Are you finding yourself with a lot of time on your hands? Why not spend some time on your hands. The perfect manicure is an instant mood booster and a pure form of self-care that you most definitely deserve.

Here’s how to master at-home nails

Pour a Glass and Set the Mood

Our favorite salons often amp up the relaxation by offering a fancy drink and playing something great in the background. Sip some cucumber water, hot tea, or even grab a glass of bubbly. Turn on some soothing spa music or an equally soothing episode of your favorite guilty pleasure show to round out the experience. 

Pre-Treat Yourself

Get your paws ready for pampering by soaking your nails in warm water with a few drops of olive oil. Pro tip: you can even strengthen your nails by adding honey, lemon juice, and salt to the bowl. Or mix together coconut oil and raw sugar to make a quick exfoliating scrub. 

Shape N File

Get your nails ready for polish by clipping to your desired length and gently filing the rough edges. A good technique is to start on one side and file to the center in a fluid downward movement. Try to avoid sawing the file back and forth like they do in the movies.

Paint Like a Pro

True manicure mavens can polish a finger in three easy strokes. Before removing the brush, gently roll the bottle side to side. Don’t shake it, that causes the paint to bubble. Begin with a wide stripe in the middle and then one on each side. Try to do only one hand at a time, that way you don’t accidentally smudge the color in the process. 

Take Your Sweet Time

Don’t cheat yourself with a quick paint job. If possible, give yourself 10 minutes of drying time between each step of the process. Taking things slowly not only ensures a muss-free final product it also helps you get some gold quality me-time. 

Call a Lifeline

Chances are your favorite nail pro offers virtual consultations or digital tutorials. Check out their StyleSeat profile and see if they can coach you through some DIY nail care at home or help you recreate your favorite type of manicure.