Eyelash extensions can cost anywhere between $100 to $500 depending on a range of factors, like the type of lashes you want and your lash tech’s expertise. That’s a big range, but don’t let the high price turn you away.

In exchange for a few hours of your time and a few hundred dollars, you can leave the salon with a month of perfect lashes that you don’t need to recreate every morning. “Perfect” may be a slight exaggeration, but there’s no denying the luxury of lashes that are customized to flatter your face and eye shape.

But we know that the high cost is still enough to raise some eyebrows. That’s why we put together this guide to help you answer the question, “How much are eyelash extensions?” along with the other factors that can help you decide whether the price is worth it for you. 

What factors influence the cost of eyelash extensions?

The cost of a lash extension appointment varies based on things like your lash tech’s experience, the type of lash extensions and style you want, and even the perks you get in the salon.

You can also see prices dramatically differ between salons and different times of the year, depending on demand at the time. To make sure you’re getting the best value out of your appointment, you should get familiar with what can affect the final price.

Below are common factors that impact lash extension prices:

  • Lash tech experience, including how many years they’ve done lashes and the types of styles they’ve done
  • Desired style, since different types, like hybrid and volume, require different skill levels
  • Number of lash extensions needed to achieve your style
  • Lash material, since materials like mink and silk drastically differ in price
  • Other materials needed, like lash adhesive and pads or tape for your eyes
  • Cleaning and any extra work needed to prepare your lashes
  • Appointment length, since longer times results in higher cost
  • Location and cost of living in the area
  • Demand and season, including when your tech is frequently booked
  • Salon experience, like when a salon offers free drinks or features modern decor

Pricing structures can also vary. Some lash techs charge by the hour, by the lash, or the amount of work needed to apply your lashes. You can save money by joining your salon’s loyalty program if they have one. Beauty schools and lower-end salons may also offer affordable prices.

person laying down with under-eye patches while lash tech applies lash extensions

What are other costs I need to consider?

In addition to the cost of the initial appointment, you also need to consider the cost of refills, removal, lash baths, and gratuity. You don’t want to skip these additional services since they help keep your lashes healthy and safe.

  • Removal appointments to professionally take off your lashes can cost between $25 and $50
  • Refill appointments to refill fallen lashes and clean up your extensions can cost anywhere from $55 to $110 or more
  • Lash baths to clean your lashes prior to your appointment can cost between $5 and $20

Gratuity for each service can cost about 20 percent of the total appointment cost. Since some techs can only take a few of these appointments in a day, gratuity is especially crucial to make sure their work is profitable. Lash techs, along with most other beauty and grooming professionals, heavily rely on tips to cover expenses and support their income.

What am I paying for during my appointment?

You’re paying for your lash tech to advise you prior to the service, prep your lashes, and apply them. Appointments last about two hours depending on your lash tech’s skill level, technique, and your final desired look.


During the consultation, you have the opportunity to chat about your dream look. Your lash tech will then come up with a style that’s custom to your face shape, eye shape, and lash goals. This is also when they can give you a patch test to make sure you’re not allergic to the adhesive.

Lash Prep

To prep your lashes, they’ll brush and clean your lashes. Your lashes must be clean so the adhesive can stay on as long as possible. Your lash tech may charge extra for cleaning, especially if your lashes are dirty or have lots of makeup.

They’ll then use patches or tape to prevent your lower lashes from sticking to your upper lashes. It also helps keep your eyelid in place while they’re applying the extensions. 


Your lash tech will take their time applying your lashes since they’re working so close to your eyes and using professional-grade lash glue. This part also takes the most amount of time since they’re applying extensions to each individual lash.

You’re not only paying them to keep you safe, but you’re also paying for their skill. Detailed or dramatic lash styles require a high level of skill to pull off. For example, your lash tech will put together lash clusters by hand to create more voluminous looks.

person laying down with under-eye patches while lash tech applies lash extensions

How can I get the most out of my lash extensions?

You can get the most value by helping your lash extensions last as long as possible. Lash extensions can last about four to six weeks depending on your care and your lashes’ natural life cycle. Your extensions will eventually fall out, but you can take some extra steps to help them stay on a little longer.

What should I avoid to keep my lashes on as long as possible?

Keep your lashes away from anything that will weaken the adhesive or put any strain on your lashes. Here are a few of the things you should avoid after your appointment:

  • Applying oil-based products
  • Sleeping on your face
  • Using mechanical eyelash curlers
  • Rubbing your eyes

Can I apply or remove lash extensions at home?

We do not recommend applying or removing lash extensions at home since you can easily damage your eyes or your lashes.

At the salon, you benefit from your lash tech’s training and expertise. They know what to do to keep you safe and have the experience to create a beautiful look. When you’re ready to take your lashes off, you can rest easy knowing that they have the proper training to remove them without damaging your lashes or eyes.

If you’re set on applying them at home, we recommend doing your research on products as well as application methods to ensure you’re as safe as possible. If there’s any part of the process that makes you uncomfortable or you’re unsure of, don’t hesitate to reach out to a lash tech for advice.

For at-home removal, you should never try to pull the extensions out. This is your one-way ticket to damaged lashes. Instead, there are things you can do to safely remove your eyelash extensions at home. You can steam your face, use oil-based makeup and facial products, and wear mascara to weaken the adhesive.

person at home using tweezers to apply lash extensions while looking in the mirror

Are eyelash extensions worth it?

Eyelash extensions are worth it if you want to spend your time on anything other than doing your lashes. They’re also worth the price if you want to wake up every day with beautiful lashes that flatter your features. A lash tech’s experience and expertise are not things most people can replicate at home.

If they’re not in your budget or if you don’t mind doing your own lashes, then it might be best to pass for on this for now. You can consider other affordable treatments that don’t last as long. For example, lash lifts only cost between $30 and $100.

How can I find the best lash tech and salon?

Your best bets to find a reputable lash tech and salon are to look through reviews, portfolios, and to get recommendations from friends and family. You should also keep an eye out for cleanliness, especially during the pandemic. Techs should regularly sanitize their tools and keep the salon tidy.

Lash quality is another thing to look for when you’re shopping around. A quick way to check is to simply ask if they’re using premade cluster lashes. These aren’t recommended since they’re not normally well made and use an excessive amount of glue. If you’re getting volume or hybrid lashes, your tech will ideally use handmade clusters.

person with brown curly hair looking forward with beautiful eyelash extensions

Although this service falls on the pricier side, a higher price isn’t always your ticket to better service. Take a full look at a lash tech’s or salon’s history before booking a lash extension appointment.

Eyelash extensions are worth the investment if you’re willing to take the extra steps to make them last. A good lash tech can also make a big difference with the safety and the end result of this service. 

Check out our community of lash techs so you can start shopping around and comparing prices.