5 Home Remedies to Help Kick Dandruff for Good

No one wants to deal with the woes of a dandruff-doomed scalp, but let’s face it, many of us do. The un-attainable itch and constant shoulder brushing is both frustrating and embarrassing any time of the year. According to derm experts at the Mayo Clinic, there are lots of reasons you could be experiencing dandruff. You could have product buildup from over shampooing, or cold, windy weather could be causing your scalp to dry out, or you could have a genetic predisposition that causes flaking (thanks, mom and dad).

Whatever the cause, here are some quick, at-home-treatments for getting rid of dandruff. 

Bentonite Clay

If you’ve been down any internet beauty hole you’ll know celebs and professionals rave about this stuff. This naturally occurring clay has been used by gorgeous people for decades to remove excess dirt and impurities, so you know you’ll feel good slathering it on. Make a quick mix of clay, apple cider vinegar, and water and massage the mixture into your wet scalp. Let it sit for 20 minutes (pro tip: this concoction also makes a photo-worthy face mask) then rinse off with warm water. 

UV Treatments 

One cause of a flaky scalp is a sunburn at your roots. If your hair is short, apply a little SPF to your part and other exposed areas of your scalp to help prevent unwanted sun damage that leads to dandruff. For long haired beauties, incorporate a UV blocking scalp spray to your routine before heading out for the day. 

Wash with Warm Water

Sometimes dandruff is caused by oil and product buildup. If this is the case, wash your hair with water that’s warm enough to turn oil into liquid but not so hot that it burns your head. Conversely, washing with cold water can cause those oils to solidify and stay put, potentially causing even more flakage which NO ONE wants!


Imagine the glowy feeling you get from an exfoliating facial or mani/pedi. Now imagine that deep-scrub goodness all over your scalp. Nice huh? Dandruff is like any dry skin, when it isn’t taken care of, it gets irritated and ultimately you feel itchy. Use an exfoliating shampoo or massaging brush once a week to purify your scalp and shake any impurities loose.

Get Professional Help

If you’re too busy to try any of these at home, or simply feel like being pampered (we get it!), head to your local salon and ask if they offer any support. Some salons offer hot oil or exfoliation treatments, and above all they’ll have the skinny on the latest dandruff-prone products that you can test drive before you buy. 

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