Whether you’re utilizing the power of advertising for services or products, one thing is clear — advertising helps spread the word and results in more sales. Before you begin advertising your business, you must consider your budget. You’ll need to pay for your certificate, equipment, insurance, and decor. Based on these costs you can determine which prices to charge for your lash services. Another consideration is where your setup will be at home or in a studio? There are benefits to each such as saving money on rent at home or saving on some promotion costs your salon may cover. 

If you’re ready to see your lash business ideas skyrocket, we’re here to help with our list of must-know eyelash extension advertisement ideas. From those lash artists working solo to those flexing their skills in a beauty salon, these tricks are sure to help boost your brand awareness and get you some exciting new clients.

1. Promoting On Social

Similar to other specialties within the beauty business, promoting your lash work on social media is important. Think of your social accounts as your visual profiles. From wedding day lashes to a stunning set of mink eyelashes, social media is your time to shine.

Here are some ideas to incorporate as you work to grow your Instagram lashes business and conceptualize your content calendar. 

Young woman before and after eyelash extension procedure, closeup

Post Before-and-After Photos

For your list of eyelash extension marketing ideas, drum up some interest with before and after photos. In the eyelash business, the before and after can be especially striking. Longer lashes draw a contrast between the eye and the eyelid and make your clients’ eye shape and color stand out. They also help you show off the different types of eyelash extensions you’ve worked on in the past.

If you’re an amazing lash stylist, ask your client if you can snap a photo when they come in and one before they leave. As a bonus, it’s also a good idea to tag them on social media, to circulate through their network, and help increase your brand awareness. 

Create Videos

Wonder how to advertise your lash business in the digital age? Depending on how skilled you are with video creation, or how much time you want to spend, there are plenty of ways to use this creative outlet for promoting your lash extension business.

If your client is comfortable with it, you can take a live video while they’re receiving their eyelash extension service. You can also do a simple time-lapse with your phone to show how a set of fake eyelashes beautifully comes to life. 

Promote Lash Products

Have a lash glue you can’t get enough of or an eye makeup you love? Social media is a great place to share products you’re passionate about. The key is to keep your potential clients engaged with exciting lash business content.

Remember, you’re the expert lash artist and they’re the new client eager to learn. Your client base will appreciate you sharing makeup ideas and tips for getting those perfect lashes.

Use StyleSeat

If you utilize StyleSeat, our marketing program runs ads and promotes your profile across search engines, social media, and email campaigns to get you discovered. Think of us as your free, personalized social platform. 

2. Building Partnerships 

When it comes to eyelash extension business promotion ideas, building partnerships is a simple way to get more clients. Building a successful partnership is a mix of leveraging connections with those you already know and being brave enough to reach out to those you don’t.

When a successful collaboration happens, both you and your partner will benefit from the cross-promotion. 

Here are some tips for building a lucrative eyelash brand partnership in the beauty industry.

Know Your Eyelash Brand

Before you set out on a branded partnership, sit down with a pad of paper. Jot down what you’re interested in and what you hope to achieve from your partnerships. If you’re enthusiastic about ultra-natural lash extensions, you might want to forego partnering with a chemical-heavy lash adhesive. Incorporate your brand vision or mission statement when coming up with lash business name ideas!

Similarly, if you’re all about those fake lashes for dramatic dress up, a subdued makeup company may not be a fit. Knowing your lash brand — and what you’d like to accomplish with a collaboration — is always helpful. 

Brand Collaborations

Some partnerships can be done strictly on a product level. A mascara company may send you a product. You use it. And you both benefit from the branded collaboration with tapping into each other’s audiences. 

Influencer Marketing

You can also go the route of incorporating people into your eyelash extension advertisement ideas. A common idea for how to market your lash business is to utilize the power of influencers and content creators.

Influencers tend to have a giant following that can help you catapult your services as a lash technician. They may come in for a free lash service and then — either through a trade or paid shoot — they’ll promote your work across their social outlets.

3. Loyalty Cards

Customer loyalty cards are used across all industries. Whether you’re a coffee shop business owner or a beauty salon founder, loyalty cards are an effective way to keep your clients happy.

In the eyelash extensions business, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate these handy cards into your list of eyelash extension marketing ideas. Buy nine sets of lash extensions, get the 10th for free or purchase four sets, get the 5th of 50 percent off. 

You can opt for digital loyalty cards or actual hard cards but the point is, make your current customer feel special and give them a reason to keep coming back. 

4. Referral Promotions

In the beauty industry business, referral promotions are beneficial for both the short and the long term. Using a referral program as part of your eyelash extension promotion ideas can help to boost sales and retain customers. 

According to Disruptive Advertising, consumers are four times more likely to purchase something when referred by a friend. In fact, word of mouth marketing is believed to be behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.

If a current customer refers a family member or friend to your lash salon, thank them with a percentage off or a free service. Building a strong referral program will not only get a new client in your seat, but it will save you time and help to build your brand awareness in the community, too.

5. Local Advertising

Local ads might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to eyelash extension advertisement ideas. But these days, local ads can mean a mix of all things print and digital. Think of it this way: the further your lash business reach, the greater your potential client base. 

Reach Out to Small Businesses

If your lash salon is in a specific area of town, try targeting the local businesses first. Think of places where your target clients might go — coffee shops, hair and nail salons, boutique clothing stores?

From there, speak with the owners or store managers to see if they have a place for you to hang your ad. You can also reciprocate the favor by keeping a bulletin board in your own salon where other small business owners can showcase their stores and services. 

Do Community Outreach

Have a niece on a dance team or a cousin involved in the local schools? Attending community events to hand out flyers or business cards about your eyelash business is an old school yet authentic approach to local advertising. 

Create a Lash Business Blog

Content is essential to gaining clients organically through internet searches. Providing clients with educational resources to learn more about lash care, related posts, and your business can open the doors to new clients and promote brand awareness. Being a thought leader within the space is great for social proof and brand exposure.

Ask for Lash Extension Reviews

Your online reviews are the not-so-secret — and highly powerful — of all eyelash extension advertisement ideas. Sometimes, getting a current client to leave a positive review of their experience at your lash studio is as easy as asking.

A 5-star review can go a long way; it can encourage past clients to book again or entice a new client. At StyleSeat, we know how important reviews are. That’s why, when your appointment is over, we encourage your new client to leave a 5-star review, pre-book their next appointment, and refer you to their friends. 

Launch Press Releases

Opening a new salon or offering new services? Create a press release discussing the event and send it out to reach potential clients and spread the word.

6. Offering Giveaways or Promotions

When it comes to beauty marketing and how to promote eyelash business, everyone loves a good giveaway. The good news is, with a little bit of planning, a promotion or giveaway is pretty easy to facilitate.

  • The Prize: Before you dive into promotion, you need to choose your prize. As a lash stylist, the obvious prize is a complementary set of false eyelashes or a full lash extension. If you’re a lash tech working from multiple angles — i.e. you also do hair or nail — you can do a combo promotion (free hair cut or gel manicure with your next set of full false lashes).
  • The Timing: Once you nail down the prize, you can consider the timing. Holidays are a popular time to run promotions, just make sure your giveaway doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy season.

From giveaways to launching local ads, there are plenty of eyelash extension marketing ideas out there. The most important tip is to find the path that speaks to you and your audience and get creative from there. After all, building your brand should be an invigorating and rewarding process. 

To boost your marketing plan, make sure to set your lash business up on StyleSeat. With a one-time fee, we’ll get you your long-time lash clients.



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