Your photo gallery serves as a window into your business. Posting the right photos can help you book new clients and hold on to existing ones. But, by posting the wrong photos (or more commonly the same type of photo) you’re missing out on an opportunity to paint the full picture of your salon experience. Explore the five photos you should have in your portfolio to showcase your work, stand out as a stylist, and attract the right clients. 

Service Photos 

Many stylists fall for the photo trap — posting the same client photo, from the same angle, with the same backdrop. Your photo gallery serves as an opportunity to express yourself and your brand. Whether your specialty is hair, lashes, beards, or makeup, it’s important to switch up your direction to create a dynamic gallery and add personality to your portfolio.

Instead of the same hair photo, try different camera angles, taking mirror selfies with clients, and close-range hair shots. Using your own creativity will help you stand out as a stylist and ensure you’re not posting the same client example time and time again.

Photos of Your Space 

Before a client books with you, they want to know what kind of experience they’re signing up for. Help their decision-making process by including photos of your salon, your amenities, and the overall vibe of your environment. Adding pictures of your station, your salon chair, or the outside of your building will help clients picture themselves in your space. Whether you work at home or in a salon suite, sharing pictures of your setup helps clients feel at home before they even step into your salon.

Behind the Scenes

Just as adding photos of your space helps clients picture their beauty experience, including photos of yourself helps clients get to know you. Instead of an overly posed headshot, opt for a shot of you working in the salon. You can ask a salon buddy or use your trusty self-timer to capture yourself mixing color, styling hair, or prepping materials. Don’t stress over the quality, it doesn’t have to be a glamor shot as long as it looks professional. Plus, clients love seeing behind the scenes, adding action shots will help clients familiarize themselves with your process and picture themselves in your chair.

Product Photos 

Product photos are a great way to showcase the brands you love and break up your gallery aesthetic. As a hairstylist, you can highlight the color brand, dry shampoo, and toner you stock in the salon. As an esthetician, you can include the serums you endorse, use during service, or recommend to clients.

Plus, sharing the products you love — that you happen to carry in your salon — can increase your product sales both online and in-store.

Transformation Photos 

Who doesn’t love a good makeover? Showcase some of your best work with a before and after photo. Transformation photos help highlight your expertise and show clients they’ll walk out of the salon better than they came. Use a collage app (Instagram offers a free one) to piece together a before and after color correction, a face-framing shag, or bold lash set on your client.

Need help capturing your photos? Explore three simple ways to elevate your photos — that won’t break the bank.

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