The fact that your favorite nail salon might be is closed is actually a blessing in disguise. Experts agree that constant manis, acrylic treatments, gel polish, and more wreak havoc on nails, so what we have here is a built-in excuse to give your claws a break. Here are some tips for getting super glowy at-home nails between manicures. 

No Biting

Now’s a super stressful time, there’s no way around it. But if you use nail biting as a coping mechanism you’re doing a lot more harm than good. Not only does this habit forcefully peel off layers of your nails, it also makes you vulnerable to ingesting a lot of bacteria. Kick it by wearing a thin layer of topcoat, this will add a visual and taste deterrent to stop you from chowing down. Or, find another tactile way to express anxiety, like a fidget spinner or a stress ball. Your nails will thank you for making this healthy choice. 

Keep Cuticles Cute

The cuticle is a protective layer of skin that forms on your nails to keep bacteria out. To maintain healthy cuticles, gently push them back with a wooden cuticle stick about once a week. Then slather on some cuticle oil to keep them soft and reduce dryness. 


Painting your nails dries them out. Quench them by rubbing lotion all over your hands once a day. Nails are porous so they’ll be able to absorb the moisture from the lotion just like your skin does. You’ll also want to apply SPF lotion to your hands before going outside to avoid aging sun damage.

Work from the Inside

Your outer appearance is a reflection of the kind of things you put into your body. To this end, you might want to consider adding a few supplements to your routine. Some experts suggest taking a multivitamin that includes biotin and vitamin E, both of which promote nail growth. Ask your nail Pro if they have any more ideas for taking a holistic approach to your nail health. 

If you take time to do all of these things, you’ll have strong, gorgeous nails the next time you stroll into a salon.