New year, new you, new skincare routines! Maybe your current skincare routine is an extensive seven-step process recommended by estheticians that specialize in skin, or it’s occasionally remembering to wash your face with whatever soap you have on hand. Whatever your ritual, the new year presents a perfect chance to add something special to your daily routine. 

To level up your skincare game, we’ve got nine skincare tools we recommend trying in 2022. Whether you’re looking to tone, calm, cleanse, tighten, or brighten your skin, these tools can help. 

We’re even including some tips for how to best use them, so you’ll be an expert in no time. Your 2022 skin revolution starts right now. 

1. Gua Sha

Two words: Gua Sha. In Mandarin, “gua” is any tool used to scrape the skin, and “sha” refers to the redness that appears from the scraping. Dating back to the Ming Dynasty about 700 years ago, it’s hardly a new skin care technique, but thanks to TikTok’s #skintok, it’s now one of the best facial tools around. 

Before learning how to use a Gua Sha, it’s important to know what it is and how it functions. A Gua Sha stone is a flat beauty tool used to massage the face and is typically made of semi-precious stone. The most common ones are made from rose quartz or jade, but they can also be made from other stones or even stainless steel.

This beauty tool is known for helping to “sculpt” your face, specifically your jawline and cheekbones, giving both a more defined look. But it can also be used on your: 

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Spine
  • Eyes 
  • Forehead
  • Brows

A Gua Sha stone also promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps reduce puffiness, swollen skin, acne, other skin problems, and even fatigue! The results? Brighter skin and less noticeable fine lines and dark circles. 

2. Face Rollers

Another one of the best skincare tools around are face rollers, which gently massage the face, again promoting lymphatic drainage. They also help your skin care products penetrate your skin more deeply. You can even use it over your favorite sheet mask for maximum absorbency.

You may be wondering, what is the difference between a Gua Sha vs. jade roller and how do they compare? Like a Gua Sha, facial rollers can be made from different materials, and each material offers different benefits. 

  • Rose quartz – Known to help with constant blood circulation, a rose quartz facial roller can help with de-puffing, toning, and increasing collagen production. It’s also best for sensitive skin because the stone is so smooth. 
  • Obsidian stone – With regular use of one of the most intense crystals around, the toxic imbalances in your skin will be released. Obsidian is the best roller to use with healing face products and encourages deeper absorption. 
  • Amethyst – This crystal is known for promoting clarity and relieving stress. In skincare terms, that means it can help soothe inflammation associated with acne. 
  • Cold rolling – Okay, so this one isn’t really a different material, but rather a different technique. You can put your roller in the freezer for a few minutes before use. The coolness will help constrict blood vessels, ultimately reducing redness. Plus, the cold treatment can be an invigorating addition to your morning ritual.

3. Facial Sculpting Bar

Facial sculpting bars are also popular today. Like the Gua Sha and facial rollers, these skin tools massage your skin and sculpt your face, creating smoother skin for easier makeup application. 

The difference? Vibrations. Sculpting bars gently pulse as you massage your skin, helping to tighten, tone, and reduce the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles. 

All you do is turn it on and move it across your neck and face in an upward motion. For optimal results, try doing it for 10-15 minutes every day. 

4. Facial Massager

Similar to a sculpting bar, facial massagers also emit gentle pulsations, which help to increase blood flow. In turn, this decreases puffiness and improves circulation. Increased circulation produces more collagen and elastin, leaving you with tighter skin. Facial massagers also relax the muscles that often lead to stress lines. 

Then there are facial massagers made specifically for your under-eye area, which help minimize dark circles and crow’s feet. This lymphatic facial massage tool is also perfect for the morning after a long night out or a good cry because it helps depuff your eyes. 

5. High Frequency Wands

High frequency facial wands help kill bacteria and increase circulation by using small currents to oxygenate the skin –– oxygen kills pimple-causing bacteria and better circulation stimulates collagen.

There are two different high frequency electrodes, and you should look for whatever one achieves your desired results. The different types are of electrodes are: 

  • Argon gas – best for acne or oily skin. 
  • Neon gas – best for anti-aging benefits. 

Before you use a high frequency wand at home or get a high frequency facial at a spa, just make sure to avoid retinoids and harsh exfoliants the week before as both will make your skin more sensitive. 

6. LED Light Therapy

Another high-tech skincare option is LED light therapy. This kind of skincare innovation is sometimes confused with high frequency — the difference is that high frequency penetrates into the skin with low-level electricity, while LED therapy uses light to kill bacteria on the surface of the skin. 

LED, which stands for light-emitting diode, emits specific wavelengths of light that promote cell renewal. To add to the confusion with high frequency, there are two types of LED therapy:

  • Red light is better for anti-aging benefits 
  • Blue light is better for treating acne.

There are a couple different types of light therapy devices out there: full masks and handheld wands. Masks are wearable devices that emit light over your whole face at once, while handheld devices can be used to more specifically target trouble areas. They’re also smaller and more portable, but the technology is the same in both, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. 

7. Facial Steamers

Back in the day, if you wanted to steam your face, you’d have to hold your face over a bowl of hot water or lay down with a hot, damp towel over your face. Now, we have facial steamers, which create a stronger stream of steam (and an instant spa experience). 

Facial steaming achieves the following: 

  • Warms up the skin to make it more receptive to skin care products
  • Increases perspiration to help remove toxins 
  • Softens debris in pores for easier extraction
  • Enhances circulation
  • Increases relaxation

When doing this at home, make sure to be cautious. Steam burns are real, and they can hurt. You should also take care to not to oversteam, as that can increase redness and sensitivity in your skin. As long as you’re careful, though, facial steamers are a fantastic tool. 

8. Microdermabrasion Kits

Microdermabrasion used to only be available in dermatologist offices, but now there are at-home microdermabrasion kits, meaning you can do it on your own, too. 

But what is microdermabrasion, and what does it do? 

Microdermabrasion uses a mildly abrasive tool to remove the top layer of your skin. This helps exfoliate, fade scars or dark spots, reduce signs of aging, and one and smooth your skin. 
If you have sensitive skin though, you’ll want to steer clear of this method as it can make existing skin problems worse for people with skin that reddens easily.

9. Facial Exfoliating Brush

If microdermabrasion is too much for your skin to handle, you can always try a facial exfoliating brush. They aren’t new to the skin care market, per se, but they remain popular because they work well! 

Facial exfoliating brushes are handheld devices with a brush or bristle head that rotates or moves back and forth. The repetitive movements help exfoliate while also giving your pores a deep cleanse. 

The frequency of which you use an exfoliating brush varies depending on your skin type. 

  • Normal skin – For normal skin — meaning not too dry or too oily — you can probably use an exfoliating brush every other day. If your skin isn’t sensitive, you might even be able to use it every day.
  • Oily skin – If you have oilier skin, you might be able to use an exfoliating brush every day. This is because the oil prevents skin from over-drying. 
  • Dry skin – If you’re someone with dry skin, you’re going to want to limit your exfoliating treatments –– once or twice a week at most. Be sure to moisturize as well, since exfoliating can have a drying effect. 

Give it a try, but be sure to be diligent about cleaning your brush so you’re not spreading bacteria and making any skin problems worse. 

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