Yak the Barber’s journey began in his youth, driven by a preference of not constantly switching barbers. He found solace in having his hair cut by his aunt, a professional in the industry. “It was nice just being able to have someone to rely on and you know that they keep not only track of your hair, but the things that you say to them and what’s going on in your life,” shares Yak. “I had really enjoyed that personality part of cutting hair on top of, being able to make people feel better and that had really just kind of inspired me to want to follow the path a little.”

Fresh out of barber school, Yak was on the lookout for tools to help him manage his budding business. Among the many booking apps available, StyleSeat stood out. “When I saw that StyleSeat had a New Client Connection feature, that was huge to me. Not only because it’s awesome that it helps build your portfolio, but since you’re already investing in an app for so many different features, it’s nice to see that the app reinvest into the pros as well,” he explains. Embracing StyleSeat, Yak’s business began to flourish, and he became a StyleSeat Pro.

Now, with six years of experience, Yak has earned a 5-star rating and over 700 rave reviews from clients. One client review says it all: “Not only the greatest haircuts I have ever had, but some of the greatest conversations as well!” So, what’s Yak’s secret to providing the best client experiences?

Use Your Calendar for Engaging Conversations

Yak the Barber suggests for Pros to use your calendar to help with starting conversations and building a long lasting relationship. Track your client’s last appointment and see if they have future ones booked and use those appointments as a great conversation starter.

Quick & Easy Checkouts with Tap to Pay

Yak enjoys how Tap to Pay makes his client checkouts super easy. Giving your clients more ways to pay helps with providing an elevated client experience during their appointment, by providing a smooth checkout. “It even adds a bit of pizzazz at the end of the checkout too and the clients love it,” says Yak.

Giving Clients My All 

Yak shares that he has received many pieces of advice during barber school, including business practices and client relationships. “Any time a client is in my chair, they have my whole undivided attention. I find that’s the best way I can elevate an experience for anyone,” says Yak the Barber.

He believes in going the extra mile to keep clients coming back. “I find that what you do beyond that is what separates how long a client wants to retain their clientship with you, whether it be sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday bringing some donuts in for the early people whether it be maintaining a clean environment and making sure every time you go to line a client up. You keep the razor in front of them and you load it just to make sure it’s as clean as can be and I find taking little steps like that are what really sets you apart from the last Barber or Barbers that somebody has seen.”

As a barbershop owner, Yak the Barber measures his success not by his own busy schedule but by the success of the barbers around him. “I think now as a barber shop owner, I measure my success not in how busy my schedule is, but how busy The Barbers are that work around me are. And so I think that on any given day a good day to me is seeing that I’m able to provide a space for other people to build their businesses,” he expresses. “So if that’s what I could be known for and if I could be a part of aiding and education and building people up to do not only this career but to live a life that they want in pursuing this career, that would be the world to me.”

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