Since recovering from the overplucked eyebrows of the ’90s and early 2000s, there has been an overwhelming number of brow products and services made available to achieve that perfect, full brow look that pairs perfectly with a lip blush. Eyebrow feathering is just one of the latest brow innovations.

We’re all looking for as many opportunities as possible to get back our brows or create that coveted, defined brow effect. From eyebrow lamination to brow tinting, there is a product and service for every brow goal. 

From the world of tattooing and microblading comes the latest semi-permanent brow service called eyebrow feathering. This service offers a more natural-looking brow than traditional microblading to give you a full yet effortless brow. It’s sometimes also called microfeathering. 

What is eyebrow feathering?

Eyebrow feathering is a semi-permanent microblading technique that works with your natural brow shape to give you your perfect brows. Kristie Streicher, a renowned LA-based brow artist, trademarked this technique because she wanted a more natural-looking alternative to microblading.

Eyebrow feathering varies from traditional eyebrow tattoos because it uses different tools and techniques. While eyebrow tattoos are permanent, eyebrow feathering is semi-permanent. This is because eyebrow tattoos, like regular tattoos, use needles that go further into your skin and deposit permanent ink. 

Eyebrow feathering uses a single needle or blade with semi-permanent iron oxide pigment instead of tattoo ink. This gives your Pro a lot more control over the fine details of your new brows and it’s how that hair-like feathered look is achieved.

What does eyebrow feathering look like?

Some Pros might not have eyebrow feathering listed in their services, even though their clients walk away with feathered brows. This is because some Pros will bill different microblading techniques as a general microblading session and decide which type of service to go with based on your consultation. 

So, how can you determine if a Pro offers eyebrow feathering? Take a look at their portfolio. If you can see individual strokes and natural brow shapes, the Pro likely offers eyebrow feathering. 

Another characteristic to look for is when the top of the brows appear to be brushed up. This shows you that either the artist is working with the client’s natural brow hair or is adept at creating that natural look.

Since Kristie Streicher pioneered eyebrow feathering, it has taken over the permanent makeup industry. Here are some Pros from Styleseat who are ready to help you achieve your dream brows:

brows by marissa bio

Brows By Marissa

Operating out of Frisco, TX, Marissa is a permanent makeup artist who has been doing brows since 2015. Give her a visit for all of your permanent makeup needs.

the ro monroe styleseat bio

The Ro Monroe

The Ro Monroe is the owner of The Xclusive Beauty Bar in Cottondale, AL. She brings over a decade of experience to every brow appointment.

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Danielle Hamilton

Danielle runs Anointed Hands Beauty n Crowns in Kennesaw, GA. She offers a range of semi-permanent brows and her feathered brows are a client favorite.

What are the benefits of eyebrow feathering?

Eyebrow feathering is a great option for people who want to enhance their natural brow shape. Its benefits include:

  • Semi-permanent application
  • Iron oxide pigments rather than ink
  • Customized brow shapes
  • Natural-looking eyebrow hair

Eyebrow feathering is best suited for clients who just want a boost to their natural shape, rather than clients who want to build a brow shape from little to no hair.

Eyebrow feathering vs. microblading

Eyebrow feathering and microblading are not different services, because feathering is a type of microblading. Eyebrow feathering is different from other microblading techniques because it uses hair-like strokes to fill in your brows. Other microblading techniques may use dots, shading, or a combination to build a new brow shape for you. Eyebrow feathering fills in sparse areas to highlight your natural brow shape.

Microblading is a technique for semi-permanent brows that’s similar to tattooing. In this process, needles or blades are used to make small, hair-like strokes in the skin that are then filled with pigment. The result is a semi-permanent eyebrow that lasts several months to a year. Microblading may be a better option for you if you have little to no eyebrow hair.

When deciding between microblading or eyebrow feathering, you need to consider the state of your natural brows and your brow goals. It’s best to book a consultation with your Pro so that you can hear their recommendations based on your current brow shape, skin type, and desired look.

How can I prepare for an eyebrow feathering appointment?

You’ll need to grow out your eyebrows to prepare for your feathering appointment. This is going to take a different amount of time depending on your Pro’s preferences, how quickly your hair grows, and your desired outcome. 

Some salons offer growth training before your eyebrow feathering appointment. Growth training is when you regularly check in with your esthetician over several months so that they can monitor how your eyebrows are growing. Your esthetician will evaluate your brow shape and make recommendations about your feathered brow goals based on how your brows grow out.

Growth training before your appointment allows your esthetician to really get to know your brow growth pattern. This step will give you the most natural result that works with your routine and has minimal upkeep.

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How does eyebrow feathering work?

  1. Book a consultation with your esthetician to evaluate how you need to prep your brows.
  2. Arrive at your appointment with a clean face.
  3. Your esthetician applies numbing cream to your brows.
  4. Your esthetician creates small strokes on your brow with a needle or small blade.
  5. Your esthetician applies a pigment that matches your natural brow color.

Your appointment will take between 45 minutes and two hours, depending on your esthetician and your natural brows. Eyebrow feathering appointments can take less time than other microblading techniques because clients usually have a bit more natural brow hair to work with.

After your appointment, you will keep your brows dry and moisturized with aftercare products, which are usually given to you by your esthetician. You’ll need to keep your brows dry for seven to 10 days. This means that you won’t be able to shower, wash your face, or work out during that healing period.

As your brows heal, the pigment will darken. Don’t worry if your brows look way darker than you wanted a couple of days after your appointment. This is a part of the healing process and they will soon lighten back up. You may experience a bit of scabbing as they heal. It’s important not to pick at, scratch, or touch your brows while they’re healing.

Talk to your Pro about coming back for a touch-up four to six weeks later. Most feathered brows will not heal evenly, so it’s necessary that you come back so that your Pro can adjust your brow’s shape and color. Don’t be discouraged about your brow’s initial healed look. Most people need at least one touch-up to achieve their perfect brows.

How much does eyebrow feathering cost?

Eyebrow feathering can cost between $500 and $2500. Several variables affect how your Pro charges their clients, including their location, salon, and experience with this technique. 

Touch-ups are absolutely necessary for your feathered eyebrows because Pros don’t use permanent pigments or ink in this process. As your feather brows fade over time, the color and shape will need to be adjusted. Some Pros include a touch-up appointment in their initial booking fees and some Pros list touch-ups separately. In most cases, the touch-up appointments will cost less than the initial eyebrow feathering appointment.

Because eyebrow feathering is a more advanced technique, it’s important to see an experienced Pro. As with any semi-permanent service and service that involves needles, you want to make sure that your esthetician is properly trained and licensed for a safe experience.

How long does eyebrow feathering last?

Eyebrow feathering lasts eight to 18 months depending on your skin type and aftercare—far longer than less permanent brow treatments like henna brows. Preventative measures like proper sun protection and scheduling touch-ups can make your feathered brows last longer.

Eyebrow feathering isn’t a permanent solution because it uses iron oxide pigments, which are metabolized by your body. Basically, your body can process these pigments, so they’re safely absorbed, causing your brows to fade. Variables like sun exposure or exfoliating around your brows will speed up this process.

Wearing sunscreen and limiting sun exposure will help keep your feathered eyebrows looking fresh. Some degree of fading is inevitable, so proper care isn’t a substitute for booking a touch-up. 

Even if you decide that eyebrow feathering isn’t for you, you may need a touch-up or two to transition out of your feathered brows. This is because fading will be uneven and some transitional touch-ups can ease you back to your natural brows. 

There is no quick fix to remove your feathered brows, but you can speed up the fading process with exfoliation. Check in with your esthetician for their recommendations since over-exfoliating your skin can leave it dry and damaged. The fading process can take anywhere from eight to 18 months.

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What are the side effects of eyebrow feathering?

It’s completely normal to experience some redness and itchiness after your eyebrow feathering appointment. This is an inevitable part of the healing process. It’s just important to remember to resist the urge to scratch or touch your new feathered brows. 

During your procedure, you may experience some pain. Most estheticians use a numbing cream before getting started so that you feel little to no pain. Double-check ahead of time if you’re nervous about the pain to see what products your esthetician uses for your eyebrow prep.

If you have oily or sensitive skin, that could affect the look of your eyebrow feathering. Oils in your skin can disrupt how the pigment heals with your skin. This can undo the hard work of your Pro and give your brows an imprecise, fuzzy look. Sensitive skin can have a harder time healing your brows as well. This can affect how evenly your brows heal and even change how the color looks in your healed brows.

If you’re concerned about your skin type negatively affecting your eyebrow feathering results, make sure to book a consultation with your esthetician and voice your concern. Eyebrow feathering prep, such as growth training, will make sure that your esthetician knows your brows and skin type well so that they can decide if this procedure is right for you.

Who should avoid eyebrow feathering?

If you live with chronic illness or a skin disease, take blood thinners, or have recently undergone skin treatments, then eyebrow feathering may not be for you.

Skin conditions such as eczema can interrupt the healing process of your brows and negatively affect how your brows look when they’re healed. Other chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, can also affect your ability to properly heal your brows. If you have any skin conditions or chronic illnesses that you’re worried will interrupt your healing process, contact your doctor for their advice.

Blood thinners can also affect eyebrow feathering. If you take blood thinners regularly, your brows are going to bleed more during and after the procedure. Check any vitamins or medications that you’re taking to see if they’re blood thinners. If you’re unable to stop taking blood thinners for about a week prior to your appointment, then you’ll need to talk to your esthetician and doctor to see if you can safely get your brows feathered.

Lastly, if you’ve had a recent skin treatment, such as a chemical peel or spray tan, then you may have to delay your eyebrow feathering appointment. You’ll also want to check the ingredients in some products that might be in your regular skincare routine, like retinol or other exfoliating products.

Be honest with your esthetician about any skin treatments that you’ve had or skincare products that you use regularly. This will help you both decide if eyebrow feathering is a good option to achieve your brow goals.

Is eyebrow feathering worth it?

If you have thinner eyebrows and want freedom from your daily brow routine, eyebrow feathering can give you brows that always look their best.

If you have medical conditions that may interfere with your brow’s healing process or if you need a brow shape to be built for you, you may want to pursue other options to achieve your desired brows.

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If you spend a lot of time perfecting your brows every day or if you just want to simplify your makeup routine, eyebrow feathering is a great investment. Because your brow look is so customized, you’ll be waking up with your brows ready to go every day. If you’re ready to give feathered brows a try, look for an eyebrow Pro in your area to get started.