When you think of beauty trends that come and go, brows are always on the list. Whether they’re thick or thin, bushy or groomed, your eyebrows can always be on-trend when you find the perfect shape for you. We have also seen many service types over the years: eyebrow waxing, threading, tinting, microblading, and even feathering.

So how can you prepare for the eyebrow consultation that can give you the brows of your dream? Meet Marissa Mujica, a StyleSeat esthetician based in Los Angeles, CA. She has the scoop on making the most of your consultation with a brow artist, setting goals to get your ideal eyebrow shape, and tips for home maintenance until your next visit. 

Eyebrow service by Marissa Mujica

Set your eyebrow shape goals

When you arrive at your first consultation with your new brow specialist (or as a returning client that wants to try something new), get ready to chat away. A consultation is a great time to bring photos you saved on social media and even the latest celebrity snapshots. “​​Something that I get a lot of feedback on is that they appreciate when I asked the client what their goals are because they’re going to come in and I’m going to give them my expert opinion, but I also want to know what they want to get out of the service. What exactly are they going for? What is their end goal?” says Mujica. 

Plan and execute your desired eyebrow shape 

While you chat about #eyebrowgoals with your brow expert, you will usually start with what type of eyebrow shape you’re starting with before with mapping. What is eyebrow mapping? Mujica explains that eyebrow mapping allows the client to see what the brow specialist sees on their end. “This gives them a full-on diagram on their face, drawn-out with an eyebrow pencil or even eyebrow powder or whatever you choose. And I mark like a little line or even like a full-on just like plastic surgery marks is what it looks like.” Mujica reassures her clients not to be afraid of what they initially see but to be “a little bit more open” so they can understand exactly what she’s trying to show them so they get a better idea of the final results.

Eyebrow mapping by Marissa Mujica

What are brow specialists exactly looking for when mapping? According to Mujica, she wants to ultimately show them where aesthetically their eyebrows are supposed to start arch and end based on their eye shape, bone structure, bridge of their nose, etc. When mapping brows, Mujica also suggests her clients make facial expressions to show the structure of their muscles and how that plays a role with an eyebrow shape. “All of that kind of plays a part in how I shape them and what they want. And we create like their own little recipe for them, and you tailor it to what would look best.”

Finding the eyebrow shape that works best with your face shape is a technique often used by brow artists, but Mujica shares that she doesn’t solely focus on that when servicing. “As long as you feel beautiful, as long as you feel confident, as long as you leave my studio feeling and looking better than you did when you came in, that is my goal,” says Mujica. “Be the way that you are… we’re gonna make it even better.”

If you’re not happy with your current eyebrow shape and need a growth plan, don’t be shy and share that during your consultation. Your brow expert can talk about a realistic plan that aligns with your goals and can provide suggestions to help accelerate it. Mujica shares that biotin supplements and an eyebrow serum can assist with eyebrow hair growth. In addition, keep in mind that genetics also play a role in the rate of hair growth, and before supplement consumption, be sure to consult with your doctor for approval. When adding a serum to your regimen, be aware that you may have to use it for the long term. “The thing with those serums… with any serum, to be honest, is that it’s a Cinderella moment. You stop using it. It’s going to stop working.”

Develop an eyebrow maintenance regimen

How often should you see your brow specialist? Mujica recommends that her clients should return at least once a month. “Based on my services, eyebrow reshaping would be considered a reshaping if you waited six weeks or more. Then I have a clean-up service where if you come back between two to even as much as five weeks, you would be considered a clean-up. You’re still getting the brow mapping and the trimming and everything. You want to be on a once a month basis with me.”

Eyebrow service by Marissa Mujica

However, once you see some hair growth on your brows, you do not need to make an appointment right away. “It doesn’t need to be an every two-weeks thing. That’s too soon. But a lot of people get on that, so as soon as they see a little bit of stubble, they want to come and remove it. And that’s not always good just because ​​then we’re going to be plucking the majority of it, and the waxing is for nothing, and what it tends to do, I feel, is that it starts thinning people out,” says Mujica. “So the longer you wait, we’re back to fully grown eyebrows.”

But we know sometimes you’re not able to make an appointment with your specialist, so we had to ask what clients can do at home in the meantime until they see their brow expert.

“I’m a firm believer in not tweezing… just don’t do it. So I would say a cream-to-powder concealer is your best friend when trying to get through the next couple of weeks. And maybe even some eyebrow gel and like fluff ’em up.” 

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