The average cost of dreadlocks ranges from $48-$147, and costs can climb up to $1,400 for dreadlock extensions. Because many professional locticians charge by the hour, various factors such as hair length, hair density, and desired style can greatly affect the final cost.

In the United States, the average cost per dreadlock appointment is $96. Depending on the wide range of factors that can affect the cost of your dreadlocks, it is best to consult with a professional loctician to know just exactly how much you can expect to pay.

Cost of dreadlocks by type

While many factors can affect the cost of dreadlocks including your hair length, hair density, and the level of expertise of your loctician, you can get a general idea of the cost of your dreadlocks based on the type of dreadlocks style you want.

Traditional locs

person with shoulder-length and curly locs wearing cream lace top and holding black sunglasses

Traditional locs can be formed by hand either at home or by a professional. The cost of traditional locs greatly depends on the length and density of your hair. Getting your locs started typically takes a loctician four to eight hours. Because this style of locs doesn’t take as much time compared to more intricate styles such as Sisterlocks, it is generally more affordable.

  • Average cost: Less than $100

Freeform locs

Freeform locs are one of the least expensive and lowest maintenance dreadlock options. Freeform locs are formed organically and do not require expensive products or a professional loctician. Instead, they are formed by either braiding, twisting, or palm rolling your hair. If you do seek out the help of a professional, palm rolling or twisting may be cheaper as it is less time-consuming than braiding. Depending on your hair type, freeform locs may take multiple weeks or even a few years to fully form.

  • Average cost: Less than $100


Braidlocs can range in size from micro to large braids. To maintain this style of dreadlocks, a latch hook is used. In addition to the initial cost of braidlocs, you can expect to pay $50-$75 to keep them maintained, whether you decide to do it yourself or with a professional. Braidlocs often need to be retightened every four to six weeks.

  • Average cost: Less than $100


person with grey half-up, half-down sisterlocks wearing multiple hoop earrings and a light blue shirt

Sisterlocks are a thinner version of traditional locs. Getting Sisterlocks is a much more time-consuming process than traditional locs due to their intricacy. In addition, locticians that have an official Sisterlocks certification may charge more for their time, as the certificate does not come easy.  Depending on the length and density of your hair, Sisterlocks can take anywhere from eight to 36 hours to install. Because of this, Sisterlocks are a much more expensive option.

  • Average cost: $500-$800


Interlocks are a great style for those who have thinner locs. They can be formed by hand or with the use of a latch hook. While this type of dreadlocks can be started at home for free, you can also get them done professionally at a salon.

  • Average cost: $150-$200 

Faux dreadlocks

Faux dreadlocks such as soft locs are a good option for those who want to achieve the look of locs without a long-term commitment. To get this style, your hair extensions are turned into locs rather than your real hair. This process can take around five to 10 hours depending on the length of your desired locs.

  • Average cost: $150-$300

Dreadlock extensions

person wearing white tank top and long dress with beads looking down

The cost of dreadlock extensions varies widely because of the nearly endless possibilities for customizing them. Depending on the type, length, color, and more, the price of dreadlock extensions can range from a few hundred to well over a thousand dollars.

  • Average cost: $600-$1,400

Wick locs

Wick locs are one of the thickest types of dreadlocks. Because of their thickness, you may only need as few as five to 10 wick dreadlocks. The length and density of your hair will determine the amount of time it will take your loctician to make the locs. Depending on their length, wick locs may stick straight out or hang down like traditional locs. This style can be achieved at home or by a professional.

  • Average cost: $100-$200

Wool dreadlocks

Wool dreadlocks are temporary locs that can come in a variety of styles. The cost of wool dreadlocks can vary based on the quality, length, and color you select. Wool locs are weaved together from recycled or reclaimed wool to form a thick mat of hair that is then installed by a professional.

  • Average cost: $150-$300

6 factors that affect the cost of dreadlocks 

No matter what style of dreadlocks you’re aiming for, there are certain factors that affect the overall cost. Read along to learn more about what can impact the price you pay when getting dreadlocks.

photo of person in the salon getting dreads looked at, copy on the right summarizing factors that affect the cost of dreadlocks

1. Hair length

When getting your dreadlocks done by a professional loctician, it is likely that they’ll charge you by the hour. This means that it’s often more expensive to get dreadlocks for long hair than it is for short hair. Long dreadlocks require more effort and time from a loctician to produce your desired dreadlocks style.

2. Hair density

The density of your hair will also be a factor in the price you pay for your locs. If you have extremely dense hair, it will take your loctician much longer to create your locs than it would if you had thin hair, because thick hair doesn’t bind, twist, or roll as easily as thin hair.

3. Desired number of locs

Whether you’re looking for natural locs, faux dreadlocks, or dreadlock extensions, a loctician may charge by the number of locs you are looking to have installed. Not only will the number of desired locs affect the time it takes to complete your look, but will also cost more if you’re looking to purchase multiple types of faux locs or dreadlock extensions.

4. Type of dreadlock extensions

If you’re opting for dreadlock extensions instead of natural locs, you can expect the cost to vary based on the type, length, and color of the extensions you select. As a general rule of thumb, synthetic extensions tend to be cheaper than human hair extensions.

5. Dreadlock maintenance

An additional factor that affects the cost of dreadlocks is the amount of maintenance that it takes to take care of your dreadlocks. By routinely taking care of your dreadlocks, you can extend the length of time they last, saving money in the long run. Similar to the cost of installation, the cost of professional maintenance will also vary depending on your hair length, density, and desired number of locs. You can expect the average loctician to charge around $50 an hour to retwist and maintain your dreadlocks. 

6. Level of expertise

Depending on the type of dreadlocks you want, many people can attain their desired hairstyle at home. If your preferred style doesn’t require any specific hair tools, you may opt to start your own dreadlocks. If you’d rather sit back and relax while a trained professional styles your hair, then a salon might be the route for you. In many cases, this can save you from having to buy any tools or hair products that you might not need in the long term.

Dreadlocks price list by state

The average cost of a dreadlock appointment tends to vary state by state due to many factors, including:

  • Loctician’s availability
  • Access to materials
  • Loctician’s reputation

Hawaii is the most expensive state for dreadlocks, with an average price of $147 per appointment. On the other hand, South Dakota is much cheaper, with an average price of $48 per appointment.

We’ve gathered data from locticians all over the United States to come up with the average price of dreadlocks in each state:

StateAverage appointment cost
States not listed don’t have available data.

How can I find a good loctician near me?

When deciding on who to trust with your dreadlocks, it’s important to check out online reviews and examples of a loctician’s past work. Many locticians have social media pages where they showcase their latest work and the type of dreadlocks they specialize in. It may also help to get recommendations from your family and friends.

Now that you understand the cost of dreadlocks and the factors that can affect what you pay, it’s time to take the next step and book an appointment. Check out our community of dreadlock specialists to find a loctician near you.