You have scrolled through your social media feed and came across a hairstyle that is perfect for you. After lots of thinking, research, and a few text messages with your friends about their thoughts, you finally landed on a stylist or maybe even clicked the “Confirm your appointment” button. But before you sit in their chair or have them start on your new look, ask your StyleSeat Pro these consultation questions to determine if this new look is the best fit for you.

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Does this style align with my hair goals?

We all have hair goals. We even say “hashtag” before we talk about them. Before  committing to a new look, evaluate the current state of your hair. Are you experiencing damage or breakage? When asking yourself that question, please be honest. If this is the case, services such as hair coloring would not be the best because further damage can occur to your hair. Are you seeking a hair growth journey? If you are experiencing hair damage, you may need a big chop or a trimming service for a fresh start. Need a break from styling your hair? No big deal,  consider protective styles like braids, twists, ponytails, or buns to  avoid relying on daily styling.

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What is the maintenance routine?

Maintenance will determine the duration of your hairstyle and the proper care in between visits with your stylist. Some typical night-time maintenance routines will include re-twisting or re-braiding, setting hair in curlers, pineappling/ponytails while sleeping with satin bonnets or pillowcases. But it does not limit to night-time maintenance. Be sure to ask your stylist how to keep up with your hairstyle during fitness activities, including swimming, or when exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. You may have to use a headband or swim cap during these activities.

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What products are needed to maintain?

Shopping for hair products can be an enjoyable experience but can quickly turn into a frustrating one if you’re unsure of what you’ll need. After your service, you will need products to help with maintaining the style. If you have received a color service, shampoos and conditioners ensure your hair will remain moisturized. You may also need to seek products that will keep the color from fading quickly. Styling products may be on your radar for short haircuts to keep up your fun look. Styling tools such as combs, brushes, dryers, or diffusers may be needed to maintain your new look. You don’t have to begin the search yourself. Be sure to ask your stylist for recommendations. They will have suggestions based on your texture and the completed service. Some stylists may have the products for sale in the salon for convenience.

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How often do I need to come back to the pro for styling or maintenance?

When you book your appointment for your new look, you shouldn’t expect that to be the first and last time you’ll see your pro. With cutting and coloring services, it’s normal to make appointments from anywhere between every two weeks to every month if you want your style to look the way you first got it. These appointments should be kept in mind when deciding on a new look because you will have to budget the additional visits to the salon.

So the next time you’re making an appointment with your stylist, add these questions to your list. Not only will it alleviate any anxiety of what to expect with your new look, but it will also be a great way to start a conversation with your stylist and even build a positive client and pro relationship. You may leave the chair with a new look and a new style-friend.

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