Kicking off the new year with a fresh start is the way to go. If you’re looking for ways to boost your beauty and wellness business and are unsure where to start, we have four steps to help you make more money and crush those professional goals like a boss.

Set Measurable and Realistic Revenue Goals

You want to book more appointments, increase your clientele, or earn more revenue. Now it’s time to add numbers to your goals. Why? Because numbers don’t lie. It’s easy to say you want to accomplish a task, but applying numbers will make for easier tracking.

When setting measurable goals, take a look at the number of clients or revenue you average weekly, monthly, and yearly. Looking at patterns during certain months of the year will help you select numbers to align with your goals. We love overnight success stories, but steady growth is excellent (and if you hit beyond those numbers, it will be a pleasant surprise). Don’t forget, your revenue goals do not have to be permanent. You can always revisit this number if you think it needs to be increased or lowered. 

Need some inspiration? Check out these StyleSeat Pro success stories:

  • An NYC and ATL esthetician earned over $210,000. We helped him gain an additional $8,000. How? We sent him new clients every month (and sometimes up to 16 clients per month).
  • A St. Louis barber received 2,400-plus profile views and secured 5,021 bookings on StyleSeat. In addition, he increased revenue by $28.5K from StyleSeat growth features.
  • A Washington hair colorist earned $214K, which is six times the average hairstylist salary. In the last 30 days, we helped her make 20 percent more on nine appointments.

Create a Step-by-Step Plan to Increase Your Revenue

Your master plan will allow you to hit the numeric goals you created. Next, strategically think of ways to help increase revenue or clientele for your business.

First, take a look at your StyleSeat profile and availability. Is it up to date? If not, make those changes (but don’t forget to block time for your lunch, appointments, personal life, etc.). New clients are 50 percent more likely to search for and book same-day appointments, so you are more likely to get new clients if you open your booking window to eight hours or less.

Use the email marketing tool to send your clients messages about your updated availability or any promotions that you would like to announce. Just slayed a trendy new look? Make sure you upload it to your StyleSeat profile. Update your profile with high-quality photos of your work to attract new clients to your profile. Finally, notify your social media community with any updates about your business, hours, services, and availability. Level up your marketing game with the use of QR codes and our customized marketing images to let your clients know you’re accepting appointments . 

If you’re looking for more revenue, take advantage of our Smart Pricing feature. You’re an expert, and your time is valuable. With Smart Pricing, our data science analyzes your business, identifies your most popular time slots, and raises the prices slightly to match their actual value. In addition, this feature allows clients to book appointments during your prime booking times. As a result, Smart Pricing can help professionals earn an extra $3,000 a year on average. 

Track Your Business Income With StyleSeat

You created a beautiful plan with numbers that you’re sure you’ll crush. What’s next? It’s time to stay on target. Monitoring allows you to keep track of your goals to see what you’re excelling at and what you can improve on. Often, goal-getters use charts and spreadsheets to track, but since you’re a StyleSeat customer, you get a Marketing Dashboard for free to analyze your goals. 

With the Marketing Dashboard, you can monitor your business performance and see your earnings and new clients. You can also check out your profile views, search appearances, photo views, and calendar views. StyleSeat keeps an eye on your business performance and gives you personalized marketing advice that will help you make more money. The alerts can include adding more photos to your services or taking advantage of the Smart Pricing tool.

✅ Quick Tip: Set a weekly reminder on your phone to view your Marketing Dashboard. 

Celebrate Reaching Your Revenue Goals

You finally hit your goal, now it’s time to celebrate! Celebration is essential because you should acknowledge your work to accomplish what you always wanted. Hitting milestones looks different for each professional. If you made your weekly goals, you might treat yourself to your favorite take-out order. If you surpass your yearly plan, you can achieve the result you always wanted. Make sure you celebrate your work and pat yourself on the back. Now it’s time to make even more goals and crush it again!

Ready, Set, GOAL!

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