If you’re a StyleSeat professional who’s heard the buzz about the Book Now, Pay Later option through our new partnership with Klarna, but you aren’t sure how it works or how it benefits you, read on.

Businesses and service providers use Klarna to offer flexible payment options to clients. Clients can book beauty, grooming, and wellness services with you through Klarna and then pay for those services in four easy installments, rather than all at once. This is especially helpful for more expensive services or treatments that clients might not want to pay for in one lump sum.

Here are some common questions and answers StyleSeat beauty professionals have about Klarna.

What are the benefits of Klarna to my business?

By offering clients the option to pay in installments, you can drive more bookings and higher-spend services. Some clients can afford gradual payments more easily than a lump sum, and will be more likely to book the big-ticket services and treatments.

If my client pays through Klarna, do I get paid in full right away, or in four different installments?

You are paid in full at the time of checkout. You’re paid through Klarna, and your client then pays Klarna the four installments, so there’s no financial risk on your part.

How will I receive my Klarna payments?

You will be paid for a Klarna appointment like you would any other appointment.

What about tips?

You will still get tips. Clients who pay through Klarna can select a tip amount at the time of booking, and it will be included in the total amount you receive at checkout. If they select no tip at the time of booking but decide to tip on the day of the appointment, they will need to tip using another payment method; it cannot be “added on” to a Klarna booking after the fact.

How can my clients use Klarna to book a service with me?

Klarna will appear as a payment option for professionals with StyleSeat Payments enabled on their account.

Can clients use Klarna to book any service they want?

Clients can book any service as long as the total amount is between $40-$1,000.

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What if a client books through Klarna but then wants to change or add a service?

Once an appointment is booked through Klarna, the authorized payment amount is locked in. To change or add a service, the appointment must be cancelled and rebooked with the updated services. If your client needs to make a change the day of the appointment, you can simply walk them through the cancellation and rebooking process right from the chair.

Can I reschedule or cancel an appointment that my client booked through Klarna?

No. Klarna only allows clients to reschedule and cancel their appointments.

Will my clients have to pay interest on their payment installments?

No. Booking through Klarna is a zero-interest experience!

My client is seeing a hold on their card before checkout. Why?

When a client books through Klarna, they will see a loan authorized for the StyleSeat total service amount (including tip). While the full amount is authorized, you can assure your client that only the first installment will be withdrawn from their account when the appointment is completed. The remainder of installments will be withdrawn based on their agreed-upon payment schedule.

I received an email saying I’m now able to receive payments through Klarna. How do I set that up?

If you’re already on StyleSeat Payments, you’re all set! Klarna will appear as a payment option for clients during booking. If you’re not on StyleSeat Payments, contact us today to add this feature to your account and take full advantage of Klarna.

I’m set up with Klarna, but one of my clients isn’t seeing the Klarna option on the booking page. Can you help?

Clients who don’t see the Klarna option may not have passed the eligibility requirements to use the platform. Klarna asks for clients’ details at booking and may automatically qualify or deny certain customers based on this information.

StyleSeat’s goal is to help professionals be successful as beauty, grooming, and wellness providers. If you need more info about Klarna, read this Freshdesk article or contact our customer support team.

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