With social distancing in full swing, stopping by the salon for a quick polish change is temporarily off the table. In the interim, we’re going full DIY from head to toe. As any gel enthusiast knows, the only downside of the long-lasting-polish is the moment you want it off. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ve detailed the easiest (and safest) way to take off your gel polish at home — no tin foil required. 

Resist the Urge to Peel Your Polish

Tempting we know, but oh so damaging. Instead start by filing down your nails. Reach for your biggest nail file — you want to file off the entire top layer (aka the shiny gloss), in order to let the acetone fully penetrate every layer of the gel polish.

Soak Your Nails

Once your glossy layer is stripped, it’s time to double down with a double-boil. Grab two glass bowls (one large and one small). Fill your smaller bowl with acetone and place it in the big bowl. Next, fill your bigger bowl with hot water (a tea kettle would work great here) — allowing the hot water to surround your small bowl without overflowing into it. Now it’s a waiting game — soak your fingers in the acetone bowl for 10 minutes. 

Wipe Any Remnants

Your 10 minute soak will break down the heavy polish leaving you with an easy clean up. After taking your nails out of the acetone, use a cotton ball to wipe off the lifted polish. If any polish is sticking, dip your cotton ball in acetone and spot clean the stubborn streaks. 


After a long acetone bath, your nails will be parched to say the least. Massage an oil (coconut, rose, olive oil etc.) into your cuticles and nail beds. For extra moisture, let your nails soak in your oil of choice for several minutes. To finish, moisturize your hands with lotion.