While it can seem like a fashion risk to leave your hair the way it is now, it could be an actual risk to go to the salon IF you do it incautiously. Here’s your guide to returning to your favorite hair salon. 

Do Make an Appointment

Because of safety precautions, your favorite spot might be working to limit the number of clients inside at a time. This means it’s best to reserve a spot because they’ll probably go fast. 

Don’t Arrive Early

The fewer people in an enclosed space, the better. Either arrive right on time for your appointment or plan to wait in your car or outside until called in. The only downside to this is you’ll have to buy your OWN waiting room mags for once. 

Do Wear a Mask

This will provide a barrier between you and your Pro so that both of you are somewhat protected even if you’re in closer proximity. Don’t worry, you won’t feel out of place. Your Pro will be wearing a mask of their own. Twinsies! 

Don’t Expect a Blowout

It’s not a great idea to be blasting air around when everyone is so close together. For this reason, most salons are taking blowouts off their menu. That’s ok though, because we have an at-home guide to blowouts right here.


You’re probably used to being offered something to sip on during your haircut, but for obvious reasons that practice has to fall to the wayside. If you know you’re going to get thirsty, bring your own bottle of water etc. Don’t over-hydrate though because it’s also unlikely that your Pro will let you use the salon bathroom. 

Don’t Come if You’re Sick

Just don’t. A haircut can wait. Plus you have a free pass to indulge in some at-home self-care while you recover. Prescribe yourself 4-40 episodes of The Office and reschedule your appointment for when you’re feeling 100% again. 

Do Tip BIG

Think about all those months you went without the help of a hair Pro. Think about how scary it might have been for them to come back to work (or how scary those months were if they were also worried about their jobs.) Think about how happy you’ll be to have a fresh haircut. Take all of those things into account and tip a little (or A LOT) more than you normally would. 

Don’t forget, you can easily schedule your next appointment on StyleSeat. Be safe out there, beauties! 

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