Brow lamination can cost between $35 and $130 depending on where you go. To create tidier and fluffier brows, a brow artist will use chemicals to lift and shape your brow hairs. You’ll walk out of the salon with shaped brows that’ll last much longer than what you’d get with brow gel.

This service is a great one to try if you aren’t a fan of other brow shaping methods that are costly or time-consuming. Other services, like microblading, require much more commitment and can be more invasive.

If you’re still on the fence, check out our quick guide below. We cover everything from the factors that influence your total brow lamination cost to tips for finding the best brow artist for the most value.

Average appointment costs per state

According to our internal appointment data, Wisconsin has the lowest average appointment cost at $35 and Rhode Island has the highest at $129 

StateAverage appointment cost
States not listed don’t have available data.

What affects the cost of brow lamination?

Factors like the salon, local demand, your artist’s experience, and the services included in your appointment all affect the final brow lamination price. Everyone prices differently, but these are the general factors that influence your final brow lamination cost:

  • Location influences your price since artists may take cost of living into account.
  • Salon type can vary your price depending on if you go to a specialized or high-end salon or a small family-owned business.
  • Demand and competition in your area can drive up your price if there aren’t many brow artists who do this service.
  • Artist’s experience will also influence your cost since they can include the time and money they’ve spent on training in their final price.
  • Other services, like threading or brow tinting, may be included or tacked on for an extra cost.
close up on client’s face with eyes closed, brow artist’s gloved hands are cleaning eyebrows

What do I get during a brow lamination appointment?

Brow lamination appointments include the lamination service itself and sometimes include other services, like brow shaping and tinting. Since brow lamination doesn’t remove hair or darken your brows, adding some extra services can help your brow artist create the perfect look. They’ll sometimes give you sample sizes of aftercare products so you can try them out at home.

If you’re not interested in any of these extras or want to learn more about what you’re paying for, you should touch base with your artist before booking your brow lamination appointment. They can break down what’s included in your appointment and recommend services that can help you achieve your ideal look for your brows.

How long does brow lamination last?

Brow lamination can last between four and eight weeks depending on how well you keep up with aftercare and your brow hairs’ natural growth cycle. Aftercare is the best way to get the most out of your initial brow lamination’s price. You can even stretch out the time between appointments if you can maintain the shape of your brows.

To help them last longer, avoid getting them wet or applying any products directly to your brows for the first 24 hours after your appointment. Your brow hairs need time to set, and your hair and skin need time to recover.

After that, work includes brow moisturizing into your daily routine. Brushing your brows daily with a spoolie also helps keep your brow hairs tidy. Castor oil is a popular choice for healthy brows, but ask your brow artist first for their recommended products and other aftercare tips to help you get started.

Aftercare is a great way to prolong your brows, but they won’t stay neatly groomed forever. You’ll need to spend more time and money on additional sessions to maintain this look in the long term. However, a few back-to-back appointments can train your brows to naturally grow the way you want them.

You can also consider other long-term treatments if you have room in your budget. For example, eyebrow tattoo prices range from $300 to $500, but can last a lot longer than brow lamination. Paying for microblading instead can be a little cheaper, but doesn’t last as long as brow tattoos.

What should I keep in mind when choosing a brow artist?

When researching potential brow artists, you should look into their portfolio, experience, licensing, and reviews. You should also get a sense of the thoroughness of their pre-appointment consultations and their aftercare tips.

Getting familiar with their past experience and their past customers’ results can help you decide if they’re a fit for you. You want to see if they’re friendly, knowledgeable, and have enough experience to create the look you want. A high cost may be justified if they have a strong track record of happy clients and years of experience under their belt.

The cost of a brow lamination appointment should also include time for a patch test and a pre-appointment consultation to see if this service is ideal for you. A great brow artist will also take the time to share aftercare tips. If the person you’re vetting doesn’t typically spend time educating their clients, then they may not bring the best value for their price.

The brow artist with the best value comes down to your goals and priorities. Make a list of what’s most important to you, like their skill level or their years of experience, and use that to guide your search.

photo top showing brow artist working on client’s brows, illustrations on the bottom summarizing things to check when picking a brow artist

Can’t I save money by doing it myself?

You can potentially save money if you get a DIY kit, try out the soap brow trend, or use brow gel to shape your brows. However, these more affordable methods each come with their drawbacks.

With DIY kits, you risk damaging your skin or your brow hairs if you’re a newbie. Damage is also more likely if your kit includes low-quality products.

Soap brows are safer than kits since you aren’t using harsh chemicals, but irritation can occur if you start to sweat and get the soap in your eyes. Additionally, soap brows and brow gel don’t last as long as brow lamination. 

Brow artists are worth the price

These are the main things you’ll need to think about before deciding if the total brow lamination cost you’ll pay is your best choice. If you know it’s right for you, the next step is to start your search for a great brow artist.

This service is best left up to the pros, at least for your first round, since it uses chemicals close to your eyes. The extra upfront cost is worth it if you can leave the salon with freshly shaped brows without worrying about any pain or damage.

Look through our directory of brow artists today to start looking for the best person to shape your brows.