Opening a new salon is about all the small decisions you make to bring your vision to life. Every little detail, from the decor to the salon name, helps communicate who you are to potential customers. 

Whether you have a beauty bar, hair studio, or tanning salon, a memorable name will amplify your brand and convey what your salon is all about. We’ll walk you through salon naming tips and provide salon name ideas to help shape your new beauty business.

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Hair Salon Names

Classic Hair Salon Name Ideas

Classic names tend to be clear, clean, and simple. If you want a classic feel for your salon, choose a business name that reflects that by using words like boutique, artistry, or chic. Whether you’re a hairstylist or thinking up nail salon names, keeping it classic will make your salon feel high-end.

  1. Uptown Hair
  2. Curls & More
  3. Braids & Layers
  4. The Cleanup
  5. Hair Artistry
  6. Boutique Beauty
  7. Hair Affair
  8. Fashion Forward
  9. Hair Parlour
  10. Timeless Style
  11. Classique Curls
  12. Haute Hair

Unisex Hair Salon Name Ideas

Today’s salon owners know that everyone wants to look their best and many people don’t consider salon services gender-specific. If you want a unisex salon name that reflects an inclusive brand, use these ideas for inspiration.

  1. Brand New You
  2. Cut, Rinse, Repeat
  3. VIP Hair
  4. The Style Zone
  5. The Mane Event
  6. All Ways Hair
  7. Tailored Hair
  8. Express Yourself
  9. All-Around Style
  10. Style Lounge
  11. #1 Cuts
  12. The Shape Up
woman getting hair done

Funny and Clever Hair Salon Name Ideas

You can stand out with a funny, catchy name that doesn’t diminish the quality of your brand. The following options offer ideas that include a bit of humor but still communicate your love of all things beauty.

  1. Rest A Sheared Studio
  2. Scissor Me Timbers
  3. The Hot Seat
  4. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
  5. Curls, Curls, Curls
  6. Hairloom Salon
  7. PERManent Solutions
  8. Dyeing to Meet You
  9. Tame Your Mane
  10. Dueling Scissors
  11. Fabulous Fringes & Fades
  12. Highbrow Beauty Bar

Creative Hair Salon Name Ideas

If you have a distinctive salon and want to convey how you stand out from the competition, try using a creative salon name. These unique salon name ideas offer a variety of great names to distinguish your brand.

  1. Shear Influence
  2. Hair Poetry
  3. Storybook Styles
  4. Haus of Glamour
  5. Glamazon Studio
  6. Hidden Gem Salon
  7. Forget-Me-Not
  8. Layered Up
  9. Head Turners
  10. All Seasons Hair Salon
  11. The Cuttery
  12. Fix and Finesse
  13. Major Transformations
  14. Hair Fixation
  15. Weave City
  16. Style Obsessed
  17. Haute Girl Studio
  18. Cutting-Edge
  19. Level-Up Salon
  20. XPressions Studio
  21. Uniquely Yours
  22. Magnificent Manes
  23. Blowouts & Beyond
pink hair dryer wall decor

Modern and Minimalist Hair Salon Name Ideas

A modern name will elevate your salon brand. Try something simple that’s punchy and easy to remember. You could use a word that exudes what your salon is all about, like Elegance or Glam.

  1. First Impressions Studio
  2. Method Salon
  3. Suite Salon
  4. Coastal Cuts
  5. New Waves Salon
  6. Refresh Studio
  7. Waves
  8. Shortcuts
  9. Fringe
  10. Coiffure
  11. Elegance
  12. Blush
  13. Nouveau
  14. Metamorphosis
  15. Chic
  16. Pixie
  17. Transformation
  18. Trendsetters
  19. Tresses
  20. Starlet
  21. Snip
  22. Strands
  23. Glam

Versatile Hair Salon Name Ideas

You may start your business as a hair salon but have plans to expand into skin care or other services in the future. If that’s the case, consider a versatile name that showcases that you are a beauty brand without being hair-specific. 

  1. Glamour Emporium
  2. Dapper & Divine
  3. Le Chic
  4. Vintage Elegance
  5. Beauty Lounge
  6. Belles & Beaus
  7. In Good Hands Salon
  8. Red Carpet Ready
  9. Positively Inspired
  10. Elevated Elegance
  11. A-List Beauty
  12. The Catwalk
  13. The Corner Shoppe

Kids Hair Salon Name Ideas

If you specialize in children’s haircuts, consider a playful or alliterative name. You can use animals, shapes, or even signature hairstyles like pigtails.

  1. Kinder Klips
  2. Little Locks
  3. Kids Cuts
  4. Tangled
  5. Juniors
  6. Cool Cuts 
  7. Snips and Spikes
  8. Little Stars Salon
  9. The Lion’s Mane
man getting beard trimmed in barber shop

Barbershop Names

Classic Barbershop Name Ideas

You can never go wrong with a classic barbershop name that clearly states what you do. However, make sure to evaluate the competition in your area and choose a name that stands out from others.

  1. Hometown Barber
  2. Royal Barber
  3. Bespoke Barber
  4. Serving Up Style
  5. Hair Genius
  6. The Razor’s Edge
  7. The Daily Clip
  8. Good Hair
  9. Close Shaves

Funny and Clever Barbershop Name Ideas

A clever barbershop name can catch people’s eye as they walk by and make them remember your shop. Try a play on words or a pun to keep your barbershop name top of mind.

  1. Jack of All Fades
  2. Style Doctors
  3. The Chop Shop
  4. Hats Off Haircare
  5. A Cut Above
  6. Clipperz Corner
  7. Hot Shot Studio
  8. Fast Fades
  9. Mercury in Retrofade

Modern & Minimalist Barbershop Name Ideas

A barbershop name with one or two impactful words can make a bold statement. You don’t necessarily need to use barber or cut in the name. You can choose terms that describe the barbershop experience. 

  1. Executive Style
  2. Clean & Classic
  3. The Cleanup
  4. 60 Minute Refresh
  5. Off the Top
  6. Cut Crew
  7. Clippers
  8. Fresh & Clean
  9. Line-Up Studio
  10. Sleek & Sharp
  11. Fades
pink sparkly manicure holding yellow sweater

Nail Salon Names

There is endless room for creativity when naming your nail salon. You can include your specialty, like gel nails or nail art, or celebrate your favorite color or color palette. 

  1. Polished Nail Spa
  2. Nail Lab
  3. The Nail Studio
  4. Boutique Nails
  5. The Gel Bar
  6. Nail Artistry
  7. Queen Nails
  8. Relax Nail Spa
  9. Haven Nails
  10. The Nail Spot
  11. Elite Nails
  12. Mauve
  13. Pastel Paradise

Beauty Salon and Spa Names

Going to a spa is an indulgent experience. Use words that evoke a feeling of calm in your spa name. Consider how you would describe a long, relaxing vacation.

  1. Rejuvenation Station
  2. The Zen Spot
  3. The Oasis
  4. Sweet Escape
  5. Drift Away Day Spa
  6. Pamper Parlour
  7. Your Best Gals Salon
  8. Paradise Point Spa
  9. The Glamourous Hideaway
  10. Skin Envy

Tanning Salon Names

Channel the warm rays of your favorite beach destination with a memorable tanning salon name. You can describe the glow your clients will feel after your services.

  1. The Bronze Salon
  2. Sunkissed
  3. Radiantly Tan
  4. Glow Up
  5. Sun Haus
  6. Island Tan
  7. Sprayed Tanning Salon
  8. Golden Glow Salon
  9. Golden and Glamorous
  10. Endless Summer Salon
  11. Glowing Goddess

How to Choose a Salon Name

Choosing a salon name should take time and consideration. Your salon name offers the first experience with your brand, so you want to ensure you communicate your brand and services clearly. Consider these tips before you make a final selection.

Consider Your Desired Clientele

Your target clientele and the services they want should help you narrow down your choices. You might consider:

  • Specific demographics
  • Salon services your targeted demographic uses most
  • Desired looks for target clientele (for example: modern, classic, trendy)

Although you may like a funny name, you may want to use a more classic name if you serve clients who are predominantly older and prefer classic hairstyles. Understanding who your clients are and what they represent help you determine the right salon name that fits your brand.

Choose a Name that Fits Your Branding

Your branding should appeal to your clientele as well as communicate who you are and what you want to promote. Your name reflects your branding so consider these elements of your brand as you choose your salon name:

  • Style: Classic, modern, minimalist
  • Vibe: Fun, sassy, quirky, calm
  • Owner values: Diversity, inclusion 

Consider Your Location and Services

Your name should also communicate what services you offer, if practical. For example, if you specialize in barber services or specific beauty treatments, maybe your name should communicate that. Your location is also a potential factor; for example, if your salon is located in a city near a major landmark or city, you might try to work that into the name.


When launching a salon business, choosing the perfect name solidifies your brand, so try brainstorming a few options and talk them over with friends, family, and business associates. When you’re ready for business, consider what StyleSeat can do for you. StyleSeat has a booking platform that can help you grow your business no matter what name you choose. So set up a demo today to see how they can help you build that client base right away.

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