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Unlock the power of StyleSeat Payments

No extra add-on fees, no long-term commitments – just integrated payment processing designed for your convenience.

Transparency and Protection

Transparency & Protection

No Hidden Fees

  • Experience the advantage of a lower fee of 2.75% per card transaction – without any hidden or add-on charges.

  • Unlike other platforms, we provide a singular, affordable rate covering all transaction types, from swipes to card-on-file and key-ins.

No-Show & Late Cancellation Protection

  • Say goodbye to revenue loss due to no-shows and late cancellations. We've got you covered.

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Convenience & Ease

Easy Payments

  • Offer your clients the flexibility of credit/debit payments and mobile-friendly contactless options, including tap-to-pay on iPhone.

All-in-one Convenience

  • With StyleSeat, handle payments, streamline tax reporting, and access comprehensive business reporting in a single app.

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Instant Payout

Seamless & Secure

Flexible Payment Installments for Clients

  • Deliver the ease of interest-free payment installments to your clients, while you enjoy the security of receiving the full payment upfront.

Instant Payout

  • Whether it's a weekend, a holiday, or any day of the week, count on us to put your hard-earned money within reach exactly when you need it, especially in time-sensitive situations for a small fee.

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