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While studying pre-secondary education, Nick Da Barber noticed budget cuts were occurring in his city, eliminating the roles of teachers in the school district. “I didn’t want to get stressed out by trying to figure out if my job security would be there or not,” says Nick. With just four classes left to finish his degree, he pivoted and enrolled in barber school. “I just told myself, you can’t fire yourself,” he adds. 

Eleven years later, Nick is a successful barber and StyleSeat professional from Cincinnati, OH. He also recently won the 2023 Stylies Award for Brand Champion.

Nick is always on the move as a barber and entrepreneur, allowing the calendar to be one of his favorite StyleSeat features. “I love being able to manage the schedule. It’s very important because I have other businesses that I own and run. I have two clothing apparel lines that I own at the moment, so I’m kind of busy with doing prints and taking care of the stuff on my other businesses,” he explains. He also utilizes the email marketing tool to send email blasts to his clients to let them know when he will not be available so they can book their appointments. 

Nick’s passion for barbering and entrepreneurship shines through his words. While reflecting on his journey, he expressed, “I’ve accomplished more than some people who have been in the industry for over 20 years in a short amount of time.” He spoke pridefully about his diverse clientele, from NFL players to comedians and actors.

What’s his advice for new barbers just starting their careers? “Don’t get caught up in the social media hype. Work on building your brand, learning your techniques, and getting that down,” he suggests.

As Nick plans his legacy, he has community in mind. “I’m trying to retire in about four years, but not necessarily retire. I’m probably just going to relocate to another city and open a strip mall.” He outlined his vision for a comprehensive lifestyle center, including a barbershop, hair salon, nail salon, restaurant, and daycare.

“I’m trying to get to that point where I can open up one big facility… and just say that I did it on a big scale.” Indeed, Nick is a barber and a visionary entrepreneur, setting the bar high for those in his field.

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