Switching up your hair color is a great way to mix up your look and express yourself. Or maybe your hair color didn’t come out quite how you wanted it or you’re looking for a way to reduce hair color costs. This might leave you wondering, “How much does it cost to tone hair instead?”

The average cost of a toning service is $63 in the United States, though it ranges from $12-$93, according to our internal data. In this post, we’ll cover why the prices for toning your hair might differ and when you should give it a try.

How much does it cost to tone hair?

Hair toning prices can vary. Here are the average prices for toning services by state according to our internal data. Some states may have been excluded from our calculations due to a lack of data.

StateAverage Price

Hair toning can be a great lower-cost option compared to other hair coloring services. Check out the chart below to see how much a toning service could save you at your next salon visit.

Chart displaying the average cost of hair dyeing services.

What is hair toner?

Hair toner is essentially a weak dye that’s used to counteract and color correct unwanted tones. In most cases, toner is used to correct brassy tones in bleached hair. When you’re looking at a color wheel, colors on opposite sides of the wheel counteract each other. Most toners are blue or purple because this shade counteracts orange tones.

You can use hair toner on any hair color, though results are most dramatic on blonde hair. Toner is much more forgiving than dyeing your hair, so it’s great if you want to make subtle changes to your natural color or give your dye a refresh.

Images comparing the differences between hair toning versus hair dyeing.

When should I use hair toner?

Toner works in any situation where you’d like to make a slight change to the tone of your hair. It won’t have any dramatic effects on your color, but a good toning session can really save you if you’ve botched your box dye attempt.

Toner is a great way to save money on color maintenance and is a common step for color correction, too. Any time your hair is looking a bit orange or needs a little refresh but you’re not ready for the full foils, toner is a suitable option.

You might be wondering if there are situations where you shouldn’t tone your hair. As long as the toner is ammonia-free, you can tone with abandon. If the toner contains ammonia, however, then make sure your hair has some time to recover from the last time you bleached or dyed it. 

We recommend waiting at least two weeks to tone your hair in this case, which will reduce damage and the risk of over-processing. Depending on what brand you’re using, you might be able to use a purple shampoo to tone your hair in the meantime. Be sure to research the product first if you’re trying this, as some toning shampoos can be too harsh for freshly processed hair.

Hair toner before and after

Still not sure what toner actually does for hair? Check out this example of how toner is used most often to correct brassy tones in blonde hair.

Before and after images comparing results of hair toner.

How should I charge for hair toner as a stylist?

There are many different ways stylists charge for toner, depending on your clientele, experience, and the reason why you’re toning a client’s hair. For example, if your client needs toner after you’re made a mistake on their color, it might be best to offer a discount or comp the service.

Some stylists set prices for each service and charge à la carte. This means that each client is charged differently depending on their hair. For example, highlights might cost $150 for one client, while another client who needs toner might be charged $190 at the same salon. 

Other stylists prefer to simplify their services and charge a flat fee, including any extras like gloss or toner. There’s no right way to charge for your services, so go with whatever works best for you and your clients.

Hair toner cost FAQ

What is hair toner used for?

Hair toner is used to slightly correct the tone of hair. You can use toner on bleached, dyed, or natural hair for a refresh to your look.

How does hair toner work?

Hair toner uses color theory to neutralize your hair color. It’s usually a purple- or blue-toned treatment, which cancels out unwanted warm tones in hair.

How long does toning your hair last?

Hair toner typically lasts two to six weeks. The longevity of your toner depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of toning product you’re using
  • If you’re toning at home or in a salon
  • How often you wash your hair
  • Your hair’s original color

In general, salon toning lasts longer than at-home toning. Your stylist might also include perks like a deep conditioning or gloss treatment in your service.

Is toner damaging to hair?

Depending on the type, toner can damage hair. Some toners work similarly to semi-permanent dye and only coat the hair, which is the least damaging type. Others have ammonia, which allows the toner to enter the hair cuticle and last longer. Toners with ammonia are more damaging than other types.

Can I just get my hair toned?

Yes, you can book a service for hair toning only. Anyone can use a toner on their hair to give their look a bit of a refresh. If you’re not sure whether toner can help you achieve your desired result, book a hair consultation for a professional opinion.

When you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive and quick way to change up your look, toning is a great option for any hair type or color. How much hair toning costs can vary, but it’s always going to be less expensive than other coloring services. When you want a quick refresh, book an appointment to see how toner can give your locks new life.

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