Brow lamination is a semi-permanent service that shapes and fills out your brows by using chemicals to lift and shape the hairs. The process helps your brows look fuller without needing to prick your skin or dye the hair.

Some people call it an “eyebrow perm” since it helps your brows hold their new shape for a long time. If you’re guilty of over-tweezing your eyebrows or spending way more time than you’d like filling them in, then brow lamination is definitely worth a try.

We put together a comprehensive guide so you can learn all about this service before you try it. We’ll cover the brow lamination process, the pros and cons, and how this service compares to other brow procedures. 

How does brow lamination work?

To laminate your brows, an esthetician will clean, shape, and seal your brows with various creams and chemicals. They’ll also nourish them with moisturizing cream or oil to prevent dryness. Like any service, everyone has their own process and technique. We’ll go over the general steps you can expect an esthetician to follow.

  1. Conduct a consultation to learn your brow goals.
  2. Clean the brows and brush them up to prep them for the service.
  3. Apply cream to relax and straighten the hairs, preparing them for shaping.
  4. Brush upwards so the hairs go in one direction.
  5. Apply a neutralizer to seal the brows and help them keep their shape.
  6. Put a nourishing oil on your brows to prevent irritation and dryness.

They’ll leave each product on for varying amounts of time, depending on your brows and desired outcome. Your brows might look stiff right after your appointment. This is temporary and they’ll start to soften over the next few days. 

There are many add-on services you can get with your brow lamination. You can get your brows tinted, tweezed, or waxed after the service to clean them up and complete your look. You can even pair it with other complementary services, like a lash lift. It can be more affordable to package these services together in one appointment. For example, lash lift appointments typically cost between $35 and $110.

common brow lamination add on services

How long does it take to get laminated eyebrows?

Brow lamination can take about 20 minutes. The full appointment can take 45 minutes or more if you opted for additional services.

What are the benefits of eyebrow lamination?

Brow lamination is a great service for those with thinning brows, brow hairs that grow in different directions, or those who have a few gaps in their brows.

Your brows will look tidier afterward and can help your eyes appear more open. It’s also a great service to try if you want to start fresh and reshape or customize your brows.

The end result looks more natural compared to other services since lamination works with your natural brow hairs. Some prefer lamination over other brow procedures, like microblading, since it’s not invasive.

What are the drawbacks of eyebrow lamination?

Eyebrow lamination comes with its own set of potential side effects like swelling, redness, and dryness around your brows or eyelids. Although it’s not common, you can also encounter eye damage if the cream or chemicals get in your eyes.

Side effects are normally a sign that your skin is irritated by the chemicals. Ask your esthetician for a patch test before your service to check for any allergic reactions. 

How can I find a good esthetician?

You can find a reputable esthetician by looking up their business profiles and reviews. You should also look through their portfolio to see how this service turned out for their past customers. If it’s not listed on their site, you can also call and ask them about their prior experience and licensing.

Researching local brow artists is crucial before booking an appointment to ensure you’re getting a safe service. Recommendations from friends or a quick search for local brow artists are both great places to start.

How can I care for them and prevent side effects?

Before going into your appointment, come in with a clean face and without makeup to minimize any chances of infection. 

For the first 24 hours after the service, your goal is to keep your new brows dry, avoid touching them, and keep them away from harsh exfoliants and makeup. Sleeping on your back is a good idea for the first night following your appointment.

Long term, you should keep the skin around your brows moisturized. It helps your brows stay healthy after getting exposed to the chemicals used in lamination. Brushing your brows with a spoolie can also help maintain a tidy look.

If you have skin conditions like rosacea or eczema, you should first talk with your healthcare provider to see if this procedure is safe for your skin. 

brow lamination aftercare tips

How long does brow lamination last?

Your brow lamination can last between four and eight weeks depending on how well you care for them. Eventually, your brows will start to look like they did before the treatment.

You can get your brows re-laminated to maintain your look. Getting this treatment multiple times can also train your brows to naturally grow in one direction.

However, you should follow your esthetician’s guidance on how frequently you can get your brows laminated. Getting them done too often can increase your risk for side effects and can weaken your brow hairs.

How much does brow lamination cost?

Brow lamination can cost between $35 and $130 depending on your salon’s location, your esthetician’s skill level, and any services you add on. 

What are some alternative brow services?

woman with brows done

Microblading, tinting, microshading, and permanent tattooing are similar services to consider depending on what you want for your brows. We’ll go over the main differences between all these services below.

Brow lamination vs. microblading

Brow lamination is achieved with creams while microblading requires incisions to deposit pigment below your skin. This service is much more invasive and microblading prices range between $90 and $540. However, it may be worth the high cost since microblading lasts up to 18 months.

Brow lamination vs. brow tinting

Brow tinting uses dyes to make your brows look fuller while lamination doesn’t use any dyes or color. It only costs between $10 and $70 and can last up to eight weeks. 

Brow lamination vs. microshading

Microshading is similar to microblading, but instead deposits color with small dots rather than strokes. An esthetician will make small incisions to deposit color like they would for microblading.

Microshading can last up to three years if you go in for touch-up appointments. This service can cost around $350 on the lower end and more than $1,000 on the high end.

Brow lamination vs. permanent tattooing

Many people confuse microblading with permanent tattooing. The main difference is that tattooing is permanent and much more difficult to remove. With tattooing, skin is more deeply penetrated compared to microblading. This puts you at risk for more side effects. Eyebrow tattoos can cost anywhere from $300 to $500.

You can get brow lamination in combination with other services, but you may need to wait between treatments depending on the healing or aftercare needed. When in doubt, ask your esthetician for their recommendations about getting multiple services in the same area.

double check with your esthetician before you book back to back brow or lash services

What can I do at home without doing a brow service?

You can use a brow pencil, brow gel, or brow wax at home if you want to shape your eyebrows without committing long-term or paying for a service.

If you spend a lot of time doing your brows or can’t seem to get the right shape, it might be time to look into a brow service. An esthetician can help perform services that’ll last while also giving you tips for caring for your brows and the skin around them. 

We don’t recommend trying DIY brow lamination at home. The procedure uses professional-grade products and requires certification. You can seriously risk damaging your eyes, brows, eyelids, and the area around your eyes.

However, you can safely get a similar look by following the soap brows trend. Soap brows last a little longer than brow gel, but not nearly as long as brow lamination.

Brow lamination is a great service if you want fuller and neater-looking brows without the high costs and risks of similar services. Any service near your eyes requires an especially experienced and talented esthetician. Do your research so you don’t leave your brows or health up to chance.

To get started, check out our community of brow artists to find someone near you.