School is back in session! Kids are always on the move, which is why there’s no surprise that fades, braids, low maintenance hairstyles, and protective styles are trending for back-to-school season. Book an appointment for one of these cool hairstyles for kids.

Bows and Box Braids

Onyinyechi | StyleSeat Profile | Long Beach, CA

Box braids are always a fresh look for the first day of school, especially when you add fun hair accessories. The bigger the hair bow, the bigger the smile that comes with it.

Fades for the Win

Varthebarber | StyleSeat Profile | Wilmington, DE

The versatility of a fade is what keeps this style trendy. Your child can rock it regardless of hair length, and you can add sharp designs. Make your kid stand out in the schoolyard with this look.

The Mullet

Austin Arenz | StyleSeat Profile | Escondido, CA

You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd with this trendy mullet. Add your favorite styling product to spike it exactly the way you want.

Haircut with Bangs

Austin Arenz | StyleSeat Profile | Escondido, CA

Switch up your haircut by growing out bangs. Just like this cool kid, you can keep your sides short and add a fun undercut design.

Sleek Bun with Lots of Fun

Brittanie Triplett | StyleSeat Profile | Indianapolis, IN

Buns are a classic hairstyle that will never go out of style. Switch it up with your kid’s favorite hair clips and experiment with swirls for an edge design.

Creative Colorful Buns

Tiesha Denise | StyleSeat Profile | Forestville, MD

These double buns are a showstopper, and your kid will want to rock this year-round! So keep it cool and show your creativity by adding colorful strings to your locs and twists.

The Perfect Ponytail

Tiffany Bates | StyleSeat Profile | Tampa, FL

This ponytail deserves an A+. Not only is it easy to rock, but once you take it down, it will fall into loose waves. Did we mention it is perfect for all ages?

Curtain Bangs

Sarah Russell | StyleSeat Profile | San Diego, CA

Add curtain bangs to your back-to-school look. Not only is this look stylish, but it’s low maintenance and won’t require frequent trips to the salon.

Twists, Ponytails, and More!

Arah E. | StyleSeat Profile | Red Oak, TX

What’s better than one ponytail? Two! How many styles can you get from this look? Three! These ponytails are beautiful and will allow you to rock multiple styles, including free twists and a twist-out.

Beautiful Braided Bun

Toya B | StyleSeat Profile | Temple Hills, MD

We can’t get enough of this braided style. The best part is that you can request designs with your braider and adorn hair with hair jewelry.

Fades and Braids

Aiise | StyleSeat Profile | South Orange, NJ

It looks like we have the best of both worlds! Your kid will love having a fade haircut and braids for their back-to-school look. Don’t forget to ask your professional for a unique braid design that your kid will love.

Glowing Highlights

Shelby Lehman | StyleSeat Profile | Austin, TX

Start this school year with a new balayage or highlights. It’s a perfect time for a fresh haircut to ensure the color-treated hairy is healthy.

Crowns and Cuties

Sophia Jimenez | StyleSeat Profile | Valley Stream, NY

Your kid will be ready to sit on their classroom throne (aka their desk) when they go back to school with this look. Add gold accessories for a regal touch to represent the royalty that they are.

Silk Press

K. Francis | StyleSeat Profile | Newport Beach, CA

Start the school year with a silk press. This service provides an excellent opportunity to trim ends for healthy hair. Plus, you can style a silk press in multiple ways.

Curly Half-Up, Half-Down

K. Francis | StyleSeat Profile | Newport Beach, CA

Style a fresh silk press into a fun half-up, half-down style. Add some curls for volume and a long-lasting look.

Fun Pink Curls

Yuquectzin | StyleSeat Profile | San Diego, CA

Curls just want to have fun, especially when they’re pink. So get a curly hair cut from a curl specialist with a pop of color to stand out on the first day of school.

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