Your photos ain’t that great, you’re missing key information, your address is in the wrong spot, and you’re actually wondering why clients aren’t booking with you?

They have hundreds of options. If your profile sucks, they’ll pick someone else. Wouldn’t you?

Here are 5 reason your profile might suck and how you can fix it.

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You don’t have enough gallery photos. 

  • You need at least 3 gallery photos to be searchable, so give them what they’re looking for! Show them how you create a fade, long bob, microbladed brows etc. Great photos could be the deciding factor for a picky client.
  • If you offer a variety of services, upload photos that show examples of each.
  • Smartphones make it easy to take amazing photos now, so no excuses.
  • To add gallery photos on mobile, scroll down to the bottom of your “edit profile” page and click the camera icon with the plus button.

Your banner photo is bad.

  • This is the most prominent photo on your profile and it needs to look great.
  • It can be a photo of your work, your shop, or your logo.
  • For the banner image, always upload a high quality original photo:  image size is 1440 X 1080, bigger is always better

Does your banner photo look as good as these? If not, change it.


Your profile photo looks amateur.

  • Your profile photo is a picture of YOU! It gives clients an idea of your style and personality to make them feel comfortable booking with you for the first time.
  • Natural lighting is best. Take the photo outside or face a large window so your face is evenly covered with light.
  • Or, invest in a beauty light. It’s lightweight, great for client photos and it makes everyone look like a celeb. Check it out here.
  • Take your photo in front of a simple background – no messy salons.

Good lighting + white wall = magic.

You don’t have a bio.

  • You need a bio for your resume, for media opportunities, and for all you social profiles. Include what you are passionate about, your specialties, and a bit about your background.
  • Having a bio makes it easy for blogs and other media outlets to promote and feature you. If there is something interesting about you that makes you stand out or make a great story, include it.
  • Clients search keywords like braids, beards or lashes, if you want to pop up in search, those words need to be included on your page.

Clients aren’t leaving reviews.

  • 88% of clients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Reviews are how clients make decisions. It builds your reputation as a professional, builds trust and confidence and provides you with important client feedback.
  • If you are new to StyleSeat and need some tips on getting more reviews, check out this article.
  • Want clients to find you on StyleSeat’s search? Write your address correctly!!!

COMMON MISTAKE:  Putting your address in the wrong address line.

  • Go look. In the app, go to  “more tab,” click “my profile.” Select “edit info.”
  • “Salon Name”. — Type the name of your Salon Business.
  • “Address Line 1” — Enter your physical address only – NOT your suite number.
  • “Address Line 2” — Enter your suite number HERE.

Business Page Photo Hacks:

Gallery Photos

  • Did you know you can actually choose which six photos appear in the preview of your gallery? The trick: You need to do it from a computer.
  • Log in to your profile from a computer, click “profile”, click “manage photos,” then click and drag to change the order of your photos.
  • Put you best six photos at the top of the list, and those will be the main photos displayed on your profile.

Banner Photo

  • On your mobile phone, the last photo added to your gallery is automatically set as your banner.
  • To select a specific banner photo, you need to log in on a computer. Go to “manage photos,” choose your banner photo, and click “set cover.”

If any of these apply to you, it’s time to make some changes. Make sure to update your profile every few months. Keep things fresh by adding new photos and skills to your bio.

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