Protect Your Time and Bottom Line with StyleSeat Deposits

The wait is finally over — Introducing StyleSeat Deposits! Say goodbye to last-minute cancellations and no-show stress. Our new Premium Plan feature ensures your time and expertise are always valued and rewarded.

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Protect your revenue and attract clients who are serious about their bookings.

Activate Deposits alongside our No-Show/Late-Cancellation policy to protect your time and revenue fully.

Drive client commitment and punctuality: StyleSeat Pros saw an up to 25% improvement in appointment completion rates.

How It Works

  • Choose between a flat fee or percentage-based deposit for your services.
  • Deposits offer flexibility and customization for your business. Easily remove or adjust the amount to suit your preferences.
  • We get it—life happens! If you need to reschedule, no worries about losing your deposit. And if a refund is required, handle it hassle-free — no support needed.
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