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Gain New Clients, Create Lasting Connections

StyleSeat promotes your business by investing in TV ads, Google Ads, digital and social media marketing, and more to connect you with quality clients and keep your calendar consistently booked.We ensure your schedule stays full so you can focus on delivering exceptional service.

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Stop the endless calls, texts, and DMs

Send appointment reminders to your clients. No limits. No extra fees (unlike the other guys). We’ll even notify your waitlist when you have last-minute openings.

Client and Professional messaging through StyleSeat

Keep your cell number private with in-app client messaging

App notification for a smart priced appointment

Earn more on popular timeslots

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Get your own booking website

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Attract clients who are serious about booking

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Card on File

Clients must put a card on file to reserve an appointment, and we validate the card to ensure it has enough funds to cover your no-show fee.

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No-Show Protection

Your time is valuable, and we believe every professional should have access to no-show protection at no extra cost.

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Deposits at Booking

Protect your revenue and attract clients who are serious about their bookings by requiring a booking deposit.

Get more exposure and accept all payment types

Clients can pay with a credit or debit card, Klarna, Apply Pay, Google Pay, or other mobile wallets.

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Tap to Pay on iPhone, no credit card needed!

Klarna payment

Get paid upfront, while your clients can pay over time

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Get promoted to New Clients search for top Pros

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At StyleSeat running your business is free

You only pay to process payments and when we send you new clients.

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Running your business is free

Hear from our Community

Rubyna speaks about her favorite StyleSeat features, and why StyleSeat is important to her business. Join today to see how StyleSeat can transform your business.

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Get $1K-$20K to invest in your business

Thinking about moving to a new location, upgrading your branding or equipment? Apply for personalized loans through StyleSeat and automatically pay them back with a percentage of your daily earnings.

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Invest in your business