It’s official — many luscious lash seekers are saying goodbye to daily falsies and mascara in exchange for long-lasting lash treatments. Lash tinting is an especially popular service that makes your lashes appear bolder than usual, like when you wear mascara. Magic? No. Affordable and quick? Yes. To help you get acquainted with this treatment, we put together a pre-appointment guide to eyelash tinting so you can know what to expect.

What Is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting is when a lash tech adds dye to your lashes to darken them. Tinting makes your lashes appear longer and fuller. The tinting itself doesn’t curl or add volume to your lashes. To achieve those looks, you’ll need lash extensions or a lash lift. Many salons offer these services in a package or à la carte, so you can choose to get all of these lash services done in one appointment. This can you save money since the cost of lash extensions and lash lifts separately can add up.

How Can I Prepare For a Lash Tinting Appointment?

Expect a consultation before your appointment. Your lash tech will ask you questions to understand your desired look and discuss any questions or concerns. For example, they may advise you on different tint colors if you don’t want your lashes to look too dark. The consultation is also your chance to ask for a patch test with the dye.

removing eye makeup

To perform a patch test, the lash tech will apply a small amount of dye to your skin a day or two before your appointment. This test will show whether or not you’re allergic to the dye.

On the day of your appointment, come in with a clean face and no makeup. This lowers the chance of infection and gives your lash tech a clean palette to work with. Hold off on self tanners as well. The ingredients in some self tanners can alter the dye’s color.

It’s also best to remove your contacts before your appointment. If possible, plan to wear glasses that day. The dye can stain your contacts if the dye gets near them. You’re also more susceptible to irritation or infection if the dye comes in contact with your eyes underneath your contacts. 

What Can I Expect At A Lash Tinting Appointment?

At your appointment, you’ll lie down in bed and close your eyes. Your lash tech will cleanse the area around your eyes. Then, they’ll place pads on your eyelids and under your eye. They will begin to apply the dye after your eyes are cleansed and prepped. To apply the tint, they’ll use a brush to apply the dye directly to your bottom and top lashes. It’ll take about 10 minutes for the dye to dry once they’re done.

applying under eye pads

How Long Does A Lash Tinting Appointment Take?

Lash tinting appointments can take between 15 to 30 minutes. It’ll take about 10 minutes for the dye to dry after the lash tech is done applying the tint. The time for each appointment depends on your lash tech and their personal technique.

Does It Hurt To Get a Lash Tint?

Lash tints shouldn’t hurt, but you may feel uncomfortable. The shields or pads used to protect your eyes can feel strange, especially if you’ve never had eye or brow services done before. The dye can also make you feel uncomfortable if it gets in your eyes. However, your lash tech should be prepared with saline solution to flush out your eyes. 

How Long Does Eyelash Tinting Last?

Eyelash tinting can last between three to five weeks. The longevity of your lash tint depends on how well you care for your lashes and your eyelash’s natural growth cycle. If your lash tech used permanent dye, the dye itself should last the lifetime of your lashes. Your lashes will only start to appear lighter as those lashes naturally fall out and new ones begin to grow.

How Can I Maintain My Lash Tint?

Keep your lashes away from water, heat, and oil-based products for at least the first 48 hours following your appointment. You can wash off the tint during this period. After the first couple of days pass, avoid rubbing your eyes and continue keeping oil-based products away from your eyes and lashes.

woman with tinted lashes

How Much Does Eyelash Tinting Cost?

Eyelash tinting can cost anywhere from $20 on the low end to $75 on the high end. Prices vary based on the salon, where you live, and if you bundle a lash tint with extra services.

Is Eyelash Tinting Worth It?

Lash tinting is worth it for anyone looking to save time that’s normally set aside for applying falsies or mascara. It’s also worth it if you have light-colored lashes. Since a lash tint darkens your lashes, you’ll see a big difference before and after your appointment.

You may not see that much of a change if you have naturally dark-colored lashes. If you’re unsure, ask your lash tech for their opinion. They can also show you before and after photos of clients with similar lashes so you can picture how you’ll look. 

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?

Eyelash tinting should be safe as long as you go to a licensed lash tech. Vetting your salon and lash tech is especially important for services near your eyes. Check out past reviews, learn about how they run this service, and ask about their sanitizing procedures. 

We strongly recommend getting eyelash tinting done with a Pro. Your eyes and the area around your eyes are very sensitive, so you can hurt or irritate them if something goes wrong.

On top of this, the FDA doesn’t currently approve any dyes for lashes and brows. Some states don’t legally allow lash tinting for this reason. Keep an eye out for FDA alerts on specific ingredients. For example, the FDA does not allow the use of coal-tar dyes for lashes. However, this shouldn’t be an immediate cause for concern. Doing your research beforehand can help you make sure you’re getting a safe and effective lash tint.

Exercise caution if you have sensitive skin. Your doctor can advise you on whether services like lash tinting are safe for you. You should also avoid any eye-related services if you have an eye infection. Wait for your infection to completely heal before going in for any eye-related appointment.
Lash tinting is a quick and affordable way to amp up your lashes for the long term. Finding a Pro you can trust is key to keeping your eyes safe and your lashes looking flawless. Look through our community of Pros to start searching for a lash tech near you.