A Brazilian wax costs between $45 and $85 across the country. This wax will leave you smooth and hairless everywhere below the waist. This includes your bikini area, between your thighs, and around your butt.

Brazilian waxes hit that sweet spot between affordability and longevity. Razors and epilators are affordable and reusable, but hair tends to grow back fast and skin is susceptible to irritation. Laser hair removal’s long-lasting effect comes at a high cost and its own set of risks. Brazilian waxes? Their price falls in between the cost and longevity of at-home and laser treatments.

If you think a Brazilian wax is the best choice for your budget, check out our guide below to learn everything about the cost of Brazilian waxes and how you can get the most out of your next session.

What affects the cost of a Brazilian wax?

Factors like the cost of materials, type of salon, your esthetician, and their pricing structure can affect how much you pay for a Brazilian wax.

  • Type of salon, like if they specialize in waxing or offer an array of services
  • Location, cost of living, and competition
  • Cost of materials and technique, like if they use proprietary wax or need lots of supplies for your wax 
  • Esthetician’s skill level since many charge more based on their experience
  • Designs since shapes like hearts or diamonds require lots of skill to create
  • Pricing structure, like if they charge more for men than women

Pricing policies vary between salons. For example, a Brazilian wax for men can cost more at some salons since it’s a highly specialized service. Salons may also charge more if your wax session requires lots of time and materials. You can expect your first wax to require more materials than your subsequent waxes.

How much is a Brazilian wax in each state?

The average cost of a Brazilian wax in the U.S. is $58. It’s the most expensive in Colorado at $84 per appointment. The cheapest waxes are in Virginia at an average of $44 per appointment. Take a look at the average for your state below.

StateAverage appointment cost
States not listed don’t have available data.

What does a Brazilian wax include?

Brazilian waxes remove everything above and to the sides of the groin area, the groin area itself, the external parts of your pubic area (like your labia or your scrotum), the area between your thighs, and up to your butt.

You can also choose to leave some hair in the front. Landing strips and triangles are a couple of popular designs. Shapes like hearts and diamonds are more intricate and not every esthetician can pull this off. Call ahead if you have any specific requests.

illustration of the bikini, pubic, and butt areas that a Brazilian wax covers

During your appointment, you can expect to go through a consultation, cleansing and pre-wax treatments, the waxing itself, cleanup, and application of soothing creams or gel. 

How painful is a Brazilian wax?

The pain you’ll feel from a Brazilian wax depends on your own pain tolerance. Pulling many hairs from the root will hurt, especially since your bikini area is more sensitive than other parts of your body. Your own fear or anticipation of the pain can also make the experience worse. Getting waxed close to your menstrual cycle can also impact pain levels.

Managing potential pain is one reason why you shouldn’t solely look at price when you’re planning your next appointment. Taking the time to find an experienced esthetician can be the key to getting a great wax without an excessive amount of discomfort or pain.

How can I get the most out of my session?

You can get the most out of your session by determining beforehand if you’re a good fit, calling your esthetician ahead of time for pre-appointment tips, communicating with them during your appointment, and following their aftercare tips. We’ll summarize a few of the things you should check off your list before, during, and after your appointment so you can get the most out of your waxing appointment.

Before your appointment

Prep is key to getting the best results possible and ensuring you’re safe. It also helps you avoid any surprises when you step into the salon.

  • Consult with your doctor if you’re taking any medication, undergoing any procedures, or have any condition that may make you extra sensitive to wax (like if you’re taking antibiotics, undergoing chemotherapy, or you’re pregnant).
  • Make a list of medications and recent procedures to share with your esthetician so they can also check before your appointment.
  • Call ahead to get your esthetician’s preferences, like if you plan to come in on your period, have piercings, and whether you should apply lotions or oils. 
  • Stop removing hair from the area a few weeks before your appointment so it’s long enough to wax. Let it grow to at least a quarter inch.
  • Gently exfoliate with water and a washcloth to prevent ingrown hairs.

During your appointment

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your appointment. Your esthetician can help ease some of your worries by answering questions and explaining anything you’re unsure about. 

  • Communicate any discomfort or concerns with your esthetician so they can change their method, talk to you, and do what they can to make you comfortable.
  • Ask your esthetician for any aftercare tips and when they think you should come back for your next session.

After your appointment

The steps you take after your appointment can help you stay as smooth as possible and ensure you’ll have an effective session next time. These steps can also help you avoid any further irritation, infection, or discomfort.

  • Don’t shave since it will cut the hair, make it more coarse, create different hair lengths, and make your next wax feel similar to your first one.
  • For the first few days after your wax, avoid activities that cause friction with your skin or can cause irritation. This includes tanning beds, sex, intense workouts, and touching the freshly waxed area.
  • Exfoliate a few days after your wax to prevent ingrown hairs. 
close up of person with medium skin tone wearing a pink plaid bikini bottom on the left, copy on the right: let your hair grow to at least a quarter inch before your Brazilian wax

How much hair is needed for a Brazilian wax?

Hair should be at least a quarter inch long so it’s long enough to wax. You’ll need to let your hair grow out for a couple of weeks or so. If it’s any longer, call ahead to see what your esthetician prefers.

Some estheticians prefer to trim the hair themselves. This ensures the hair isn’t cut too short before the appointment. Others want clients to trim their hair at home. 

How long does a Brazilian wax last?

A Brazilian wax lasts three to four weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. Over time, your hair will appear thinner and softer since it’s pulled at the root. Keeping up with regular waxes will help you maintain the results over time.

Is getting a Brazilian wax worth it?

A Brazilian wax is worth it if your goal is to get a reasonably affordable hair removal service with long-lasting results. You’re paying more than what you’d pay for a razor or depilatory cream in exchange for more hair-free weeks. Waxing is also a form of exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and leaves skin feeling smooth.

Ultimately, you can reap the best benefits from a Brazilian wax if you keep up a routine. Otherwise, going back to shaving or other forms of hair removal can put you back at square one with waxing. 

Other treatments may work better for you depending on your goals and your budget. Let’s dive into other services to help you understand the differences.

Bikini wax vs. Brazilian wax

A bikini wax focuses on removing hair around and within the bikini area.

  • A bikini line wax focuses on hair that would peek out around your bikini area when you’re wearing a bikini bottom. This includes the area between your belly button and the top of your bikini line.
  • A full bikini wax removes hair in the same areas in a bikini line wax in addition to hair within your bikini area.

Either version of a bikini wax is a great choice if you only want to remove hair from those areas. Bikini waxes are also cheaper overall than Brazilian waxes. According to our internal appointment data, bikini waxes range from $29 to $59.

Some people say that bikini waxes can help you ease into a Brazilian wax later on, while others say you should dive headfirst into a Brazilian wax. The best choice between a bikini and Brazilian wax is up to you. Talk to friends and read reviews to get a better idea of both services.

close up of wooden stick pulling yellow melted wax out of a glass bowl

Waxing vs. laser hair removal

Laser hair removal uses a laser to vaporize hair and damage the hair follicle. It lasts months for some and years for others. Most people see less hair grow back over time. The hair that does grow back is typically finer and difficult to see.

Laser hair removal costs $389 on average in the U.S. Although results last longer, you may need to go back for maintenance depending on how your skin and hair react.

Laser hair removal is a good choice if you want to remove hair for a long time and you have room in your budget for the cost. However, there are some risks if you get this treatment done by someone inexperienced. Laser hair removal should be done by a board-certified dermatologist.

Can I give myself a Brazilian wax?

You can get DIY kits to do a Brazilian wax at home. However, you need to familiarize yourself with many aspects of waxing before you try it yourself.

For example, you need to know what type of wax to get, when you should wax yourself, and how exactly you should apply and remove the wax. Doing this at home requires lots of patience and commitment to doing it right. Otherwise, you’ll risk burning or injuring yourself.

Estheticians are trained and have many Brazilian wax appointments under their belt. If you can afford it, we recommend seeing a licensed professional for the safest experience. It gives you a chance to see the full process and get your questions answered.

How do I know if I’ve found a great esthetician?

Great estheticians keep their station clean and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Look for these signs to know you’ve found someone you can trust:

  • Gives a consultation or questionnaire prior to your appointment to confirm you’re a good candidate
  • Keeps work station clean
  • Wears gloves when applying wax
  • Doesn’t double-dip applicator into the wax
  • Uses sterilized applicators each time
  • Accommodates reasonable requests to make you feel more comfortable
  • Applies the right techniques and adjusts to minimize discomfort and pain

It’s especially important to get a credible and experienced esthetician since they’re waxing sensitive areas. Reviews and recommendations can help shed some light on their cleanliness, communication style, and professionalism. 

Look through our community of estheticians to find someone in your area who specializes in Brazilian waxes