to enhance your look. To take your style a step further, pair your facial hair with a sleek comb over using pomade or wax.

24. Undercut with long top

man with low fade

One great thing about undercuts is that it’s easy to vary them to create new looks. Another great undercut option is to keep growing the top. The added length is perfect for those looking to conceal thinning hair.

25. Frohawk

man with frohawk

Growing your ‘fro is a perfect way to create volume, even if your hair is thinning. For a distinctive styling option, have the sides trimmed and maintain the height to create a frohawk. This look also gives you the freedom to add a taper or fade to make it your own.

Still worried about your styling options? These hairstyles for men with thin hair show that hair loss doesn’t have to stop you from creating an amazing style that works for you. Whether it’s thinning hair, naturally thin hair, or even a receding hairline, the right cut can make all the difference — especially if you’ve got a great barber or stylist. When in doubt, consult with a local hair Pro to explore options that will look phenomenal on you.

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