Ready for a bright, bubbly, and blonde moment? There is no better time than now to go big and blonde. There are a variety of blonde shades to try out, giving every skin tone and hair type options for lightened hair. But how much does it cost to go blonde?

Average salon price to go blonde: $139  

Not only will we dive into more average costs of going blonde, but other factors and processes to consider before booking a professional hair appointment to achieve your desired golden hues. 

Average Prices for Going Blonde Around the United States

Average Cost$139

How much does it cost to go blonde at a salon? 

The cost of going blonde, also known as “bleach and tone,” at a salon will depend on several factors, including salon location, your hairstylist’s level of experience, how dark your current hair color is, and how well your hair color lifts. Some salons don’t include the price of a haircut in their hair coloring prices. It’s also important to note that it could take multiple sessions to achieve a full blonde look, depending on your starting hair color.

We found the average cost of one session of bleach and tone in the United States is $139

If you’re looking to just add blonde highlights to your hair, the average cost is $96

Disclaimer: These average costs are the result of averaging available proprietary data from several states. For more accurate costs, it’s best to consult your hairstylist on their pricing

4 steps to take before going blonde

chart of nine color shades of blonde hair

Going full blonde is a commitment, and doing a bit of research and pre-care before your appointment can help make the process as seamless as possible. Follow these steps below before heading to the salon for your blonde transformation. 

Avoid washing your hair prior to appointment

Avoid washing your hair for at least one to two days before your appointment. This will allow your scalp to produce natural oils that will help protect your hair from damage from bleach. 

Apply a deep conditioning hair treatment

Apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair at least a week before your appointment. This will not only nourish your hair, but help minimize dryness from the bleaching product. Deep conditioning treatments are ideal whenever your hair feels like it needs some extra nourishment and TLC. 

Hair masks and deep conditioning treatments can cost between $10 and $60+

Decide between highlights vs. single process

You have two options when going blonde: single process or highlights. An all-over color wash is a single process. With this method, each hair strand is colored evenly. This method works best for those who want to fully change their hair color or cover up any gray. 

On the other hand, highlights make the color appear more natural while providing dimension and contrast. With highlights, only some sections of hair are chosen to be lightened. This is either done with foil or freehand balayage. The hand-painting highlighting method, balayage, creates a more natural appearance by adding a subtle dimension to your hair than conventional highlights.

A single process gives a more one-dimensional wash to the hair, whereas highlights can add a lot of new dimension and contrast to your hair. Highlights can last up to two to three months, whereas a single process needs to be touched up every four to eight weeks to avoid stark rooting. 

Root touch-ups can cost between $50 and $75, depending on how long you let your hair grow out. 

Consider your skin tone

Consider your skin tone when choosing your blonde hair color if you’re undecided. Ashy, pearlescent colors are typically more flattering on those with lighter or cooler skin tones, while more golden hues look stunning on people with warmer skin tones.

Dyeing your hair blonde at a salon vs. at home

The process of dyeing your hair blonde can be tedious and isn’t as simple as dyeing your hair a darker shade or adding a few bleached highlights. Bleaching and toning your hair can be a dangerous task, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about how bleach works on your hair type and the right products to use. 

If you care about the health of your hair and getting the best results, it’s best to have your hair professionally done at a salon with an experienced hairstylist. Do your research on local salons with hairstylists who specialize in blonding. These experts will know exactly which type of blonde you can achieve with your starting hair color and texture. 

Dyeing damaged hair 

a list of tips for damaged hair recovery with an image of a woman using a leave-in hair treatment

The health of your hair is crucial for the best bleaching results. If your hair is fairly damaged from past coloring or bleaching, the harsh chemicals can deteriorate your hair shafts and cause severe breakage.  

If your hair is damaged, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t bleach your hair and go blonde. Discuss with your hairstylist what products and techniques you can use to repair your hair before your appointment. Your stylist will be the expert on assessing your hair integrity and whether or not it’s safe to bleach and tone your hair

Bleaching your hair platinum blonde

middle-aged woman with mid-length platinum blonde hair

Bleaching your hair platinum blonde can be a cool change to your hair and can be quite a statement look. However, it requires serious effort to reach those desired icy hues. To get platinum blonde, your hairstylist will need to do a double process, also known as a bleach and tone. 

Professional hair bleaching costs between $150 and $400

Here are some things to keep in mind when going platinum blonde:   

  • Avoid washing your hair the day before: You don’t want to irritate your scalp before bleach is applied. If you can, avoid washing your hair with shampoo a couple days prior to your appointment to allow your natural oils to coat your hair and scalp. 
  • Be honest about your hair history: Your hairstylist needs to know what you’ve done with your hair, professionally and at home, before bleaching your hair. Color that’s already in your hair affects the bleach processing and procedure, especially at-home box dye, which can contain harmful ingredients that can deteriorate your hair quality. 
  • Switch up your hair regimen: Avoid using products that have sulfates and drying ingredients to keep your hair color from fading and warping. Your hairstylist will likely recommend a toning shampoo or conditioner to maintain your hair tone. 

Tips for going from brunette to blonde

Going from brunette to blonde hair is no easy feat, but can be a dramatic transformation when done right. If you’re considering this daring change, the tips below will help make the process run smoother. 

  • Keep your hair in good condition: Your hair needs to be in excellent condition if you want to go from brunette to blonde. The healthier your hair is, the better the end results will be. If you can, wait until your hair is fully recovered before going blonde if it’s damaged and dry. Investing in high-quality hair treatments will serve you well in the long run. 
  • Choose your desired shade: There are numerous shades of blonde to choose from, each with its own unique appearance. Before going to a hair salon, narrow down your top choices. Bring pictures for your hairstylist to reference. If you’re not sure of the ideal shade, ask your hairstylist for recommendations. 
  • Prepare for multiple sessions: If you have dark brunette hair, it’s difficult to reach a bright blonde shade in just one session. Patience will be the key. You’ll most likely need to see your hairstylist two to three times to achieve a light blonde. Remember to take care of your hair in between sessions. 
  • Buy a toner for post-appointment care: After going from brunette to blonde, you may see brassiness or orange tones appear in your hair after a couple of washes. Invest in a purple shampoo or at-home toner to cancel out unwanted yellow or orange tones in your hair. Don’t overuse the toners, however, as too much can make your hair turn ashy or give it a purple hue. 

Blonde hair FAQ

Below are frequently asked questions about going blonde in a salon and associated costs. 

How much does it cost to go from brunette to blonde hair? 

The cost of transforming your hair from brunette to blonde will depend on how well your hair color lifts with bleach and how many sessions you need to get it to your desired shade. If you have very dark-toned brunette hair, it will take more work to get your hair to an icy blonde. However, if your current hair is a lighter brown, it won’t take as many sessions. 

How long does going blonde last? 

How long your blonde lasts will depend on the technique used to color your hair, how fast your hair grows, and how well you take care of your hair post-appointment. If you’re not a natural bright blonde, you’ll most likely need regular touch-ups to keep your hair looking fresh. Every four to eight weeks is a reasonable estimate. 

If you naturally have dark brunette hair, you’ll most definitely need regular touch-ups to avoid your darker roots from peaking out too much. 

Is blonde hair expensive to maintain? 

If blonde isn’t your natural hair color, regular upkeep can add up quickly. This is especially true if you’re going from brunette to blonde, as you’ll most likely need multiple sessions to reach your desired hue. 

Plus, if you like to put extra love and care into your hair, high-quality hair products don’t tend to be on the cheap side. However, these products can be worth the price point, as they will keep your blonde hair looking at its best for longer. 

Ready to go blonde? Book your appointment with a professional hairstylist in your area and start prepping your hair for your dream transformation. 

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