Whether you’re this baby getting her first bath, Meryl Streep in Out of Africa, or just sitting in your favorite salon, having a professional shampoo your hair just hits different. These days we have to be our own pampering hero, so here’s how to master a DIY shampoo treatment that feels just like the salon.

Step One: Get Drenched

Pros are never in a hurry, they take their time with every step for a truly luxe experience. Stand under your shower for a solid minute to get your tresses fully soaked. Work the water into every strand, and try not to run too hot.

Step Two: Use an Amount That Makes Cents

Different hair textures call for different portions of product. Typically it goes like this:

Short hair = A nickel-sized glob

Medium hair = A quarter-sized glob

Long hair = A half dollar sized glob

This can also vary based on hair texture or type of shampoo.  

Step Three: Spoil the Scalp

Hands down, the most luxurious part of a salon shampoo is the attention paid to your scalp. This isn’t just a vamping step, it’s important for a thorough clean. Spend a good three minutes massaging shampoo into your scalp. Wiggle your fingers in circular motions from your hairline to the nape of your neck. This helps scoop up any gunk, dirt, or oil buildup that’s been hanging out on your noggin. Massaging also helps increase circulation and stimulate hair growth and shine. Plus, it feels oh-so nice. 

Step Four: Don’t Scrunch the Strands

Think of a roof. Typically it has shingles layered one over the other, all going one direction. Your hair is the same way. Each strand has three parts to it, and the outermost part is called the cuticle. The cuticle is arranged just like those roof shingles, so it’s important to wash in one direction to avoid breakage or frizz. Swoop shampoo down the shaft of your hair instead of scrunching it all over. 

Step Five: Rinse and Seal

Speaking of cuticles, warm water makes those little shingles open up and let in moisture or nutrients from product. To seal that good stuff in, rinse out your hair with cold water which closes the cuticle. Rinse for a minute to make sure you get all the excess product out and leave only clean hair behind. Some Pros suggest doing the old rinse and repeat, where you do one wash focusing just on your scalp and one dedicated to your strands. The result is super glowy hair that feels salon fresh and ready to roll.

Womens Cut
Womens Cut