You should wash your hair before dyeing it, but how long before your appointment to wash it and what type of product you should use depends on if you’re bleaching or dyeing your hair. When in doubt, talk to your stylist about how to best prepare for your color treatment, especially if it’s your first time or you’re getting a new color. 

When Should You Wash Your Hair Before Dyeing It?

Depending on your hair type and the grease production of your hair, you should wash your hair about 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. If you’re dyeing your hair, use a clarifying shampoo but avoid using a conditioner so the pigment can penetrate the hair shaft. If you’re bleaching your hair, you won’t need to worry about using a clarifying shampoo, as some oil is beneficial to naturally protect your scalp.

when to wash hair before color treatment

The most important thing is that you show up with relatively clean, product-free hair. So if you’re unsure how to best prepare, just perform your usual hair routine but without any leave-in products or sprays. 

Why Should You Wash Your Hair Before Dyeing It?

There are many reasons, beyond hygiene, that you should show up to your color service with freshly washed hair. 

  • Your natural color is visible. Oil buildup can cause hair, especially blonde hair, to appear darker. Clean hair allows your hairstylist to see your natural hair color, so they can choose the color formula that will achieve the best results.
  • Your stylist will understand your hair’s texture. Giving your stylist a clean foundation to work with will help them view the texture of your hair, as most leave-in products can change the texture of your hair and have a possible negative impact on your new color. 
  • Dye will penetrate your hair better. A little grease is fine, but too much oil can make it difficult for the dye to properly penetrate your hair shaft.
why should you wash hair before dyeing it

Should You Show Up with Wet or Dry Hair?

If you’re getting your hair colored, your stylist will most likely prefer that you show up with dry hair so that they can assess your natural color. Stylists will also prefer dry hair when bleaching your hair, as wet hair has absorbed water and the dye or bleach will have trouble absorbing into the hair cuticle. This could lead to diluted color in your hair or the color simply sitting in your hair and washing out in the first wash. 

What Should You Avoid Before Getting Your Hair Dyed?

Before you get your hair dyed, you should avoid using products like gel or hairspray right before your appointment. These hair products will change your hair’s texture. how it normally looks, and how well the dye or bleach absorbs in your hair. So, keep a natural look on the day you have your coloring or bleaching appointment. 

Can You Wash Your Hair After You Get It Colored?

Your stylist will wash your color-treated hair after they have finished the coloring process, just to be sure the dye won’t dry out your hair. Technically, you can wash your hair after you leave the salon, but your best bet is to wait for when you need to wash your hair, such as after excessive sweating. 

how should you care for hair after coloring appointment

How Should You Care for Your Hair After a Coloring Appointment?

So, you’ve gotten your dream hair look, but you also want to be sure your new hair color lasts. Here are some tips for hair care after a color treatment. 

  • Limit the amount of heat on your hair. Heat speeds up the color-fading process, so you’ll want to limit how much heat you put on your hair. Avoid excessive blow-drying and try to rein in the use of hot water when washing your hair. 
  • Use heat-protectant products. If you must use heat on your hair for styling reasons, consider using a heat-protectant product. Your stylist will certainly have some helpful recommendations. Salon-quality heat protectant sprays can prevent excessive damage to your hair strands. 
  • Avoid washing your hair too often. Washing your hair too often can strip it of the necessary oils your hair needs to create a protective barrier for your scalp. Since your stylist will have just dyed or bleached your hair, it’s now doubly important to keep your hair as healthy as possible. 
  • Use color-safe products. Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners don’t have the harsh chemicals that other styling products can contain. These chemicals can negatively affect your newly colored or bleached hair. 
  • Try toning or regular hair masks. Hair masks are hydrating and can strengthen your hair, which helps to prevent frizz or breakage, especially if you dye your hair often. A toning mask helps keep your hair the color you want it, allowing you to avoid premature fading.
  • Nourish your hair with a hair gloss. Hair gloss can refresh and enhance your hair color. It also hydrates and strengthens your hair strands, preventing them from drying out or frizzing. 

Ready to Book Your Hair Dyeing Appointment?

Whether or not this is your first time dyeing your hair, you can achieve your new favorite hair look by scheduling your next coloring appointment today. You can use StyleSeat to find a hairdresser who can attend to all your dyeing and bleaching needs while keeping your hair happy and healthy. 

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