Prime Your Eyes

Apply eyeliner and mascara before putting on false lashes. The eyeliner will give you a sort of runway to lay the lash down on. The mascara will make it easy for the false lashes to stick to your natural lashes. It’s also a good idea to curl your natural lashes so they’re perky and ready to boost the false ones. 

Find the Right Lash for You

Fake lashes are not one-size-fits all. Do some research to determine which lash shape and size works best for your unique eye (here’s a cool guide.)

Once you have your lashes, hold them close to your eye. If they are too long (meaning the band of the lashes goes beyond where your eye does) feel free to trim them a bit. When trimming, always cut from the band down (the part that glues to your eyelid) rather than cutting from the lashes down. Doing it this way will make sure that you are cutting away band length instead of lash volume.  Also NEVER try to do this step once you’ve applied the lash to your eye. You don’t want to accidentally cut your natural lashes in the process. 

Glue Gracefully

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that no one wants to glue their eyes shut, so be careful with this step. Instead of applying lash glue directly to your falsie, dab it on a Q-tip first. Then blot the glue from the Q-tip to the lash starting from the middle and working to each side. This is a good way to prevent glops of glue sticking to the lash instead of the band. 

Wait for about 30 seconds between applying the glue and sticking the lash to your eyelid, that way the glue is tacky instead of runny. Some experts even suggest applying another coat of glue to the lash line itself so that you get double the sticking power. 

Keep your eyes open through this process to avoid total eclipse of your eyeball. 

Placement is Key

When applying your gluey lash, don’t stick it right in the corner of your eye. This could cause irritation and will make your lashes really uncomfortable. Lay your false lash down right where your natural lashes start getting thick, usually this is a centimeter or so from the inner corner of your eye. Gently lay down the lash and use your pinky finger or a Q-tip to pat it in place. 

Finish Up

Once you’ve applied your lashes and let the glue dry, you’re ready for the finishing flourishes. Use your fingers or an eyelash curler tool to zhoosh your lashes up. Then finish it all with a swipe of mascara. Keep in mind though, once you put mascara on false eyelashes you should avoid using them again so that you don’t put old, dry, potentially bacteria-laden makeup into your eyes. 

If you need someone to walk you through at-home lashes further, schedule a virtual consultation with one of the many beauty pros on StyleSeat.