In honor of Mother’s DayStyleSeat is placing a spotlight on five Pros who are also mothers in our Success Stories series. Read their interviews below and learn what inspired them to pursue careers in the beauty industry, the different ways StyleSeat help working moms throughout their business journey, and the life lessons they want to teach their kids. 

Susan Williams

Susan Williams, hairstylist and owner of Juniper Hill Salon in Camano Island, WA, fondly remembers doing her first braid at the age of 3. But she’s been styling hair professionally since 2008. “It’s in my blood,” she says. “I just always craved this. My personality lines up to exactly living this life.”

Williams’ top service is hair color, and she uses popular techniques, including balayage, root smudge, and gloss to give her clients that “lived-in” look. She also specializes in hair extensions and bridal hairstyles.

But it’s the intimate Pro-Client relationship she nurtures that has resulted in 5-star reviews, such as “Where have you been all my life?! I seriously learned more about my hair in the first 20 minutes with Susan than I’ve ever known. She is passionate about hair and knows her stuff. I love my cut and color and felt completely pampered!”

Keep reading to find out how Williams is able to run her business from home with the help of StyleSeat, the interpersonal skills her mother taught her, and how she’s modeling independence to her children.

What differentiates you from other Pros?

I love the personal side… I’m really attracted to psychology as well. I love to help people and to change the world. It’s just one person giving joy and confidence at the same time.

How has StyleSeat impacted your life as a mother and entrepreneur?

I would say the biggest help is the automatic things that happen through StyleSeat. The fact that you can list out what your prices are, timing. You set up your tip amount, your auto booking, and the fact that it just opens up these dates and times. I really enjoy the instant notification when someone books so that I can contact them. The customer service is wonderful — they’re very responsive.

How do you hope to make the clients who come to your salon and sit down in your chair feel?

In the salon, it’s just a one-on-one setup. I feel like that’s been so much more attractive to clients. I also have a view of the open field, Mt. Baker, and water. It sets the vibe. It’s in an enclosed deck area with all bay light windows. So I feel like it’s very comfortable, which always makes them feel great coming in and twice as great leaving. It’s wonderful. It’s my happy place, too.

StyleSeat Pro Hairstylist Susan Miller Juniper Hill Salon

Who are the women in your life that push you to be better?

My mother is a huge influence on my life as well because she was the breadwinner and my dad was the “stay-at-home mom.” It kind of gives me this feeling and opportunity as a mother, woman, and stylist that I’m not scared of trying and doing something.

I feel like she’s such an efficient, networking person. She’ll roll a window down and ask where the closest gym is to the person walking by. So maybe it’s her extrovert personality and I feel like all of that has been empowering.

Women entrepreneurs like yourself are used to “doing it all.” But how do you make sure to take care of yourself, too?

I’ve actually been working hard on that over the last three years because I sort of hit a breaking point. I follow Heather Chauvin, who has a podcast called Mom Is In Control, and she has this program called Energetic Time Management.

You basically set up your week based on the feeling you want to feel. You write that feeling down, which this week is calm and supportive, and you just brain-dump everything… I have to call this person and that person, I have to get the lunches and food prepped. You put them into seven different categories and one of them is me, one of them is kids, one of them is work, one is environment. But then based on that feeling that you want, you put what would support that feeling literally on your calendar first. So if “read a book” is under the me section that would help me feel more of that feeling. I put it at 8:15am-8:30am so that it’s literally first on the calendar and that helps me know that it’s coming and you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by this big list.

What are the lessons you’d like to pass on to your children?

I’ve got two kids: Lincoln is 8 and Lacey is almost 6. I did do college first just as a backup and to gain business knowledge. But I feel like the creative process of becoming an owner and working out of the house with my kids, you kind of can have it all. Understanding that you can try it and not being scared of that, I really want to be able to pass that on.

I also want to pass on the boundary of, “Hey, my door is closed. I’m having my work and mommy time. When I come back, I’d love to help you.” Sometimes that helps them grow as a human as well because they’re given that chance to figure it out.

I feel like in my perspective the best way to parent is to be perfectly busy, where you’re just busy not to fold the cuffs of their leg pants and fix their backpack, but to say, “I need help sweeping. Can you sweep for me?” or “I can’t figure that out, but I bet you can.” I feel like that perfectly busy is something that I would like to pass on so you’re in charge of yourself and not everyone else.

Shalleen-Kaye Jones

Like many beauty professionals, Shalleen-Kaye Jones‘ love for the industry blossomed in her early years. ” I started taking clients in my mom’s foyer maybe when I was 12 years old,” Jones says. “But my formal training started about five years ago when I did an apprenticeship.” Two years ago, she became a licensed cosmetologist and is now the owner of Style Queen Beauty salon in Chesapeake, VA.

Jones made a career change after building the digital community Natural Hair Does Care with her sister and realizing that the influence they had on women, men, and children in their community “really should be substantiated by training, by a professional with a knowledge base.”

She explains, “I didn’t want to have any regrets down the line and say, ‘Oh, I could’ve done this professionally but I chose not to, time wasn’t right, or it wasn’t perfect.’ I just knew that because I couldn’t keep it off of my mind it should be something I poured myself into. And I’m so glad I did it.”

Read on to hear Jones discuss what makes her a true natural hair expert, the benefits of using StyleSeat as a business owner, and the lesson her mother taught her that she wants to pass down to her children.

What differentiates you from other Pros?

I think that I really, truly know how to put myself in the position of the client because I’ve tried all the things that the client has done. I have used the eggs, the mayo, the oils, the butters, everything. I can relate to the do-it-yourself naturalista who is looking for a bit of guidance to know with what she knows. Somebody that loves to do her hair and tries to do different things, but she knows that aligning with a hairstylist will really take her look and her hair to the next level.

I think that being able to relate to my clients and say, “I’ve tried that before. Instead of whipping up these eggs, I have something you can use that’s formulated to work with your hair. That has the molecular size to penetrate your hair instead of having to do the guesswork.”

How has StyleSeat impacted your life as a mother and entrepreneur?

I feel like probably the No. 1 thing StyleSeat has done for me as a mom, wife, business owner, friend is being my front-end receptionist. You guys secure the cancellations. You know how people say, “Secure the bag!”? I got a cancellation and I didn’t even know and then another person was notified and that was filled. That’s how fast and efficient it is.

So giving me that ability to set up boundaries, parameters so that when my client goes to my profile they can see my services, policies, and prices… that has given me so much freedom to the point that I’ve been in business for myself six months and I haven’t necessarily had to hire a receptionist yet.

For these last six months, I can set when the calendar is open, timeframes when people can book, pricing. The StyleSeat algorithm works from there. Then it’s like, “Don’t worry, Shalleen, I’ve got the rest.” I don’t know if there is any other booking application that can do that. That alone and the last-minute cancellations… that right there is top-tier.

How do you hope to make the clients who come to your salon and sit down in your chair feel?

I love that the pandemic gave us stylists that freedom to focus on the time we have with each individual person so that that person can ask as many questions they’d like. I can ask them as many questions as I’d like. That’s what I start with… a consultation and scalp analysis.

My clients actually fill out a consultation form so that I have it as a permanent record just so they can always refer to and look at their progress. Look at where you got based on where you started. That personal one-on-one experience really gives the client an elevated salon experience. You’re catering to their exact needs.

Who are the women in your life that push you to be better?

I would say from my grandmothers, my aunts… I have five aunts on my dad side and five on my mom side. And all those women I would say have owned a business. We’re all Jamaican and immigrants. So we’ve come to this country, gone to England, and other countries and just really worked hard to provide for our families, make a name for ourselves, and contribute to our community. That’s all I saw growing up.

Of course, my dreams are mine, my goals are mine. But I saw that it was possible from my aunt that is in insurance, my aunt that manufactures her own furniture, my midwife aunt, my aunts that are teachers, nurses… all I saw was ambition and hard work.

StyleSea Pro Hairstylist Natural Hair Shalleen-Kaye Jones Style Queen Beauty

Women entrepreneurs like yourself are used to “doing it all.” But how do you make sure to take care of yourself, too?

I have a day that is dedicated to my wellness and those are Wednesday. This week, I’m looking forward to getting my lashes done, facial, and then coming home and cooking for my family. That’s my balance. I have these things mapped out on my calendar so that my clients are taken care of. On my days off, I make sure that I’m taking care of myself and also my family.

My husband and kids will tell you… and they kind of know that I will get a massage, work out, or do something. I think it demonstrates to my family that it is okay to take care of yourself and then you lead from taking care of yourself.

What are the lessons you’d like to pass on to your children?

My son is 13 and our daughter is 11, and I would love to share with them the lesson that my mom shared with me. She did the thing! She came to this country in her 30s with three small kids and a husband. I can hear my mom say it in my head right now. My mom calls me Shal and she would say, “Shal, just try your best.” No matter what I was doing.

I grew up in New York and we would have to take our regents exams every year and she would say, “Just try your best.” Auditioning to go to school, same thing. College, raising my son, starting a business. Everything. I think that I would love to help my kids understand that their choices are theirs, but I’m here to support it and I want them to do the very best they can in all things.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want my legacy to be that I went after my dreams no matter what the obstacle was. That I really put a plan in place, I worked the plan, I lived the plan, and I figured it out along the way. Things don’t have to be perfect, all figured out before you do things. That you just give 100 percent of yourself and put your all into everything.

When I’m an ancestor and my kids are talking I want them to say,”I don’t know how my mom did it but she didn’t give up. She didn’t sugarcoat it, hide it from us. We saw her trying and giving her all every single day and that taught us how to go after things, plan and put things in place. Not to be afraid of our choices but to figure out how to make a life for ourselves.”

Ashleyann Williams

Ashleyann Williams is a self-proclaimed “hair therapist” and the extra care and attention she puts into treating her clients hair shows up beautifully in the before-and-after transformations she shares. Understanding the foundation of healthy hair was something the stylist learned early on, as she grew up in a salon.

“My mother was a salon owner for many years, and the impact she had on our community definitely set the tone for the kind of future I wanted,” explains Williams. “She was 25 when she opened her first salon as a single mom — I am forever inspired by her legacy.”

Williams is building her own legacy as a StyleSeat Pro and says that she wants people to say that “anything she did she put love into it.” She adds, “The world needs more of that energy.”

Read on to learn how StyleSeat has benefited Williams as traveling hair professional between North Carolina and Florida, the “healing energy” that she provides to her clients, and the major lesson she wants her daughter to know.

How has StyleSeat impacted your life as a mother and entrepreneur?

StyleSeat has changed my life in so many ways during the pandemic. So many new clients were able to find me, giving me the ability to really get my craft showcased. From the easy scheduling, I am able to navigate through my momprenuer journey so smoothly. The revenue boost [Smart Pricing] is my favorite feature. It has shown me my worth as a stylist and given me the confidence not to be afraid to charge what my work is worth.

What differentiates you from other Pros?

I am a home salon advocate. I am trying to normalize the home salon setting. My setup is very chic, filled with good energy, very one-on-one. When my clients come in, I normally have essential oils or candles burning to set the intentions of my space. I also incorporate reiki into what I do by sending healing energy to my clients as I service them.

How do you hope to make the clients who sit down in your chair feel?

My goal as a stylist is always to restore, uplift, and encourage anyone who sits in my chair. I do that by being my authentic self so my clients feel comfortable enough to know that my space is a safe haven. I want to be a light to anyone I come in contact with, hoping they feel lighter than they came in.

Hairstylist Ashleyann Williams of Hairweg0 Express

Who are the women in your life that push you to be better?

I have a very supportive family — my mother, grandmother, daughter, and my best friend. I feel like I have my own cheerleading squad. I’m so blessed to have such a great tribe of people rooting for me.

What is the life lesson you’d like to teach your daughter?

I want my daughter to know that anything she is intentional about with hard work behind it, she can manifest.

Women entrepreneurs like yourself are used to “doing it all.” But how do you make sure to take care of yourself, too?

I spend a lot of time with nature, I meditate to stay grounded, and I make it an obligation to travel and experience new places to recharge my energy. Self-care is a top priority to me.

Alison Harvey

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Nail artist Alison Harvey admits that she didn’t know exactly what type of career she wanted to pursue when she was younger. “I loved to do art and draw, but I really didn’t know where I would go with that. It just ended up with nails,” she says. “I was finding my way with my purpose within it and it led me to help others in their nail journey.”

Harvey attended nail school in 2010 and received her manicurist license, and in 2016 opened up her very own salon in Columbus, OH. She now has a team that consists of five other artists and mentoring and educating is also a passion of hers. It’s no surprise why people would flock to Harvey, as she possesses a “quiet” demeanor that sets her apart and allows her to actively listen and engage with others. And her longtime clients trust her with decking out their nails in the most jaw-dropping designs — from chrome stiletto nails to coffin-shaped manicure with lots of bling and soft pink ombré polish.

Keep reading to find out exactly why Harvey puts her trust in StyleSeat to help her power her business, how she manages her work schedule to be a present parent, and the legacy she hopes to leave behind.

What differentiates you from other Pros?

I think that I’m a selfless person, and I feel that I just want to inspire other people with helping them get to where they want to be. Of course, the nail art sets me apart, but my personality sets me apart. I enjoy the conversations with my clients.

How has StyleSeat impacted your life as a mother and entrepreneur?

What I like the most about StyleSeat is when there’s scheduling in advance and there is an opening, they will notify clients. It’s taken over for me in a way that really helps me to separate the business from the personal.

I’m a really organized person and I just love how it makes it easy for me to log in and take off certain days instead of doing it hour by hour, and day by day.

Women entrepreneurs like yourself are used to “doing it all.” But how do you make sure to take care of yourself, too?

I work it into my schedule where I don’t work certain hours. I try to stick to the first shift of 10am-3pm, and I’ll make time for my family and when my kids get home from school. Then in the summertime, I do make time to take a week vacation with my kids.

At least once a month, I try to get massages for self-care. I think your intake of food is important, workout, and listening to your body and being aware of all the areas in your life where you’re being pulled to balance everything with your kids, business. Because if you’re not healthy or good, then you can’t take care of anybody else.

Nail Artist Alison Harvey of Nails by Ali Nail Salon

How do you hope to make the clients who come to your salon or sit down in your chair feel?

I just want them to feel like they can kick back and have a good conversation. A lot of my nail techs recognize my clients and I recognize their clients. We’re just one big family. I’m like a therapist, too. So everything is confidential. Whenever someone shares something with me, I just try to give the best advice or just listen. Sometimes they just need somebody to talk to.

What are the lessons you’d like to pass on to your children?

My oldest is 11. Then I have a child who is 7, 5, 2, and soon to be born. The lesson I would like to teach [my children] is to figure out what they want to do in life and focus on that. I think we have multiple talents, it’s just that we have to focus on one thing at a time to accomplish.

What do you want your legacy to be?

To be positive and do my best because you never know what will happen in life.

Jessica Julien Idris

If you’re looking for a StyleSeat Pro who can literally help you put your best face forward, we strongly suggest booking with Jessica Julien Idris. As the owner of Hollywood Skin Atlanta, the licensed esthetician is bringing star-quality skincare to her clients. Idris’ takes a holistic approach to treatment, providing custom regimens that also factors in what you’re putting inside your body.

The beauty professional joined StyleSeat in 2020 and has already earned a highly-coveted 5-star rating. Idris offers trendy spa services like Hydrafacials, CBD facials, and vajacials, and her six years of training has made her well-versed in treating all skin types and tones. “Our skin is our No. 1 defense for the body and being able to help maintain the integrity and improve any damage done is rewarding,” she says.

Read on to discover how Idris is able to balance being a mother and businesswoman with StyleSeat, why leaning in to family time is important to her, and the qualities she hopes to nurture in her daughter.

What differentiates you from other Pros?

The passion that I have and being super detailed-oriented. I am very picky with my work and I provide education to maintain. It is not always about how many times someone can come in for treatment but how they are maintaining their results at home. I love to educate my clients on the products and habits that will help optimize their results.

How has StyleSeat impacted your life as a mother and entrepreneur?

StyleSeat has improved my work, life balance, financial freedom, and scheduling easily by making it a “one-stop shop.” I love that clients can book on their own and the touch-less pay feature is incredible. I do not have to worry about spending that additional time at the end of the appointment to collect money. StyleSeat automatically checks my clients out and makes my life so much easier. I am able to move on to the next client, which makes my day run seamless and allows me to make it home at a decent time and enjoy time with family!

Who is a woman in your life that push you to be better?

My mother’s strength and seeing where she came from and understanding her life struggles allows me to know anything is possible!

Hollywood Skin Atlanta Jessica Julien Idris Ramos

Women entrepreneurs like yourself are used to “doing it all.” But how do you make sure to take care of yourself, too?

I love spending time with my daughter. She doesn’t ask for much, she loves quality time. Really focusing on our time, like cuddles, is so relaxing to me. I also make sure that I allocate yoga and meditation to allow for a mental reset.

How do you hope to make the clients who come to your studio feel?

I really hope to make my clients feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. I take my time to pay attention to body language and indicators of stress. I do not just love when they see the results of their skin, but I love to hear how relaxed they feel at the end of the appointment.

What is the life lesson you’d like to teach your daughter?

[I have] one daughter, Paris Skye, [who is] 7 years old. I would love to pass on my strength and endurance. I think in life these are great qualities to have and just knowing when to slow down makes all the difference.

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