Now more than ever, stylists are embracing the benefits of online payments — and so are their clients. Research during the pandemic revealed that more than half of consumers use contactless payments and have reduced cash spending. Consumer expectations are high for seamless payment processes that don’t take much time or effort.

That’s why StyleSeat offers a payments option that affords you flexibility and ushers clients through transactions with ease. Explore ten reasons to adopt StyleSeat Payments today, and watch your bottom line grow.

1. Contactless Payments

StyleSeat Payments provide a quick, safe, and easy way for clients to check out. Clients provide credit card information at the time of booking and then pay from their phone with one click when the appointment ends. They’ll receive a text with the service total and a link to add a tip. You don’t have to handle clients’ credit cards, cash, or checks, and clients don’t crowd the front desk waiting their turn to check out. Faster checkout and fewer germs for the win!

2. Smart Pricing

Get paid what your time is really worth with Smart Pricing. Our data science team analyzes your business, identifies your most popular time slots, and strategically raises your rates at those times to match your true value. This means clients who need your premium slots can secure them for a small payment increase, while clients with more flexibility book other slots at your minimum price. Smart Pricing even adds a 20 percent tip to the fee, though clients can adjust this later to the tip amount of their choice. And because Smart Pricing does all of this automatically, you earn more without lifting a finger.

3. Buy Now, Pay Later

Drive bookings for higher-priced services by recommending the “buy now, pay later” option to clients. This StyleSeat feature, will be gradually available as of March 2022 to any Pro with payments enabled on their account, allows clients to break large payments into easy installments. They pay one quarter of the total service fee (including tip) on the day of service, and the rest in installments every two weeks. Big-ticket services such as hair extensions, braids, eyelash extensions, and natural hairstyles become more accessible to your clients, and your appointment calendar fills up faster.

4. Meet New Clients

You want to find reliable clients. Clients want to find reliable Pros. Let StyleSeat play matchmaker with our New Client Connection feature. It matches you with high-paying regulars who are looking for a lasting beauty relationship with a competent Pro. Gain exposure to the millions of clients who already use StyleSeat Payments and brace yourself for bookings.

5. Get Paid For No-Shows

Easily enforce your cancellation policy with no-show protection. With StyleSeat Payments, you can charge clients who back out last-minute or don’t show. Plus, online billing is more secure than swiping a credit card — guaranteeing your payment.

6. Earn More Tips

Contactless payments increase consumer spending, up to 30 percent according to some studies. StyleSeat will do you one better: our clients tip an average of 40 percent higher when they pay through StyleSeat as opposed to paying directly. Allowing appointments to charge automatically behind the scenes lets you focus on building relationships and providing experiences — without your client even pulling out their wallet.

7. Tap to Pay on iPhone

Give your clients the option to pay in person — no reader needed! It’s fast and convenient with no additional cost. Did we mention it only takes a few minutes to set up? Get Tap to Pay on iPhone today! Available on iPhone XS and iOS 15.5 or later with StyleSeat Payments. 

8. Instantly Deposit to Your Bank

With StyleSeat Payments, you can deposit your earnings in your bank immediately after charging your client. Instantly deposit your StyleSeat balance with a low processing fee, which doesn’t increase if you manually enter the client’s card during checkout. For more information on StyleSeat’s payment fees explore our guide, Understanding Payment Fees.

9. Stay Organized

Analyze your business growth with the revenue dashboard. Charging through StyleSeat helps you keep transaction records neatly in one place. With revenue reports, you can view your past earnings by day, week, month, and year to see your business performance over time. Compare your total revenue, tips, fees, and historical data for complete insight into your revenue patterns.

10. StyleSeat Promotions

Over 30% of Clients said a discount would make them try a new service. That’s why we use offers  to turn those Clients into bookings. The best news is these offers come at no additional cost or revenue loss to you. StyleSeat Promotions are a part of our New Client Connections program where we take care of the marketing to connect you with high-quality clients.

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