You don’t have a problem filling your schedule and you’ve got a decent-sized decent-sized client list, but you’re still looking for ways to increase your salon clients, profitability and take your business to the next level. What’s next? It’s time to start attracting new clients to your salon who are willing (and happy) to spend more money in your beauty salon/barbershop. Here’s how:

4 Ways to attract new customers to your salon

Create an amazing client experience

According to an article by Lockhartmeyer, 60% of customers often or always will pay more for a better experience.

  • Start with a little industry research. Take some of your salon marketing ideas, budget and treat yourself. If you’re a business owner or a hairdresser, go to a high-end beauty salon and get a service. If you are an esthetician, check out a fancy spa in your area. Take mental notes on your experience and see how you can apply it to your own salon. What kind of refreshments do they offer? How do they make their clients feel comfortable? What kind of music is playing? What is the lighting like? How are their products organized?
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make huge improvements in your client experience. For example, turn a simple consultation into a luxury experience – grab your client a refreshment, sit down with them face to face (not through a mirror) and really listen to their needs. Make them feel special and valued, not like you are in a rush.
  • Consider business management tools like StyleSeat to give clients a more modern and convenient booking experience. They can visit your online profile, book their own appointment, and get automatic appointment reminders.

Adjust your messaging

  • If you’re having trouble attracting new clients to your salon, it’s time to revisit your messaging. Take a look at all of your salon marketing materials and every place you have an online presence. As a business owner, you should do an audit. Is your messaging professional and consistent across all your profiles?

Take a look at this messaging from the “about me” section in a professional profile – think it appeals to high-end clients?  

“I do not service NO children or teenagers under 15 years of age. Late fee is required if you are 15 mins past your appt time.”

Now take a look at this one – which message do you think will be more effective?

“We provide our clients with the highest quality services designed to meet each of their individual needs. At Brows By Nikki, you will experience luxury care and detail-oriented services by a professional esthetician in an ultra-glamorous environment.”

  • Your salon promotions are sending a message to potential new clients as well. If you offer a discount on multiple services every week, it can look like you’re desperate for bookings and it will make your services seem less valuable. Salon promotions are a great marketing strategy and tool to attract new clients to your salon but use them wisely. Remember as a salon owner, only offer discounts on small add-on services when they are booked with a main service.

Raise your standards

  • High-end salon clients tend to take their time and money seriously — so should you. Enforce a no-show/late cancellation policy. This discourages those “forgetful” clients from showing up late, which keeps your schedule running smoothly and your ideal clients on time and happy.
  • The same way an abundance of promotional offers can send the wrong message, so can your prices. Charge what your ideal clients expect to pay. Raising your prices can be intimidating, but if the timing is right, it can actually encourage more of the “right” clients to book.

Establish yourself as an expert

Clients are happy to spend more money with a professional they trust. But how do you attract new clients who have never met you to trust you? Show them you’re an expert.

  • The best way to establish yourself as an expert in the beauty industry is to educate others. Use your social media to educate existing clients: If you are a hair salon owner, offer tips and tricks to maintain their styles, do product reviews, post tutorials and check your comments and DMs regularly. Answer any questions potential clients might have.
  • 90% of new customers read online reviews before visiting a business. Make sure to collect reviews from your current client who already love and trust you. Not sure how to ask for reviews? Check out these tips.
  • In your “about me” section and in your social media bios line in Facebook, make sure to list a few of your credentials. Use words like “expert” and “specialist.”
  • Continue to educate yourself and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the beauty industry. When you learn a new technique, add it to your bio. Take great photos of your new skills and add them to your profiles.

Looking for tools to help you run your hair salon business? Try StyleSeat here.

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