We know how much work it can take to build your clientele. Some ways to build your clientele include maintaining your social media marketing, keeping your StyleSeat profile up to date with the best photos of your services, and engaging with your community. So here’s the next challenge, how do you keep them returning? By showing client appreciation, your clients will keep returning to your chair and even bring more to you. Here are ten ways to show appreciation to your clients. 

1. Offer a loyalty program

Creating a loyalty program can encourage returning business and show your clients you appreciate their loyalty. There are different loyalty programs, including offering a punch card to increase visits or a referral program to gain new customers and provide an incentive to your clients. We’ve created the go-to guide to show you how to create a salon loyalty program step by step.

2. Thank them

Say thank you to your clients during their appointment and follow up with a handwritten note to personally thank your customers for being returning clients. Get personal by adding how long they have been a client or any great memories you’ve had with that person to show how valuable they are to you. If you’re not into personalized notes, try creating an email marketing campaign to send a message of appreciation to all of your clients using StyleSeat’s Email Marketing.

3. Offer samples or trial sizes 

Who doesn’t love free samples? Giving your clients samples or trial sizes of your retail products can show that you value their business and want them to try new things. Select items based on recent beauty services they have received. Just gave one of your clients a fiery red hair color? A color protection shampoo would be the perfect product to share! 

4. Provide exceptional service 

Your clients will continue booking with you if they consistently receive outstanding service. Ensure other areas of your business are running efficiently, such as booking, keeping up to date with inventory, and marketing, so you can focus on providing excellent service to your clients to keep them happy. 

5. Ask for feedback

When talking to your clients, consider asking for feedback about their experience when servicing them. Of course, you should already be keeping a close eye on the client reviews displayed on your StyleSeat profile, but having these conversations will show that you’re always willing to improve your services.

6. Celebrate special occasions

Remembering and acknowledging your client’s special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries, can show that you value their business and want to celebrate their milestones. You don’t have to keep a mental notebook, take notes in their client profile to reference when you see them again!

7. Offer a thank you discount

A common way to show appreciation to clients is to offer a thank you discount. Create a promotion and spread the word by creating an email marketing campaign to send to your clients. Don’t forget to include any offer details and exclusions. 

8. Add a free-service or add on

It’s always a pleasant surprise when your beauty professional adds on a free beauty service. For example, you can add free aromatherapy with a massage or a shampoo service with a barber haircut. It can genuinely make your client’s day, especially when unexpected. 

9. Respond to client reviews

After clients leave a salon, we encourage them to leave a review on your profile. Be sure to take the time to comment on your client reviews, whether positive, negative, or even neutral. It shows that you value your clients’ opinions and prioritize providing them with the best customer service. 

10. Provide refreshments and treats

Clients are always on the go, and sometimes salon services can be lengthy. Treating your clients to food and beverages while they visit your salon can contribute to your relaxing environment and shows you care about their comfort.

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