Ready to be shocked? Losing clients can actually be a good thing.

If a client decides to leave you and they explain why they are unsatisfied, that’s useful feedback you can use to improve your business and your marketing plan to attract a new client base. Through implementing this feedback, your potential new clients as well as existing clients will gain a better experience and help with your customer retention.

  • Maybe they feel undervalued — time to improve your client experience.
  • Maybe they wish you were more up-to-date with trends — time to do some research or take some classes.

But what are you supposed to do when you’re losing clients and you don’t know why?

If you want clients to stick around, you need to understand why some of them are unhappy and what you can do to fix it.

Here are ten common reasons clients decide to leave their professionals.


Sometimes clients move and it’s no longer convenient for them to visit you. Great – you didn’t do anything wrong in this situation. BUT, if you find out a client moved and they didn’t give you a heads up, that’s a big sign you aren’t communicating properly. Update your salon website to include social media links. Send email blasts to clients during holidays. Little things like this help keep your salon customers feeling connected and appreciated.


Life happens. Some clients need to cut back on spending and they may not be able to afford you anymore. Guess what, this one isn’t your fault either. Remember, you’re running a business. It’s ok to occasionally offer discounts to clients like this, but overall stick to your prices. Here are a few tips for dealing with clients who say you charge too much.


Alright, this one is definitely on you. If clients don’t feel valued, they will leave you.

  • Do you offer a loyalty program?
  • Do you ever send out special offers to your loyal client base?
  • You should make clients feel like VIPs by sending automated booking confirmations, appointment reminders, thank you notes, and special offers.
  • All of which can be handled with an app like StyleSeat.


Well, this is embarrassing… Have you noticed a steady decline in clients? Cleanliness is huge especially to beauty clients. Time to take a look around.

  • Are your tools cleaned regularly?
  • Is the floor clean?
  • Are the bathrooms clean?
  • This matters to clients and they will spread the word if they feel like your salon is unsanitary.


Are you up-to-date with trends? If a client requests a new technique or style, are you prepared to offer it? It’s important to stay current with your industry. If a client feels like you can’t keep up, they may move on. to another hairdresser/stylist that can offer what they’re looking for. If a beauty client sees a beauty service offered by another beauty professional that isn’t offered at your establishment, they may book with another beauty salon that offers the service. The world of hair and beauty is ever evolving, and if you’re not keeping up; the industry and your client base will move on without you.


Clients get beauty services to feel relaxed and refreshed. If your salon is chaotic or stressful, they will leave you. Play low-key music, offer beverages and free wifi, make the necessary changes to make sure each client has an amazing experience.


Clients want to be respected, listened to, and treated like individuals.

  • Do you remember their birthdays?
  • Do you remember their favorite products or if they are allergic to any?
  • StyleSeat offers a “client notes” tool that allows you to keep track of important information like this.
  • Remembering something small from your previous conversation can really make a lasting impression on a client.


Client communication is key! If a client walks out that door and they never hear from you again, you are basically telling them, “I don’t care if you ever come back.” Before they leave, you should be locking in that next appointment. A few weeks after their visit, they should get an email reminder to book again.

Talk to your clients through social media, offer tips, tricks and products to sustain their fresh haircut or treatment. Engage regular clients in small giveaways with beauty products or salon gift cards. Update your customers with beauty brand reviews and new beauty industry standards to keep them in the loop of what’s in trend. When your regular customer base is engaged and feel cared for, they will become your loyal customer base.


Times are changing. Clients expect to do almost everything online now. They shop online, they make dinner reservations online, they even make doctors appointments online. Why should they still have to call you on the phone? Salon marketing is extremely important as potential clients want to see what you can offer before coming in. Create an online portfolio of looks through social media sites like facebook or on your own salon website to ensure customers can find you


Ready for the number one reason clients leave? They don’t feel inspired. You are the expert, you know what is going to make them look and feel great. It’s ok to suggest some highlights, a smoothing treatment, or some brow shaping. If you’ve taken the time to really listen to your clients’ needs, you can offer them valuable suggestions they will get excited about.

See how StyleSeat can improve the way you run your business here.

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