Over the years, haircut trends can magically morph and what’s cool one year may not be too hip the next. Thankfully, there are those tried and true, timeless yet trendy, types of male haircuts that will always be in style. 

Whether it’s a classy fade pompadour or an edgy top knot you’re into, we have you covered for your next new cut! We have options for straight hair or curly hair, regardless of its length– short hair, long hair, or even medium length hair. Find the best haircut, and, when you’re ready, be sure to book your haircut online with StyleSeat. Keep reading for some of the freshest types of male haircuts that are sure to keep you looking — and feeling — fresh in 2021.

1. Textured crop

The textured crop is one of those types of male haircuts that can be customized to suit your tastes. Looking for a long fringe near the forehead or a fade on the back and sides? This is your cut (simply gather some images then consult with your stylist to fine-tune exactly what you want). 

2. Fade Pompadour

The fade pompadour is one of our favorite different types of haircuts for men. This men’s haircut features short sides, almost shaved sides, with a signature slicked-back look on top. Consider it vintage meets modern with a little extra flair for creativity. 

3. Undercut hairstyle

The undercut is one of those forever-famous types of haircuts for men. It’s a short hair to medium-length style that leaves the hair long on top while buzzing the front and sides. This is a good style if you’re looking for a cut that can be done on both short and long hair.  

4. Quiff 

When it comes to types of male haircuts, no list would be complete without the quintessential quiff. This cut originated in the 1950s and has since taken on a modern look that’s suitable for everything from fancy parties to casual park dates. The big bonus about the quiff haircut is that you can use a product to style it or forego the product and get a nice naturally messy look instead.

5. Mid fade

Looking for something edgy and unique that still boasts that timeless feel? The mid fade, or medium fade, starts in the middle of the sides of the head, giving it a cool look with minimal maintenance required.

6. Caesar cut

The Caesar haircut is a short men’s hairstyle with horizontally cut bangs. It’s a unique cut that’s also one of the oldest in history. Due to its popularity in the modern world, you can rest assured that this is one of the different types of haircuts for men that will never go out of style. It’s also a great cut for men with thinning hair.

7. Man bun

The man bun is one of those men’s hairstyle choices we’ll always admire for its ease and appeal. Simply pull your hair into a bun and voila, you’re instantly stylish. Though it may go without saying, this is a men’s hair choice that’s particularly suitable for longer hair. And of course, it’s a good style to pair with some expertly grown facial hair like a beard or mustache.

8. Top knot

If you’re intrigued by the man bun but looking for something a little different, you can also go the route of the top knot. Whether you buzz the sides super short and keep it long on top, or go long all around, this is an easy, trendy style to take part in.

9. Spiky hair

Spiky hair may go through waves of popularity, but it never goes out of style. Spikes are stylish and trendy and when they aren’t sticking straight up with gel, they tend to have a relaxed yet refined texture and appearance.

10. Side part

Similar to the comb-over, the side part is one of the more simple types of male haircuts, yet it packs a powerful punch. Often, the part is placed where your hair naturally parts, which gives it a relaxed and mellow appeal. The side part also looks great on different hair types such as wavy hair or straight hair. 

11. Fringe haircut

From short and choppy to angular, there are a variety of fringe haircuts to choose from if this is the style you’re interested in. The fringe haircut — sometimes referred to as men’s bangs — styles the hair over the hairline and covers part of the forehead. We like to think of it as dreamy and trendy all at the same time.

12. Buzzcut

When you’re searching for different types of haircuts for men that never go out of style, it’s hard to beat the buzz cut. It’s easy to create and easy to maintain. It’s also the safest look to go for if you’re wondering how to deal with a bad haircut! You can choose to do it yourself at home with a clipper set or you can pop into your hair salon for a quick cut from your stylist. Our favorite part? Getting ready when you have a buzzcut is a total cinch. 

13. Comb-over

The comb-over is a great style for those who are balding as your receding hairline can be effortlessly worked into the style. But it’s a good pick for those with thick hair, too. It’s a great style for adding volume with a product (without too much effort or fuss). Keep a comb on hand and you’ll be able to instantly freshen up your cut when necessary. 

14. Fade haircut

A fade men’s haircut is one of the most popular types of male haircuts. It’s a shorter type of taper that blends (or fades) into the skin, making it both trendy and timeless. It’s the perfect choice for those interested in having some length all around — on the top, the sides, and the back. Don’t forget to tip your stylist if you chose this cut, as it definitely takes some precision! Read our post about how much to tip for a haircut for more details. 

15. Crew cut

The crew cut is one of the most practical types of haircut for men. This cut keeps the sides and back faded and short while allowing a little more length on top. What’s great about the beloved crew cut is that you don’t need to use a product to style it and keep it looking tidy. Instead, this short haircut is effortless to maintain and it looks good on virtually every face shape. 

16. Taper fade

With a taper fade, the stylist starts with the longer hair on the back then gradually works to taper the hair to a shorter length down the sides of the head. Similar to a fade haircut, this is one of the types of male haircuts that will always be a classic.

17. Short textured

The short textured haircut can be worn slicked back with styling product or product-free and messy. Either way, it’s a great option if you’re looking for something cool and classic with minimal effort. To get the sides short and the overall style looking even cleaner, as your barber for a high fade to go along with it.

18. Curly hair

If you have it, embrace it, because curly hair is a timeless treasure. Some guys keep their curls long, while others choose to go short. The best part about embracing your curly cut is that when you let it do its own thing, it shines.

19. French crop

The french crop cut is similar to both a caesar cut and a crew cut. It is longer on the top with short sides. This style also looks good with both a high fade and a low fade. The choice is yours depending on your face shape and preferred style.

20. Bowl cut

The bowl cut is a classic long hairstyle look. Imagine a bowl placed on top of the head where the front, side, and back are all cut to the same length. The modern version of this style however has a less dramatic undercut and a more natural fade all around.

21. Box Braids

If you want to incorporate some sort of a braid hairstyle, box braids are the way to go. These are versatile because you can select the thickness and length of the box braid to fit your preference.

22. Blowouts

Blowout hairstyle is great for men with a straighter hair type. It’s suited for short hairstyles or longer hair as well. It’s a style that looks wind-blown and will leave you going out with a bang.

Tips to Remember at the Barber Shop

Brainstorming about types of male haircuts is fun, but it’s a better task to do before you venture to the barbershop. Here are some tips to remember before your next cut. Being prepared helps to decrease the chances of a bad cut at the salon.

Know what you want

Although it can be tempting to arrive at the barbershop with the hope that your stylist will figure it out for you, it’s always a good idea to have a vague plan for what you want. Sure, there are those serendipitous times when you’ll have no clue at all and the stylist will work their magic flawlessly. But, there are other times when you’ll end up with something you’re less than thrilled about. It’s also important to get haircuts regularly to maintain your preferred hairstyle. And if you aren’t sure how often to get them, check out our blog on how often you should get a haircut.

Bring in a picture

Have something super specific in mind? From a classic crew cut to a taper fade hairstyle, try to find an image that’s similar to the mens haircut style you want. In the end, this will always be helpful for your stylist and it will ensure you get closer to that result you’re looking for. 

Get familiar with your hair

Maybe you have a cowlick that goes in a different direction and has a mind of its own or perhaps your hair breaks easily or grows fast. Getting to know your hair can be very helpful when it comes time to sit down at the stylist’s seat.

Ask about products

Whether it’s sea salt to craft those perfect waves or a shiny styling hair gel to keep your hair extra slick, hair care products can make all the difference. If you’re somewhat new to the ins and outs of hairstyling, don’t be shy to ask your stylist what they recommend. Chances are, they’ll make some stellar suggestions.

So, whether you’re opting for a taper fade or a classic crew cut, we hope this list inspires you to get out there and try something new with your ‘do. We’ve also written about the most popular types of haircuts for women if you’re interested in a longer hairstyle. When you’re ready to book an appointment, make sure to browse through our list of professionals on StyleSeat. Between man buns, buzzes, and mohawks, they’ve seen it all and they’re here to help.

From all of us at StyleSeat, wishing you the best of luck as you fine-tune your 2021 hairstyle vision for the rest of the year ahead.

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