There’s nothing like sun-kissed hair color during the summer season. As soon as the temperatures rose, we know you rushed to StyleSeat to book a session with your favorite hair colorist. But now, it’s time to take care of your hair color so it can stay stunning during the hottest days, beach weekends, and more. We asked San Diego-based StyleSeat Pro and hairstylist Lisa Antonio for the best summer hair care tips to add to your hair regimen to maintain your hair color.

Why is color maintenance so essential?

Finding the best color maintenance routine is essential, but it’s even more necessary during the summertime. A consistent hair care routine can keep your locks healthy and prevent your hair color from looking brassy. “​​Everyone’s out in the sun living their best life, and sun exposure can damage the hair,” says Antonio.

She also recommends asking your hairstylist which hair color and technique is the best option to determine how often you will have to return to maintain your look during your consultation. For example, if you’re low maintenance when it comes to styling appointments and want to rock blonde hair, services like balayage would be best for you since it does not require frequent root touch-ups. On the other hand, if you want a bold hair color, be sure to ask how long it will last. “If you want vivids, you go into the ocean or a pool, but it will immediately fade out, so be aware of that,” Antonio explains.

Before heading out of the salon chair, don’t forget to book your next appointment. “A great mid-appointment refresh would be to get your toning gloss redone because it’s the first thing to fade when you’re in the sun and ocean. So getting that toner refreshed and then maybe a trim or deep conditioning treatment, we can do that in the salon. If you feel you have build-up from chlorine or saltwater, we can do a clarifying treatment,” Antonio says.

What should I use for long-lasting hair color?

You should use shampoo, conditioner, and styling products with moisturizing ingredients. You can also look for products specifically for color-treated hair and ask your StyleSeat Pro for recommendations. For UV protection, search for products that contain SPF. However, if you have blonde hair, Antonio strongly recommends avoiding products that contain Avobenzone to style your hair extensions or cautiously apply your sunscreen, because this can cause them to turn pink.

Lisa Antonio’s Summer Hair Care Picks:

How should I prepare my hair for long hours in the sun, pool, and beach?

Before swimming in the pool, salt water, or laying out in the sun, don’t forget to take a couple of extra steps to prevent color fading or dry hair. “I always tell people to wet their hair before they go swimming with clean water and spray like leave-in conditioner or a cream in their hair just to create a barrier so that the chemicals don’t penetrate the hair.” Also, plan your hairstyle when preparing for your beach day. Antonio recommends styling your hair in braids before swimming to prevent tangles and breakage. But after-care is just as vital for colored hair. After swimming, shampoo and deep condition your hair as soon as possible. You may experience dryness, so using a deep conditioner with moisturizing benefits will assist with restoring hydration. 

Need another option? Pack your favorite summer hat. Not only is it a stylish accessory, but it will also help block UV rays that can contribute to color fading, dry hair, and hair damage. Now you can look fashionable and protect your tresses from sun damage all summer long.

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